HR 676 – Congress Proposal to open Medicare to Everyone
~James Dunn

Contact your Congressman (below) to voice your desire for Medicare to be available to EVERYONE; you pay for it, why shouldn’t you have it to use if you need it?

I’ve NOT seen anything in the newspapers, on TV, or heard anything on the radio. I found out about this through a physician that is lobbying for health care reform. Insurance companies will be lobbying against this, we the People must lobby our Representatives to make sure they understand our position on health care reform. Open Medicare for EVERYONE’s benefit.

Physicians for healthcare reform:…

The people not covered by Medicare are 18 to 65, the lowest health risk group that also pays for all of Medicare. In the last 30 years I’ve only seen a doctor once. Yet I pay for medicare continuously.

Given that BlueCross/BlueShield provides supplemental health to cover everything that Medicare doesn’t cover for about $100 a month, why wouldn’t we want Medicare as our National Healthcare?

Contact all your Representatives to support H.R. 676

To find & email your specific Congressmen and Senators:

Your State’s Congressmen

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To email Congressman all across the United States:…

To talk directly with the staff of your representatives:

(202) 225-3121 for the House
(202) 224-3121 for the Senate

Email this content to everyone you know, or send them this link:

Call everyone on your cell phone contact list, and have them call everyone on their cell phone.

We MUST be heard, but we MUST speak to be heard !!!
Neutralizing Ambient Noise & Stimulating Emotions
~James Dunn
250 magnify

We are always looking for a more immersed experience. People attend concerts where the volume is so loud that it damages their hearing; but they can feel the music. I attended a Yes/Donovan concert many years ago and the paper cup of Coke I was holding was forming droplets from its center. I’ve only attended one such concert and I won’t attend another because I want to hear the subtle nuances of music and I need good hearing to enjoy Shakira, classical, and jazz.

However, I would like the more immersive experience without the health hazards. Maybe even enjoy other feelings based experiences bordering upon communicating emotions.

Imagine having the sub-sonic percussion similar to the ones you feel at a concert, but no one around you feels or hears hardly anything at all.

Imagine being on a bus trying to watch and listen to your iPod, mp3 player, or cell phone; with a baby wailing a couple of seats from you and kids playing and giggling behind you. Distracting? Just a bit. Other places you might want an immersive experience is at the spa, gym, home, an uninteresting event, virtual gaming, at the office working on a project that has a short deadline and it has got to get finished, …

An almost totally immersive experience is possible using currently available technologies.

In the 1970’s, a company produced a bone conduction speaker system called the Bone Phone. You could plug your ears and clearly hear an FM Radio, while everyone around you could only hear a low volume version. It’s original version was a long rectangular and flexible package that you laid around your neck and over your shoulders. For a while it was popular amongst skiers. Sub-sonics could be felt.

The product has morphed into a small ear mounted piece that positions itself in front of your ear, not on or in your ear. I do not know as yet if the new version is capable of sub-sonics and at what amplitudes.

You can purchase Head Mounted Displays from different manufactures like i-Glass; with products like i-theater.

The head position sensors are built into many units, providing a virtual experience where as you turn your head the computer presents a changing view, as is done in real life. In-expensive sensors can be purchased to augment other features like hand and finger movements.

Prices range widely across the industry, from as little as $25 for a black and white monocle with 325×240 resolution, to over $32,000 for a military version with precision head movement sensors and optional see-through capability.

But a modest unit suitable for an iPod runs between $200 and $1,000 and thus provides the equivalent of a 60″ high resolution full color flat panel display, which includes in-ear stereo speakers; Nice. Imagine the quality improvement of an airplane Flight Simulator. Allowing you to look around in your environment without having to use toggle switches.

Now bring into view the old Bone Phone. The Bone Phone conducts sound physically through your bones. You can feel the low frequencies; the sub-sonics. While home theaters sometimes use transducers to provide a physical connection with the movie.

Where they use the LFE channel or sub-woofer port to drive the transducer.


The low frequency effects/enhancement (LFE) channel has been introduced [in home stereo systems] together with the current digital multichannel consumer distribution formats. A primary motivation for it is headroom. The LFE channel is meant to carry only very low frequency contents, below about 120 Hz. Due to the properties of hearing the sound pressure levels needed at these low frequencies in order to achieve a certain perceived loudness can be quite high. And explosions, earthquakes etc. are supposed to be loud. So instead of increasing the headroom of the five main channels in order to make room for these loud low frequency effects a separate channel was introduced. The nominal playback gain of the LFE channel is about 10 dB higher than for the main channels, so this enables a higher sound pressure level for the LFE channel given the same dynamic range of the transmission channel or storage media. At playback the LFE signal will typically be fed to a sub-woofer, possibly together with some low frequency content from the five main channels.

In cinema practice, however, a sixth channel also exists, but with the purpose of feeding the sub-woofer directly. Also this channel has its dynamics range shifted upwards by 10 dB.”

For a portable system this is not available. So the bone phone with a 10db pre-amp and a sub-woofer style filter, would allow the user to feel the sub-woofer effects of any media they are viewing/hearing; without disturbing anyone else.

Now couple this immersive experience with sound cancellation technologies. Like that used in small aircraft communication head gear. Or that used by some audiophiles.

The noise cancellation coupled with sound insulation significantly reduces the ambient sounds of babies crying, kids playing, engines running, … With the bone phone over-riding ambient vibrations felt by the user, and vision all but completely obscured by the i-Glass head gear; the user is close to being isolated from their distractive environment.

However, for truly loud ambient noise levels, a White-noise generator on the exterior of the headset would soften the truly loud noises. Allowing the noise cancellation electronics to neutralize the ambient sounds further. This is well-understood and easily produced.

This immersive system is not difficult to put together, all of the pieces already exist.

Include a library of subsonic sounds to promote various emotional responses. Sounds as you see in movies, provides a great deal of control over our emotions. By including a library of subsonic sounds for programming in with software media, a new level of interactive media evolves.

