Restaurant Carb Deficient Menus
~James Dunn

Mandate that all restaurants, especially Fast Food restaurants, provide a Fat/Protein deficient menu and a separate Carb deficient menu.

Carbs and Fat act as a kind of catalyst with each other in our bodies. Very little carbs are needed in the presence of fat for our bodies to absorb much of the fat. If you just ate Fat without any Carbs, you lose weight. If you just ate Carbs without any Fat, you lose weight. Basically how most diets work.

Restaurants should offer extremely Carb limited foods, and extremely Fat limited foods. So for lunch I would have nothing but Fats and Protein, and for dinner I could eat nothing but Carbs.

I would still have a balanced diet, but my body would process the foods at different times. So I would lose weight.

For people needing to gain weight, they could eat any combination of foods they wanted.

A program running on a cell phone could notify the cell phone user of restaurants that are serving specific nutritional requirements. For instance, the basic ingredients for each menu item is listed by each restaurant. The ingredients are cross-referenced by the cell phone program for nutriti0nal content. Based upon the cell phone users previous meals, the cell phone program recommends certain restaurants and their menu items so as to attain a balanced diet. Or more importantly, to avoid menu items that the cell phone user has an allergy, or violent interaction like sugar and carbs for diebetics.

Excel Spreadsheet Tool for Evaluating Consequences magnify

Excel Spreadsheet Tool for Evaluating Consequences
~James Dunn

A major problem in today’s society is that decisions are often made based upon how someone feels rather than upon observable fact. I’ve developed a tool, modeled in Excel, that allows complex relationships to be documented and interrelated, so that the outcome can be reasonably assured.

An on-going work –
click on Result Management link to download the Excel spreadsheet template.

We set goals in our lives, our professions, and even relationships. A desired Goal is composed many supporting conditions that must be present for the Goal to be realized. Also, each Goal has many qualities that give value to the Goal. Correspondingly, each condition will in some way influence the qualities of desired Goal.

In the spreadsheet, if a condition is strongly related to a quality, a value between 1 and 100 is assigned; where 100 represents strongly related.

The adjacent picture shows one page of an Excel spreadsheet that represents one result or condition. The desired result is composed of the required conditions in the left column and each quality is listed across the top row. The number of rows and/or columns is dependent upon the desired result, not the spreadsheet; add or subtact rows/columns as necessary.

If all of the conditions leading to a result are identified, then all of the qualities should be strongly related. If not, then there are conditions that you perhaps just don’t know about and you should seek other people or sources which can contribute to your total understanding of the desired goal. Two heads are better than one, a hundred are better than two. The tool described here can be web compliant and allow people from all over the world to help develop your strategies for achieving your goals.

Each condition is often a product of many sub-conditions which must be met before being applicable to the final desired goal. This may mean that a condition must be evaluated just like the overall desired goal, where the sub-conditions are listed on the left of the spreadsheet and the desired qualities of that condition are listed across the top of spreadsheet.

Where a series of conditions are time dependent (one completing before the next), simply draw an arrow next to consecutive conditions to note the requirement. This helps to keep complex relationships understandable.

There should be a separate workbook/spreadsheet for each condition leading to a result. The reason for this is that often times we “think” we have a good understanding of the requirements that will lead us to our desired goal. Only to find out that we were ignorant of a small point that broke the chains of consequence and we fail to realize our goals.

Being ignorant is where ALL of us live throughout our lives; a physician knows little to nothing about engineering, and so the reverse is true as well. Ignorance is a normal state of being for humans. This tool helps to identify where we are ignorant so that we can educate ourselves rather than continue to fool ourselves. If we can reduce our risk of failure, that’s a good thing.

We ultimately must learn from experience/failure, but we can learn from intellectual evaluation and reduce how often we fail at achieving a goal. If you were going to spend $100,000 on building a house, wouldn’t you want to keep from wasting money because you had to tear down your work and start over again because you didn’t get the right city permit? Or because the permit required the use of certain materials? The tool described here can help avoid just such a situation.

With determination and tools to record the correct methodologies, REPEATED failures can be largely avoided; and often times avoided before ever being implemented.

As cited earlier, we as children are not taught how to achieve desired goals. How to make money, what to study at college, how to find a mate, how to interact successfully with our government, how to develop a business, … So if you try to use this technique and it works for you, teach it to your children. If it doesn’t work for you, please provide me with feedback so that I can evaluate how to make it a better tool.

Employment Opportunities related to WCS
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Need an interesting job? Ever dream of working in space? Let’s list just a few of the new employment opportunities that could spin off of WCS.