Now include The Data Egg and you have a virtual environement that you can take on the run, literally. The Data Egg is a single hand keyboard that allows the user to do data entry, literally while running. It was first introduced back in the 1980’s.

Various parts of this system could be put together to meet the needs of various users.

For example:

Game Designers could add feelings to their play strategies. A player could feel like someone is watching them. Or they could feel impending danger, and which direction it’s coming from. Players could feel social interactions.

Military Equipment Manufacturers could provide soldiers with extra-sensory perceptions. The soldiers could feel when entering a dangerous area where previous interactions took place. A soldier could feel when a person is not telling the truth. A soldier could feel when a person is behind them and in which direction. A soldier could feel when a person is carrying a concealed weapon. These things would just be existing detectors being coupled into a subsonic transducer and using bone conduction.

Health Professionals could be given tools for counseling. Providing married couples with a tool to sense one anothers’ various feelings while they discuss issues. Allowing a physician to sense when a person actually has pain, versus someone who is simply seeking drugs to get high.

Technicians and Engineers needing a virtual environment to quickly troubleshoot factory systems. Like the steel industry where losses of $30,000 per minute mean real savings for each minute saved in getting the system back online. All the schematics for the factory can be digitally held in the head mounted unit, with Wi-Fi providing current updates on the status of sensors, switches, and controls all over the facility.

Immuno-sterilization: Potential path for multi-specie extinction (revived)
~James Dunn

The following was a concern about oral sterilization products being researched and their pathways for potential extinction events. The concern is still real and applicable.

I realized that once an antibody attacks the eggs in the ovaries, that the animal will continue to nourish the eggs and the immune system may have the markers necessary to promote antibody production. A small amount of antibody that reaches the eggs may damage an egg covering and more antibodies may be produced in cascade to remove the damaged cells from the body.

In this scenario, the antibodies introduced through ingestion, or through bleeding gums of preditors, might act like a catalyst and promote sterilization of the animal.

After doing a search, I found an article Dr. Delve authored about related research. I sent the following letter to Dr. Delve:

At 15:10 02/09/2007, you wrote:

Regarding: Changes in the reproductive system of male mice immunized with a GnRH-analogue

My concern is that vaccinated animals eaten by other animals may digest the antibodies and spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species. The effect being to reduce the total specie population potential to procreate under any environmental conditions.

The critical population currently needed by certain animals to maintain a viable population would have to increase, and the species in-general becomes extinct.

Worsen this consequence by having the scavenger animals eating the living tissues of downed prey that are contaminated with the sterilization antibodies. Cross species contamination becomes a possibility.

People eat deer meat and other animals including beef that may digest these antibodies.

Has anyone done any investigative work related to the potential extinction mechanism presented by this sterilization medication?

James Dunn


Dr. Delves response regarding antibody propagation:


Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 10:13:36 +0100
To: “James Dunn”
From: “Peter Delves”
Subject: Re: Concern for contamination of cross-specie gene pools and obstructing specie reproduction potential
Dear James,

Thank you for your email, and you are right to voice your concerns. However, the problem you propose almost certainly could not occur. I will explain why. Antibodies are molecules (not cells, like [for example] bacteria) and are unable to reproduce themselves. You mention ‘spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species’. They only proteins that are known to be capable of reproducing themselves are prions, associated with scrapie of sheep, ‘mad cow’ disease, and human nvCJD. All available evidence (and there are huge amounts of evidence gathered throughout the world) suggest that antibodies are unable to reproduce themselves in this way. Therefore someone eating deer meat would ingest the amount of antibody in that meat and the amount of ingested antibody could not increase further (in contrast to ingested bacteria [for example] which could rapidly expand up in number, as is seen in ‘food poisoning’). Antibodies are broken down in the body, and those that are produced in the body itself have a ‘half-life’ of approximately 3 weeks in the circulation (i.e. if a certain amount of antibody is produced only a half of it is still present after 3 weeks, a quarter after 6 weeks, etc). However, in the gastrointestinal tract the ingested antibodies would be broken down within hours by the enzymes which digest food. The same rapid breaking down of antibodies occurs with antibodies ingested from breast milk by infants, they are replaced by new antibodies the next time the infant feeds. These antibodies, before they are broken down, remain in the gut and do not enter the circulation. Therefore, even if they were not broken down (which they are), they are unable to access GnRH (which is present in the circulation, but not in the gut) and to neutralise its activity.

I hope this explanation is reassuring to you.

Best wishes

Pete Delves

Dr Peter J Delves, PhD
Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology
University College London
After doing a little research, I found that Mad Cow disease will propagate destructive antibodies from host to recipient via ingestion. I also found that even a small amount of foreign antibody, of a very rare variety, can cause damage to cells in recipients and the recipients own immune system may produce antibodies that will cause further damaged cells. A cascade effect can occur to incapacitate some part of a recipients system.
For instance, if you damage a ligament and it atrophy’s, the human body will dissolve the ligament and remove it from the system.
Each animal is different and has differing immune systems.
In this concern, the reproductive system of the recipient becomes sterile. The egg covering once attacked by the foreign antibody, provides the markers for the immune system to provide continued production of the particular antibodies. Therefore the antibodies maintain their strength and effectiveness until all of the egg coverings are removed from the system.
Since all of the eggs that a female mammal will ever possess originate at birth, once damaged, the female will be sterile.


I am pro-individual rights. But there is research being done that can lead to multiple species becoming extinct; including humans.

In an attempt to provide easy access to sterility for pets, scientists are developing an immuno-sterilization drug. The concept is that the shells of mammalian eggs are harvested from various species and then injected into the blood stream.

The intent is that the anti-bodies of the host will attack the foreign materials to protect the body. Thus also developing anti-bodies that adhere to the hosts eggs. This is intended to help permanently prevent fertilization of the host eggs and therefore control a mammal population.

The focus is on feral cats, dogs, coyote, deer, … and any other animal with out-of-control populations.

However, this method does not ensure that pregnancy does not occur! So one out of 100 attempts at mating may produce offspring. The offspring will share the anti-bodies but may have a tolerance. So the offspring will mate with various other partners over their lifetime spreading the anti-body amongst the entire population through multiple generations of reduced potency offspring.

Many populations of mammals depend upon a critical number of animals within a specific region to maintain mating populations. By significantly reducing the ability of an entire species to procreate, those species may be doomed to extinction.

However, since the anti-body exists throughout the bloodstream and all the tissues of the host. When a contaminated animal is eaten by predators, or an animal dies and the scavenger animals devour the tainted animal, they expose themselves to the anti-bodies. As such, those species may incur the same fate of extinction.

Imagine the impact on livestock industries if a radical of an antibody is introduced into breeding stocks.

One intended application is to bait feral animals with food tainted with these antibodies. So it is clear that tainted meat can propagate the antibodies through ingestion.

Deer hunters often eat the meat of their kill. Introducing the anti-bodies into the human population. We mate at random and have medical intervention, so likely this will not be a significant problem in the human population. However, it is possible that over many generations of procreation, the residual effects of the anti-bodies could make it progressively more difficult to conceive healthy children.

Considerable, non-corrupt and broad testing needs to be done to ensure our already frail ecologic system is not permanently harmed by persons wanting to make money off of a poorly tested medication.

The FDA does not regulate animal medications.

Agricultural Bulletin email: Canada

Science in the Service of Animal Welfare: UK

Animal People – Online: US


My continued concern is that a pathway may exist to promote an extinction event resulting from different forms of this technology.
Update: 19Dec2007

“Ricin is a cyto-toxin. To the best of my knowledege it is a locomotive RTB and a wagon RTA connected by a double sulfur RTB-S-S-RTA.

RTA dismantles 1000 ribosomes per minute. The DNA produces ribosomes which produce proteins. Protein production stops and the cell dies. RTB is a master key that can be replaced for example such that it will penetrate only ovaries and not every cell.

Kind Regards,

Eytan Suchard”

Cure for Psoriasis: Low-Cost and largely Natural
~James Dunn

Credited to Thomas Dunn

My father was plagued with psoriasis for over 20 years; trying everything that dermatologists suggested. He met a woman whom made a suggestion, “use old-fashion homemade lye soap and the psoriasis will go away”.

Lye Soap, sounds caustic doesn’t it? Actually, properly pH balanced lye soap is one of the most gentle soaps available for the care of human skin. Properly balanced lye soap has large quantities of tri-glycerides. Washing with the soap pushes the tri-glycerides into the skin.

My father found a source of handmade lye soap and stopped using any other soap. Within 3 months all of his psoriasis disappeared. After what is at least 5 years, the psoriasis has not returned.

Handmade lye soap is somewhat expensive to purchase from specialty stores. So he did some research and discovered he could make the soap himself. He sells the soap locally, more as a favor to the community, for one-dollar ($1) per package (2 bars). The cost of shipping and materials precludes selling the soap beyond local stores. But if you can find a source of good lye soap you can try this method of curing your psoriasis for yourself.

As a note: Other factors that can contribute to the development of psoriasis include immune system dysfunction; cold, dry climate; skin injury; chronic exposure to chemicals and/or pesticides; mal-nutrition; stress and anxiety; infection (fungal, bacterial, and/or viral); reactions to certain medications; and others not mentioned here.

Recipe for making handmade Lye Soap

Use a safety shield to protect your face and eyes, while using rubber gloves to protect your skin, do NOT dump waste materials down your sink because it can plug your drains over time.

* Ingredients for making the soap used to get rid of psoriasis:
o 2700 grams of Canola Oil
o 351 grams of Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
o 800 milliliters of clean water (preferably distilled)
+ distilled water comes out of your refrigerated air conditioner
o proportionately smaller amounts can be used to minimize waste after filling your molds

* Alternatively, obtain some form of vegetable oil or animal oil (lard)
o Do not use petroleum products
o Use the Lye Calculator provided below for determining the proportions for other oils.
o The following assumes Canola Oil is used
* Obtain an open plastic container, with dimensions of about 1″ x 8″ x 12″
* Cut an old shower curtain to make a liner for the above container
o Cut shower curtain to accurately line the container
o Edges should overlap the edges of the container
o This keeps the soap from sticking to the container
* Obtain a package of Lye (sodium hydroxide)
o phone 949 231-2320
o Other sources are available, if you find a cheaper source, let me know
* Calculate the proportions of oil, water, and lye needed
o Proportions change with type of oil used
* In a stainless steel container add 800 grams of cool water
o Never EVER add water to lye, only add lye to water!
+ A steam explosion can occur otherwise!
o Take to a well ventilated space free of pets and children.
o Set the bowl on a stable surface as it will become hot when adding lye
o Slowly (about 20 grams per second, about 20 seconds for the full amount) and carefully pour 351 grams of sodium hydroxide into the water while continuously stirring
o The bowl and water will become hot
+ allow to cool to below 40 Celcius or to room temperature
* In a large open stainless steel pot, pour in 2700 grams of Canola Oil
* Simultaneously heat the lye solution and oil to 40.5 degrees Celcius on a stove
o The temperatures of the two liquids must be within 2.5 degrees Celcius of each other before combining, or stratification will occur (streaks of unmixed oil)
* Slowly pour the lye solution into the oil while stirring with a spatula continuously
o flow should be about the size of a pencil
o stirring pattern should not put bubbles into mixture
o stirring pattern should uniformly mix the contents
* When the thickness increases so that it can be poured but not runny, pour into the plastic lined pan
o You will be able to see patterns forming on the surface of the mixture as a good indication of thickness
* Use a wood stick to grade the soap off the top of the pan to make it level
* Let cure for 1/2 to 3 days before tiping soap out of pan (your experience will guide you)
o Lay board on pan
+ Flip the pan and board over together
+ Remove the pan
+ Remove plastic from soap
o Use a thin and narrow saw blade or stretched wire to cut soap into bars
+ The soap must still be soft if you want to use a wire
o Set bars on a plastic sheet with space around each bar for air to cure soap
+ curing is more effective in low humidity
* Allow soap to cure for at least 2 weeks before using it
o You know it is cured if it has a uniform look and when you taste the soap it does not burn your tongue, similar to pepper