New companies that spring up to take advantage of the mass produced Carbon Nanotubes will need an abundance of employees; especially if we start building space habitats (custom self-sufficient housing). The habitats would transit four people up to several thousand people to the moon, other planets, asteroids, comets, and possibly one or more space based resorts. Many hundreds of thousands of employees would be needed; which is no problem because 1 Billion people are now being born each year.

Meteorologists specializing in updating the Weather Simulation software with metrics from regions from all over the world. The meteorologist would attempt to divide out the weather phenomena caused from industry so that influences from the WCS could be more precisely anticipated.

Even though the present fossil fuel industry will still be needed to provide for the carbon to make Carbon Nanotubes (sea floor vein mining). The need for fossil fuels continues to produce plasitics, polymers, antifreeze and other products, eliminating fossil fuels as fuel considerably extends the lifetime of that resource. Lateral jobs for present fossil fuel industries:

  • Existing electrical power grid personnel
  • Oil field personnel would collect environmental data
  • Oil field personnel would continue to extract petroleum products for anti-freeze, plastics, pavement, and other non-fuel commodities
  • Geologists would focus more on finding a broad spectrum of resources, not just on Earth

Meteorologists and Environmentalists specializing in tourism. Companies would hire them to allow for greater tourism opportunities without damaging the environment.

WCS Space Technicians would maintain the equipment for building and maintaining the mirrors.

Insurance Company actuary specialist related to WCS would relate current losses of the insurance companies and determine areas where WCS could significantly help to reduce related damages and losses of revenue.

Agricultural Specialists and Environmentalists take advantage of WCS by knowing the rainfall and solar conditions prior to a growing season. The specialist would prepare farmlands years in advance to take advantage of programmed seasonal changes. Some crops do much better with different solar conditions and rainfall. Erosion of farmlands can be minimized.

Software Engineers specializing in Weather Control System Simulations.

Chemical Engineers specializing in improving the materials used in space.

Entrepreneurs who develop new industries in space.

Power converting engineers who continue to increase the efficiencies related to converting solar energy into power to be used here on Earth.

Extinction Specialists that work to prevent Global Extinction events from occuring (asteroids, solar flares, comets, loss of Earth’s magnetic field, …).

What other employment opportunities can you imagine will develop as a result of a Weather Control System being implemented?

WCS provides Solar Power to power the world
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Did you know that for the United States to meet its present energy demands using alternative fuel, we would have to purchase an additional land mass equal to 150% of the size of the United States? We would have to use 100% of the combined land mass to raise soy beans so that biodiesel and other fuel products could be produced. Not practical is it!

WCS mirrors while passing various collection points on the Earth could increase the Sun’s intensity by many factors to produce electrical power, even at night! The solar collection system might harvest the Sun’s energy using many conversion technologies all colocated using the same Earth surface area.

A modification of the WCS mirror would allow converting the Sun’s energy directly into microwave energy. Microwave energy can efficiently be converted from electromagnetic energy into electricity to put out on the power grid. A MASER would beam the Sun’s energy into a collection array.

Carbon nanotube cables could connect ground based power to/from space based systems.

The surface collection array could harvest the increased solar energy (heat source) provided by the WCS mirrors which are focused upon a small area (ten square miles). Within this area an array of mirrors would further focus the energy upon a thermal conversion unit (steam generator for example). The Sun’s energy would be converted into heat to create steam and drive turbine generators to pump electrical energy out into the existing power grid. Example: A hotel in Mexico has a solar collector to produce steam on it’s roof and provides all of the hotels electrical needs; and it sells power back to the power company. Other mirrors would shield an adjacent area to provide the cooling necessary to condense the steam exiting the turbine generators (heat sink).

The increased Solar energy in and near the collection array would cause a thermal heating of the atmosphere locally. The rising column of air would draw in cooler air from the surrounding area. By creating other thermal events in strategic locations a series of non-moving small permanent gale force winds could be positioned to disipate the effects of the rising thermal columns of air and generate significant electrical power.

Four times the land area adjacent to the land area with the increased solar energy, would be shaded permanently by mirrors. Remote and uninhabiatable areas provide suitable environments for power stations.

Some of the surrounding areas would have permanent sunshine and no clouds would form; allowing thermal energy to radiate out into space continuously. Other areas would have permanent rainfall, providing a source of water. To the maximum extent engineerable, all solar energy would be absorbed by the power station. Thus, confining the effects from power production to a local phenomena. Windmills and other wind conversion technologies would then be colocated to provide electrical power to pump into the electrical power grid. The number of mirrors illuminating the power collection station would in part control how much power is produced.