Soap cured time effects usefulness:

* 2 – 6 weeks
o excellent for removing mechanic grease from your hands (no lather)
* 2 – 12 months
o good general purpose hand soap
o lasts a long time
* 1 – 3 years
o excellent for use in shaving (lathers nicely)
o put a small bar in a coffee cup and use a shaving brush
+ one bar will last for several years


* Choose other shapes of molds for your soap
o cookie cutter shapes
o childrens lettering
o childrens Playdoh shape making tools
* Coloring soap
o many techniques are available to make different soap colors
o if you have scraps of different colored soap you can shave them up and mix them into a batch of neutral colored soap for a creative effect
o lard produces white soap, canola oil produces beige soap
* Adding perfume
o the lye will eat up most perfumes, but some do work
o you can purchase perfumes specifically made for making soap
* Adding objects into soap
o use two 1/2 batches of soap
+ mix one and let it partially set
+ lay the objects on the 1/2 batch
+ mix the next 1/2 batch and cover objects
o take a small nylon rope about 12″ long and tie the ends together
+ lay the knot in the mold before pouring the soap
+ this soap can be hung on the shower head
o put small trinkets into soap for the kids to find
+ this helps encourage them to wash their hands
o used coffee grounds
+ this creates an abrasive for washing greasy hands
o coins for the kids
* You can use your imagination, just remember the lye is still active for a couple of weeks and whatever you put in the soap might react in some unusual way.

Foot Pain: Possible non-surgical Neuroma Relief
~James Dunn

I was walking everyday at work on cement and acute pain developed in my forefoot, so ac cute I could barely walk. I would wait 20 minutes until everyone else left, to hobble out to my truck. I read up on the Internet to figure out what it was. The best description described my pain as being from a neuroma. The Internet resource described ligament lengthening, and nerve bundle removal as possible relief. Non-surgical (conservative) treatment recommended injections and to have custom orthodics made.

The Internet suggested the first step is to get a diagnostic ultrasound to confirm that it is in fact a neuroma.

I considered surgery, since I had health insurance, I just wanted the annoyance to stop. But after signing on to a medical forum, people described the surgical treatment as causing permanent numbness, instability of the foot, and conservative care as being ineffective and painful. If it’s going to be annoying, or even more distracting, what’s the point in surgery or recommended conservative care? I wanted relief, I wanted a normal (for me) life.

I used padding from the drug store in various configurations with some success. I purchased some over the counter orthodics, and tried to correct the problem by changing the pressures on my foot with padding. My reasoning was, if I’m going to be making pads to change my foot pressures, what is the point of buying custom orthodics. Consequently, I found the pads helped and the orthodics just helped keep from bending my arch so much; minor relief.

Further Internet chatting revealed that many people were sorry they ever had surgery. Both excising the nerve bundle, and nerve decompression (ligament lengthening) surgery had undesirable consequences. Excising the nerve made the foot numb, and tendon lengthening made the foot unstable and sensitive.

To avoid the injections and surgery, I tried something on my own. I wondered what runners used to help absorb impact when they run. I picked up some “Gel” inserts (gooey material) from a store called the “Athlete’s Foot” and I did some daily stretching exercises with my feet, and the pain is entirely gone. It didn’t happen overnight, it took several weeks.

And then, maybe, something all together different was what really made the pain go away.

From what I’ve been reading on the Internet, I think I had inflamed my heel tendons from the impact when I walked on the cement. And because I slightly walked pigeon toed, I was putting pressure on the nerve bundle between two bones. The pain and irritation from the nerve center (neuroma) would mask the symptoms of the impact damage of my heel tendons.

To help keep the bones from grinding on my nerve bundle, I consciously walked so I felt the floor from my heel, to the toe next to my big toe, rather than from my heel to middle toe. Though I am sure I slipped back and forth because I did not pay attention. Within a couple of days I could feel a small difference. After about 3 weeks I was pain free.

I don’t know for sure if any of this is correct, if some different cause relieved my pain, or if it will cause me more problems later. But it seemed to work for me. This has now been several years pain free.

If your feet are hurting, good luck in finding effective relief.

Limiting Contamination of the Surgical Site
~James Dunn

During surgery, the patient is at a high risk of infection from contamination of the surgical site. To control infection, control over the sources of contamination is required. Bacteria and fungus are present all around us, in the air, on everything we touch, within our bodies, and in areas we can not touch. All of these sources threaten contamination of the surgical site.

A few of these sources are (there are many more):

1. Members of the operating room team (their dress, breath, skin, etc.)

a. Brushing teeth to reduce airborne bacteria

i. Surgery staff, in addition to scrubbing before surgery

ii. Ensure the patients breath can not break sterile field

b. Washing face and other exposed areas with a mild disinfectant

i. Skin scales naturally and contain bacteria and fungus

2. The patient

a. “Findings suggest that when alcoholics require any sort of surgery, doctors should first run a blood test to determine the health of the patients’ immune systems, and prescribe immunotherapy agents to boost the body’s defense system before, during and after surgery.”

b. Ensure adjacent scale of exposed skin of patient can not be blown into surgery site

i. Seal off the gowned/blanketed area around the surgery site and re-disinfect the gowned/blanketed surfaces around the sealed off area

1. skin scale may have blown onto top side of gown/blanket during the sealing process that will work its way into the surgery site

2. even after bathing, the patient has been exposed to contaminants before entering the sterile field

c. Ensure surgery staff do not touch patients exposed skin or any material that has previously touched patients exposed skin or breath

i. Areas adjacent to patient masking remain contaminated

3. All items used in the wound and on the sterile setup

a. Ensure all personnel are decontaminated, masked and gloved before handling any and all surgical materials and OR apparatus

b. Pay special attention to package-to-contents contamination

i. Disinfect the package before opening a sterile package/container

c. Systematic swipes should be taken throughout the OR and tested for contamination on a daily basis, all areas and equipment of OR should systematically be tested over time.

i. Hot spots should be investigated for cause, cleaned, and OR retested.

4. Dust in the air

a. Take regular samples of air through approved procedures and test for particulate, bacterial, and fungal content

i. Where practical, initiate worst case shock to ventilation system while in normal operation, during sampling

b. The OR should be under constant positive pressure using a HEPA filter as a minimum, and ducting cleaned and disinfected periodically between the HEPA filter and the vent outlets into the OR

i. Contaminated dust laying in the ducting can become airborne in large amounts when the system is shocked by vibration or equipment starting

ii. Venting should not blow directly near surgical site

5. Other personnel in the operating room

a. All related information previously cited applies to all persons in the OR

b. “Movement. In 1948 Duguid and Wallace7 showed that increased activity enhanced the dispersion of bacteria. Movement can shed up to 10 000 skin scales per minute, of which 10% carry clusters of micro-organisms. These will contain Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci which are frequent causes of infection after joint replacement. In a well-run and organised theatre, movement is kept to a minimum and dispersal of skin organisms reduced.”

Breeding Intelligence out of Humans
~James Dunn

Inspired by: Ali–?cq=1

Are you at all familiar with genetics and breeding?

Intelligence is hereditary, but it is not just about memory. Largely it is about the capacity to relate.

A person who does not use their mind to discover new relationships has wrinkles in their brain that are less complex and more shallow. Their offspring will have a similar smoothness to their brains and will tend to struggle and do poorly in school, and in personal relationships as well.

A person who has an active mind regarding diverse relationships develops deep and complex physical wrinkles in their brain, and if both the mother and father have active brains involving diverse relationships, their offspring will have more complex wrinkles in their brains when they are born. Unless another factor like pollutants, malnutrition, alcohol, smoking, drugs, or some similar physical phenomena distorts the childs development during or after conception. This may help to account for why the ability to play musical instruments, mathematics, and physicians tend to run in a family.

Not all of the time, just more often. The capacity for intelligence can be bred into humans. Or bred out of humans. Similar to how a golden retriever was bred to have a natural desire to chase after things and has an intense desire to please its master. Untrained, it is natural for them.

I think that Khomeini and other Religious people actively attempt to breed intelligence out of their followers. He took the teenagers from intelligent families and marched them over mine fields. Creating a system where only one way of thinking is allowed, and violation equates to death. Reducing the IQ of the nation, actively helping to breed out intelligence; making the people more compliant in future generations. Ensuring future control over the people.

Young people who feel they are not as smart as they should be, may have people like Khomeini to thank.

Imagine parents who constantly berate their children with “Just do what I say”, and use televisions as babysitters. The children do not have an opportunity to exercise their minds unless they learn to do so on their own or are encouraged by their peers. So they manage to eventually find a mate, and most likely the mate will be mentally compatible. The offspring from this combination has a high probability of being handicapped.

But the offspring, through social factors, have an opportunity to reverse this trend. Even though the child may not have the benefit of inquisitive parents, their peers may prompt a desire to be respected. In a particular situation, the child may begin relating complex issues and forming their own complex brain structure. They themselves upon choosing a mate will most likely pass on much of their reasoning potential to their offspring. Making life easier to cope with for their own children.

Conversely, two separate couples, all of which are physicians, can have children that they spoil, while they are all too busy to work with their own children. So the brains of the children relax and the wrinkles naturally become less complex. A boy and girl from each family mate, and their children have less potential for understanding complex relationships; even though their grandparents were all highly intelligent people. Not to say the complex wrinkles are completely gone, each generation has the capacity to contribute; or retard development.

A person wanting to carry on their lineage with children who are respected by society, should actively exercise their brains with regard to diverse content, long before and during the conceiving of children; for themselves and their spouse.

Developing intelligence in the human species is an on-going system of social interactions promoting an inquisitive nature, and genetics reinforcing whatever qualities the parents possessed.

Water Supply – Anywhere there is Electricity
~James Dunn


Do NOT attempt to act upon or disseminate any portion of the following unless you read the full content of the Disclaimer linked herein: Click Here

Water Supply – Anywhere there is Electricity
~James Dunn

Safety Precautions (Partial List): Potential for biological and other types of contamination, unforseen health hazards, periodic laboratory testing of water recommended

With the advent of a Global Energy System, electricity will be cheaply available almost anywhere in the world, and on any planet, asteroid, and space platform. Water in many of these places will be scarce and there needs to be a method of extracting water using solar energy or some other source of energy.

Where there is water, but it is polluted or is alkalie, filters are available for purifying the water that is present. But filters are most often consumable. Once expended they must be replaced. In remote areas this may be impractical so reverse osmosis filtration is commonly used.

However, many arrid regions suffer from a lack of water and it must be hauled from a supply. Here in New Mexico is one such place. There are many people who live in remote places where a water well is not practical. While the elderly and handicapped find hauling water is an extreme chore to tend. Or the cost of hauling is prohibitive.

For many of these places, this is no longer necessary. Technology exists today that is currently used for other purposes, but can provide an adequate source of drinking and cooking water. What is this technology, a household dehumidifier! A dehumidifier will extract water directly from the air.

A dehumidifier works like your air conditioner. The ambient air passes over a cold coil that looks like the radiator in your car called an evaporator. If the coil is more than 15 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature the moisture in the air will collect on the coils. The air continues to pass through another coil called a condenser where the heat is put back into the air, plus the heat of the refrigeration pump. The air leaving the dehumidifier has less humidity than the air going in and is slightly warmer.

This technology does not work very well where the ambient air temperature is less than 50 F because the water may tend to freeze at the evaporator unless an automatic expansion valve is installed. Even then the lower limit for having a dew point sufficient for condensation of a liquid is around 45 F. So in this situation, the dehumidifier can be located inside the living space and contribute the energy used to heating the living space.

You can purchase this technology, relatively inexpensively, to allow you to live anywhere in the world with sufficient water to survive, if not comfortably. Electricity is often available from the local utility company. Solar panels and electric generators using various sources of fuel, are often used in remote locations for lighting and refrigeration.