The same mirrors used to control the weather, also provide the power needed by everyone; and the funding needed to maintain the Weather Control System, as well as funding private enterprise in space based endeavors, is provided by the selling of electrical power.

This self-funding power generation system actively reverses Global Warming; and makes it possible to control naturally occuring destructive weather phenomena due to volcano eruptions.

All of the benefits follow the building of the first power station. Once money is generated by the sale of power, the next power station can be built. What do we do with the money from the sale of power after we have enough power stations?

As with any advanced technologies, the Global Energy System would require ethical management and oversight.

WCS finds symbiotic relationship with Space Elevator

WCS finds symbiotic relationship with Space Elevator
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

A recent development may allow for the cost effective creation and maintenance of the WCS. The Space Elevator is estimated to cost around $30 billion. This seems at first glance to be an extraordinarily expensive investment. But think of the short term payback! Over $1 Trillion dollars is lost EVERY YEAR to rebuild following weather damage and related revenue losses.

The WCS can be built for a fraction of the cost as compared to lofting the entire system with a space shuttle. The Space Elevator is basically a long cable that stretches from the Earth and is attached to a heavy weight out in space. The centrifugal force from the rotation of the Earth keeps the cable stretched tight. An elevator literally climbs the cable to allow access between space and the surface of the Earth. Transit time is estimated to be about one week. The cost per pound transferred is estimated to be about $200.

The Space Elevator significantly reduces the cost of making and maintaining the Weather Control System. The Weather Control System is a huge reason for building the Space Elevator.

The WCS in conjunction with the Space Elevator represents a savings in many billions of dollars per year in avoiding damages from natural causes we currently have no control over. Drought and the related lost farm products, hurricanes and tornados and the loss of property, the losses by family income and insurance company losses related to natural disasters, losses from extreme weather conditions from being too hot or too cold, …

As with any advanced technology, the Space Elevator and Weather Control System requires ethical management and oversight.

Along with the development of the Space Elevator, mass production of Carbon Nanotubes will provide enormous financial opportunities for startup companies.

  • Vehicle components that are lighter yet hundreds of times stronger than at present. Engines weighing 20 pounds producing 150 hp. Windshields and body parts that are puncture and bulletproof. Tires that use less material, are stronger, and provide better performance. Belting can be stronger and more wear resistant.
  • Ropes and cables can include strands of nanotubes to reduce the size while providing greater strength. Ocean going tug boats can use lines (ropes) a fraction of the current diameters and weights to move and control tankers and cargo vessels.
  • Bicycles can be reduced in weight to less than 3 pounds; while being considerably stronger, more rigid, and with active suspension built into the frame.
  • Sheeting so strong that it is largely bulletproof. Small strands of nanotubes embedded in windows make iron bars on housing unnecessary. The glass system itself would be so strong that a gorilla could not break through.
  • Construction equipment whose structural components are interlaced with nanotubes would be emensely more stronger and more durable. The same size cylinders could feasibly have 25,000 psi pumps fitted to the equipment using virtually the same blueprints. Increasing the power of the average track hoe for instance by 15 times. More weight would need to be added to the track hoe just to hold it down.
  • Building materials hundreds of times stronger than anything we currently have.
  • The high temperature conductivity of nanotubes makes them interesting for cutting applications. Saws that dissipate the heat quickly and that bend out of the cut to maintain a constant cutting load and bend into the cut when the cut is empty; self clearing teeth.
  • Having a material that is over a thousand times stronger than steel allows cutting heads to have greater clearances for debris removal, while still having adequate strength to hold the cutting tools. In boring equipment, productivity can be increased by many factors; speed, precision, power efficiency, minimized weight, volumetric considerations, repair times, …
  • Specialized habitats can be created that can survive extremely harsh conditions. Nanotubes in some configurations are self-mending. A habitat could exist at the deepest portion of the ocean. With what we consider normal atmospheric pressure inside, and pressures that would kill us outside.
  • Boring machines could harvest the rich carbon veins that line the oceans bottom to provide the basic materials for constructing the nanotubes.
  • Polymers interlaced with carbon nanotubes become extraordinarily durable. The equivalent of dropping a laptop from a 500 story building would not crack the case, so long as the case was made to spin somewhat flat on the way down (terminal velocity).
  • There are enormous uses for nanotubes for the handicapped. Wheelchairs that weigh a fraction of what they presently do. Actuators that mimic the actual human hand. Surgical implants that are stronger and more durable than human equivalents.