Some desireable characteristics:

* several models available that have stainless steel evaporators
* A unit I have used produces about 5 gallons of water a day
* A cleanable plastic catch basin for the water collected.
* I can not speak to the efficiency of water volume to watt expended for any of the different models.
* Try to choose one where you can periodically clean the evaporator and condenser.
* Also, at the air inlet, choose a model where you can attach ducting to feed areas of high humidity to the dehumidifier.

Install a commercial air filter somewhere in the dehumidifier air inlet ducting. This will help keep dust and insects from getting into the evaporator and condensing down into your water supply. Although, I’ve never seen any in the water I have condensed.

Optionally, you could put a small pump and level control switch in the catch basin to pump the water to a larger holding tank if you desire continuous operation or you want a considerable reserve available.

If your living space is warm, put the dehumidifier outside of your living space and duct the air from your living space to the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier produces a certain amount of heat when it is running. This helps to bring cooling fresh air into your living space and allows the dehumidifier to capture the moisture contained in your living space. One such place is outside of your kitchen where the heat and moisture from cooking can be ducted through your dehumidifier. The other is your bathrooms where humidity might be captured.

Couple this technology with humidity confinement compartments to recover moisture from garbage, ground moisture, and even sewage. This increases the efficiency by allowing more condensate per watt of energy used; reducing the cost per gallon.

Custom designed units cost considerably more, but over time they may provide lower costs. But the portable units are readily available and inexpensive. If there is a problem with the unit, it can be less expensive to replace the portable unit than to fix a custom unit.

The unit I’ve used has been running intermittently for about 4 years. The water quality seems to be cleaner than city or well water. You could periodically take samples for analysis.

If you are going to use this as your only source of water, you must take vitamin and mineral supplements. This is basically distilled water, nothing but water. City and well water have a considerable amount of minerals. Distilled water can strip the minerals from your body if the foods you are eating do not have the minerals you need.

Costs of water aren’t cheap, but with care the energy costs are in the neighborhood of $1.50 or less per gallon. So for about $50 a month, you get all the drinking and cooking water you need; anywhere in the world that has electricity, based upon present and local utility costs. In some areas the cost of power is much less, in others much more.

Yet another alternative is if you are running a refrigerated air conditioner to cool your home. The water coming from the air conditioner is distilled water. Most commercial air conditioners use copper tubing and aluminum heat fins to build the evaporator. The aluminum might have negative health effects. If a stainless steel evaporator can be sized and installed in place of the copper/aluminum evaporator, then the system will be free of any metals contamination. Install a cleanable catch tray under the stainless steel evaporator and pump the condensed water to a holding tank.

So long as your ducting is clean and you have a clean air filter, there won’t be anything there except fresh water. In this way you get fresh water for drinking and cooking, and maybe even enough for showers and washing your clothes.

However, air conditioning and heating is the largest portion of all costs for utilities. So if you use a much smaller dehumidifier just to get the water you need, your utility bill will be much less. But if you refuse to go without refrigerated air conditioning, then you might as well benefit from the water that is produced, especially if you can sell that water to pay for your air conditioning.

Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim

November 27, 2008

Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim
~James Dunn

One of the things that kids have to deal with are the varying degrees of ADHD they have acquired because of their parents drug and alcohol habits. This is not fact, but I’ve been seeing a lot of young adults and their parents, and there seems to be a strong relationship.

The cycle goes something like this. Alcohol is taken by someone during their pregnancy. The offspring acquire ADHD. ADHD causes the mind to float around unfocused. Alcohol is a depressant. The offspring unconsciously discovers during their teenage years that if they drink alcohol their minds are more focused. They unintentionally self-medicate with alcohol to function in society. They become alcoholic. They themselves drink while they are pregnant. Their offspring acquire ADHD. Their offspring marries to someone that does not have ADHD. Their offspring acquire ADHD. This is how ADHD spreads throughout our society.

People with ADHD have trouble focusing, or their emotional state fluctuates wildly. As a result many of them have a very short fuse. They end up drinking and doing drugs because it calms their minds.

I dated a woman for a short time that was a recovering alcoholic. She had been drinking since she was 13. She managed to put herself through college with a C grade point average (GPA). All the while she continued to drink. She would always have a drink before she would drive. Just before graduating, one of her friends in Education told her she thought she had a learning disability. She went to a specialist and they put her on Ridlin; unusual for an adult.

Within 2 or 3 weeks she stopped drinking. She didn’t try to stop, she just didn’t have a desire to drink anymore. Her GPA shot up to A’s in all of her classes. What they found out in her case is that she was doing something called self-medication. She had ADHD and her mind would wander incessantly. Alcohol is a depressant and it would help her to focus. If she didn’t have a drink before she drove, her mind would wander and she would play with the radio, look around, chat with her passengers, fuss with her makeup, …. instead of focusing on driving. She later told me that they were finding similar relationships related to the homeless and alcoholics.

So what? Something has to be done about school violence.

* We might provide all kids with more constructive things to do, that are in their future best interest, like giving them productive and profitable work.
o Provide children with profitable work
* We might implement tools that would eventually filter out undesirable genetic traits.
o Genetic Dating
* The other side is to identify ALL kids with ADHD and get them medical treatment.

It’s not the kids fault that their parents screwed up their neural structure so that their bodies don’t produce the hormones and other chemicals that are normal for the rest of us. But then, my father and mother smoked, what affect did that have on my neural structures?

Beyond those people who have moderate symptoms of ADHD, I have known some people that are naturally very destructive, to others and to themselves. But I can tell that they are wickedly unbalanced; a very disturbed feature about their personality.

Parents do not want to make themselves responsible for the abuse they inflicted upon their unborn children. Their children must suffer through life with chemical deficiencies that make them emotionally unbalanced and/or mentally disturbed/unfocused. Furthermore, the personalities of people with ADHD, when they are sober, is at times so annoying or destructive that people and parents just don’t want to deal with them.

Hopefully, future parents will have more information and better options.

Such is my non-expert opinion.

Ethics in Health Care to promote Profits and Patient Care
~James Dunn

The Lovelace Healthcare System in Albuquerque, New Mexico is in tremendous trouble. An entire hospital (Lovelace on Gibson) is closing its doors. This very large hospital is closing the doors and displacing many hundreds of medical practitioners.

There is something very wrong! The surrounding hospitals are filled to capacity, which includes Presbyterian Hospital, University of New Mexico Hospital, and their satellite Clinics.

The Operating Rooms (OR) are constantly full and there is constant complaints of under-staffing. Surgeons and their patients do their cases until midnight and on the weekends, whenever they can get staffing.

The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough room, or enough staff ! The problem is that physicians do not make good administrators, and administrators do not exercise “Due Diligence”. Politics has superseded ethical credibility.

If you were to walk into any Administrators office and ask to see how much they lost last year due to incorrectly coded billing? They could not answer you. How often were the instructions in patients’ charts not followed by the nursing staff? They would not be able to answer you. Ask them how they motivate their staff? They would not answer you!

The entire Health care system is troubled by a lack of ethics! Most people do not even understand that Administrative Ethics is a set of tools for extensively evaluating resources, liabilities, and desired outcomes; working with the Big Picture. A lack of ethics should allow any business to make even more money, right? Wrong! “Due Diligence” is one of the significant factors for motivation that can not be taught in an unethical environment.

Some physicians may perform highly questionable procedures, or incorrectly document work performed, in response to poor billing and collection practices.

OR staff may put off ordering critical instruments and consumables because “It’s not my job!”, “I’ll get to it next week.”, or playing dumb “Oh, wasn’t that ordered?”.

Patients suffer for the same reasons because nursing staff may make excuses like “The doctor doesn’t know what they are doing.”, ”I’m too busy as it is.”, “That’s not my job.”. Meanwhile, the same nurse is chatting on the phone and numerous doctors have previously complained to hospital administrators about the staff member, but nothing is done and the nursing staff continues to ignore the physicians orders.

There is no incentive to do anything more than absolutely necessary to keep from being fired.

Administrators truly do not understand the complexities of the systems in which the work. Ask any administrator how to provide optimum health care for a patient based upon their insurance coverage so that they do not become liable for medical expenses they can not afford; they can not give you a reasonable answer! The hospital aborbs the losses in many cases.

Ask an Administrator how to get the nursing staff to consistently follow the doctors’ orders. You’ll get a blank stare! Nurses are relatively uneducated as compared to physicians, yet they independently make decisions about patient health care that directly contradicts the physicians’ orders, and the patient suffers. Weak and critically ill patients do not even get fed at times; and they may have died.

Outspoken persons of principal are weeded out by forcing them out. The unethical have more influence unless the system structure forces ethical practice. The present health care structure is innately unethical.

This is where a combination of well-trained Administrators, Performance Based Wages, an active Ethical Review Board structure, and a Continuous Improvement Process (ISO9001) provides the innate structure to continuously improve administrative processes and hospital procedures. Currently, complex relationships are governed by emotions, rather than by measurable metrics (data points).

Ethical Review Boards (Every employment and advocacy group should have one)

Hospital Administration Training

A few examples of deficient processes:

There is an inadequate number of Operating Rooms available to physicians. Physicians that consistently have cases to perform want “Block Time” so that they can schedule at least some of their surgeries around predictable times and days. Physicians often work more than 12 hours a day, so any savings in time is greatly appreciated. However, hospitals currently provide block time to certain physicians based upon the Good Ole’ Boys club mentality and prejudice. Not based upon ethical need. Rather than increasing the number of Operating Rooms, the OR staff could be trained to become much more efficient to provide for the needs of the physicians and their patients. Any wait time, is wasted time, and costs the hospital many thousands of dollars an hour.

Surgery provides the hospital with money. Insurance companies pay for surgeries at a reduced rate and pocket a large portion of the revenue from paid premiums. The health care system does not benefit from these revenues. Insurance companies do NOT build or maintain hospitals. Therefore, any hospital surviving on the edge can not improve its services.

The hospital has a Physician interface on its’ computer system to provide secure access to patient information. Each doctors’ interface can be customized based upon their user login. A simple tool for tracking staff performance would be to provide a page with all of the staff names in the hospital. If a physician has a good experience with a staff member, positive marks and notations can be made to improve a staff members’ performance rating; and negative marks and notations for deficient performance or neglect. This system can be directly tied into the employees Performance Based Wage. Similarly, every staff member, administrator, physician, and vendor can be rated and tracked in the hospital system. Physicians who are neglectful of their patients might lose their Block Time, obtain Block Time for helping to provide for uncompensated patient care, …

Create a State approved non-profit health insurance system. Disallow any for-profit health insurance from doing business in New Mexico. Use the excess revenue from paid premiums to build and maintain hospital support systems. Lovelace would not be competing with Presbyterian or UNM hospitals; they would ethically share resources and profits. Ethical as in reduced redundancy, competent health providers and staffing, efficient operations, and minimized opportunities for cases of liable.

Because of the increased revenue, all hospitals would make greater profits than at present.

Corporate management that deviates from ethical standards would be punished by fines and criminal prosecution. A defined structure for investor profits and rejuvenation of facilities would be a subject of on-going ethical debate. Ethical tools would be used to document the thought processes behind decisions.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama the county charges a small amount on annual property taxes to provide health care for the uninsured. They have some of the lowest property taxes in the nation. Yet, every person in Tuscaloosa County has health care! And the hospital (Druid City Hospital) has a windfall of excess money every year. Admittedly, their Emergency Room has a four hour wait, but everyone is seen that needs to be seen. Those with paid insurance premiums are routed to other hospitals for care.Health care can be profitable and manageable, so long as sufficient resources are consistently dedicated to ethical administration.

Nutrition Management Software

November 27, 2008

Nutrition Management Software
~James Dunn

There is a strong need in both institutional and home settings for managing nutritional balance. Hospitals, nursing homes, even restaurants, have a need to control recipes based upon diet control; the same need is in every home.