All this becomes feasible when Carbon Nanotubes go into mass production; with the need to Reverse Global Warming, this may accelerate the resources put into this development.

Mirror Propulsion via Solar Winds

Mirror Propulsion via Solar Winds
~James Dunn

Regarding “Weather Control System (WCS)”:

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Upon further reflection (pun), the Ion Engine would not be necessary. Mirrors a kilometer in diameter are influenced by the suns radiation and solar winds like a sail of a sailboat in the wind. Though the influence is much smaller.

For a square mirror 3,000 feet on a side, the solar wind would impart about 7.8 Newtons of force, or about 1.7 pounds of force. Doesn’t seem like much does it. But let’s look a little closer. Assume the mirror has a mass of 500 kilograms (1102 pounds), after 24 hours of continuous exposure to the light from the Sun, that is a difference in speed of over 3,000 miles per hour.

By creating layers of elevation where mirrors in orbit would transition, a computer system could continuously track the mirrors and guide them through eliptical orbits. This will position the mirrors along continuously changing coarses to dynamically meet the weather control positioning requirements around the Earth.

Many thousands of mirrors in continuously changing tracks would allow many mirrors to converge upon an area as scientists determine is needed to perhaps prevent the melting of a glacier, to lessen the intensity of a hurricane, to breakup the cloud formations of a monsoon, to illuminate an area to help rescue workers following an earthquake, to change the direction of the winds to help extinguish a forest fire…

Through computer management of the flight paths of the mirrors, areas of space could be designated as “Mirror No-Fly Zones” to allow space travel and avoid conflicts with orbiting satellites.

Global Weather Control System

November 25, 2008

Weather Control System (WCS)
Weather Control System (WCS) magnify

Global Weather Control System (WCS)
~James Dunn

As has been recently published by a collection of scientists worldwide, greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming of our planet. Global Warming will continue into the next century and will decimate much of our natural wildlife and destroy much of what is now our coastline. Florida will submerge up to almost Orlando. From one-third to one-half of all known species of land animals and plants will near extinction within the next 50 years; that is about one million different species. NASA even predicts that Global Warming will continue even if we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All the while, humans are burning more and more fossil fuels to provide power; contributing significantly more greenhouse gases. Worldwide, more than one trillion dollars each year is allocated outside of intent due to destructive weather phenomena. About $100 billion dollars in actual destruction, and about $900 billion dollars in lost revenue, unrecoverable damages, displaced businesses, adjusted burdens on families where there was loss of life, and the destructive impact on infrastructure.

NASA predicts Global Warming increases

Building a Weather CONTROL System” can be implemented much easier than commonly understood. A film like Mylar, aluminum, or some similar material can be made highly reflective and quite durable for space-based applications. A small amount of material (weight) can make mirrors of a few thousand feet in diameter to precisely focus sunlight into various places in the atmosphere. A chemical applied to the surface can control the critical angle of reflection, help protect the reflector, and provide greater control over the reflected light.

In addition to the many new growth industries formed, many new jobs are created,

Both heating and cooling of various regions of the Earth is possible by aiming sunlight at higher concentrations. Obviously, by illuminating the Earth’s ground or water resource, heating would occur (heat source). But what is not commonly known is that these large mirror networks can create shadows and cooling zones upon the Earth (heat sink) and aiming sunlight at high angles to heat the atmosphere without heating the ground allows for the Earth to radiate energy out into space. To get an idea of the effectiveness of this method, on a hot summer day, walk under a shade tree.

Each mirror can direct approximately one gigawatt (1 gigawatt) of energy per day. This energy can be collected/diverted and used to provide electrical power at designated solar energy collection stations; eliminating the need for fossil fuels, and virtually eliminating all human produced greenhouse gas emissions.

Precise active focus of the mirrors allows for ground-based power stations to collect solar energy and generate large amounts of electrical power using steam turbines, wind turbines, and a variety of other energy conversion technologies. The power generated is expected to be on the order of four Gigawatts (4 Gwatts) per power station. This one station exceeds all the electrical power used worldwide in 2003. Two stations would exceed predicted electrical power demands for the year 2030. Three hundred and fifty (350) power stations would exceed the total world power needs including all power of any kind currently produced by fossil fuels (15 terawatts). Should we become a more power hungry species, there is little reason why the mirror systems could not eventually provide hundreds of terawatts in power production by establishing space-based generation systems. Transferring the converted energy by means of maser transformers and/or physical conductors provided by nanotubes.

During emergency situations where catastrophic events have occurred, like Earthquakes, the mirrors could illuminate the night to allow rescue workers to provide service more effectively by making artificial daylight.

If the mirror is not desired for use, it would be rotated such that its surface is parallel with the sun’s rays and a small portion of the solar panels would be exposed to sunlight to trickle charge the system while waiting for it’s next command from Earth.

Ideally, vast numbers of mirrors would be in orbit at various altitudes and following trajectories around the Earth to provide service to most of the world. As one mirror of a control unit drifts out of range, another drifts into the range, providing a dynamic overlapping mesh of mirrors. Only small temperature changes are needed to control the weather, so there is no need to cover the entire sky with reflectors.

The support and steering mechanisms requires only weights or gyroscopic motors, in a two degrees of freedom steering arrangement, to track the sun and aim the mirrors. Part of the mylar-like mirror would contain photocells to provide power to run the small motors. Because space is largely vacuum, a couple of gyroscopes might steer a mirror that is 30oo feet in diameter, or along a side; able to accelerate, or decelerate, by over 3,000 mph a day. Alternatively, the dynamic nature of the mirror could allow it to “morph” into different shapes and in conjunction with the pressures of the solar winds, change its angles for providing weather control.

Small ion drive engines might optionally move the mirrors and maintain orbital positions, but the mirrors would most likely sail their trajectories using the solar winds. The thin membrane would be susceptible to damage from applying a large force central to the mirror; like pushing a knife through a sheet of paper. However, by having the solar wind push somewhat uniformly over its entire surface, the mirror moves together as one structure; like blowing on a sheet of paper.

Periodically, a maintenance team would guide robotic tow vehicles to recover inoperable mirrors. Each mirror can maneuver itself back to the platform for scheduled maintenance. A system of computers would provide the needed automatic control of the mirror trajectories to avoid collisions, provide services, and intelligently learn cause and effect relationships related to weather forecasting and control.

Many groups of several hundred of these mirrors would enter a high orbit around the earth at various altitudes. Each group would receive signals to control the positioning of each mirrors’ focus. No less than 10 square miles, except for power station energy collection. To influence weather, only a few degrees in temperature change are significant.

  • Global warming is REVERSED and regulated; the glaciers preserved. Maintaining our current shorelines and preserving environments for over one million species of animals and plants.
    • By maintaining a system-wide balance of mass/temperature influences, the global temperature profile can be regulated.
  • Hurricanes are subdued and steered by cooling/heating the ocean waters.
    • High altitude clouds would be warmed at night to allow heat from the surface to escape into space, and casting shadows upon the ocean during the day, thus cooling the waters that build energy for a hurricane.
    • Steering hurricanes is beneficial to help promote some species habitat.
  • Monsoon rains are diminished through similar intervention, and playing the jet streams carefully, heavy rains might be steered to dry regions of the Earth or out over an ocean.
  • Tornados result from low pressure systems which have a high value pressure/temperature gradient with adjacent high pressure systems. By minimizing the gradient, tornados might altogether be eliminated.
  • Freshwater is needed everywhere, by steering rainfall and creating high dew scenarios, freshwater might be collected anywhere it is needed in the world.
    • Flooding and drought effectively controlled.
    • Loss of crops due to drought eliminated, except where needed for pest control or to preserve an environment. Farmers subsidized or relocated in these cases.
  • Blizzards can be reduced to moderate snowfall, droughts can be eliminated, and the ozone restored to the thickness which once provided adequate protection from UV radiation.

With a mirror network, one can either heat OR cool the surface of the Earth. With multiple networks of mirrors, one can heat one area while cooling another, the overall goal to reverse Global Warming, minimize human produced greenhouse gas emissions, and allowing time and conditions for the environment to mend from the already deteriorated conditions.

The Katrina hurricane caused over 125 billion dollars in repairs and losses in human life; and that was just one hurricane; in one small location on the Earth. This system would require only a fraction of that cost to virtually eliminate future catastrophes of these types.

At this point in time, the technologies needed are old and well-developed. Creating a space-based factory to produce the mirrors is desirable because of the clean and largely gravity free environment. The platform could also be the platform for prototyping other space-based factory systems. The proposed Space Elevator, the Weather Control System, and space-based factory systems, have a natural symbiotic relationship.

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A practical Weather Control System (WCS) is now feasible, and it pays for itself by producing abundant and clean energy which virtually eliminates all human produced greenhouse gas emissions.

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