The “Imaging Tool” described previously would interface with software on a computer via Wi-Fi and would allow the user to input specific “Dietary Requirements” and user “Food Preferences” (likes and dislikes, allergies, diabetic, calorie content, time to make, …) and then calculate “Recipes”, for now, today, a week, or a month. The recipes would have pictures and a user rating for those previously prepared by the user; with recommendations for improvements based upon a small survey following the making of each recipe. Information provided would include an accumulation of produce that is needed to be picked up at the store, a list of what is currently on-hand, and a list of dietary supplements recommended that is not part of the recipes selected. Each recipe could be marked for substitution based upon user preference, and recipes could be provided by the computer to provide nutritional deficiencies rather than taking supplements.

Choices for recipes could be based solely upon what food is directly on-hand and perishables in the refrigerator. This would help to keep from throwing food away.

Pressing a function button would allow the user to verify the quantities of “Produce Available” in the pantry and in the refrigerator. The camera would have initially digitized the kitchen and pantry and from then on the location of all stores would be tracked. The computer would point to where to look for an ingredient that is on-hand. Scanning the partially filled bottle of spice for instance would determine if you have enough. One by one the user would check to see what ingredients do not need to be purchased.

While “Shopping”, the cost of each item would be automatically recorded so that at the checkout counter the customer would not be charged more than advertised. An item that is not available will signal the user to choose a different recipe not using that ingredient, or to use another spice or produce that has similar qualities as that which is unavailable.

The computer would assist the user when “Cooking” by displaying the recipe, providing instructions, giving alarms when different procedures are required, taking a picture of the final product for use later, and taking a quick survey as to the quality of the final product.

When “Storing” excess ingredients away, the camera would scan each item as it is put away to both mark the location, scan the list of ingredients (possible allergies), nutritional content, net weight, and to estimate the proportional amount on-hand for future recipes. This same function could be used initially to access all of the produce and quantities on-hand.

Cure for the Common Cold – Nothing to Buy

~James Dunn

  • A Cold is the symptoms of a virus infestation.
  • A virus is very different from a germ (bacteria).
  • There are over 2,000 different viruses.
  • Medical doctors do not have equipment to detect viruses.

Around 1994, I did some research and found things that virus’ are susceptable to. I put together a little regimene to stop colds from developing into anything significant. I haven’t had a cold since 1994, except when I was lazy or couldn’t due to some situation.

  • Virus have a protein covering to protect them
  • Fever sometimes helps to kill virus
  • Virus can be killed by oxygen exposure
  • Virus first breed in the sinus cavities
  • Virus have an incubation period before symptoms of a cold develop

With this information I put together a simple plan to kill virus and cure the common cold:

**** Before doing anything cited here, please check with your doctor
     to avoid any adverse affects related to your particular health ****  
** Cure for the Common Cold **
When that first tickle or flushed feeling hits that tells you that you might be
coming down with a cold: 
  1. Do an aerobic activity (for me, running) as soon as practical,for 30 minutes, and force yourself to breath just through your nose.
  2. Eat a very high protein diet, NO fats, NO sugars. Drink water and maybe small amounts of fruit juice. Vitamins probably wouldn’t hurt.
  3. Do this for two to three days.
** That’s it. **

Though my wife says the cure is worse than the cold. She would rather suffer for 2 weeks with the symptoms of a cold rather than do the aerobic activity. This has stopped the symptoms of a cold from developing for more than 12 years. Here is my reasoning as to why it works:

  1. By acting quickly at the first symptoms of a cold, you stop the virus from developing further.
  2. An aerobic activity raises the core temperature of your body significantly, which is essentially a fever.
  3. The aerobic activity also oxygenates the blood.
  4. By forcing yourself to breath just through your nose, you dry your sinuses and significantly remove the moisture needed by virus to breed.
  5. By setting up your body to digest protein, you help your body break down the protein coating on the virus.
  • As you can see, this regimene addresses all of the virus susceptibilities that I had originally identified.

If you procrastinate and wait until the symptoms of the cold develop further, this method will stop the cold from getting worse, but the symptoms are indications of damage done by the virus and you’ll have to wait for your body to repair the damage. So in essence, you can reduce the time you have the cold, but you are much better off stopping it before it develops significantly by doing the aerobic activity as soon as practical.

Also, I have since learned from a nurse that if you stay at least 6 feet away from another person, you can reduce your chances of catching a cold significantly. So for those of you who can’t or won’t do an aerobic activity, this might help. Go to the grocery store during times when nobody will be there. Put a box of Baby Wipes in your vehicles.

I used to get colds two or three times a year. After experimenting during the first year, I haven’t allowed myself to get another cold, except yes, when I get lazy! About once every 4 or 5 years.

** What other kinds of aerobic activity are there that would allow you to JUST breath through your nose, while not having to use your feet?

  • By lifting light weights for many repetitions, you can raise your heart rate similar to running. offered by a member (Mike) of a Yahoo Podiatry Group

Patient Compliance Risk Study

November 27, 2008

Patient Compliance Risk Study
~James Dunn

Coordinate research related to patient mental status as it relates to the patient managing their own health care.

The research involves “Patient Compliance as it relates to Diabetes Influenced Mental Impairments”. The focus primarily is upon the area of patient non-compliance following surgery, and secondarily upon cross-correlated risks on patient outcome versus pre-surgery lab results. Often times with the increasing progression of diabetes, a patient will not follow physician instructions. This makes it difficult to determine what level of patient care should be prescribed to affect the best outcome for the patient.

The intent is to coordinate a research team and develop a proposal for a grant from the American Diabetes Association. The area of research would be a combination of coordinating statistical data from patient blood work and having the patient complete the SF-36 or SF-12. Based upon the pre-cursors found in the blood labs and the answers provided by the patient, the physician would better be able to determine the compliance index of the patient, and the risk factors for a particular surgery.

The intent is that the “system” be set up on a secure web server. The physicians would have their staff work with the patients at a kiosk to enter all of the responses needed for the SF-36. The patient would answer questions about their profession and any medications they are currently taking. Physicians would enter their standard set of data for each patient. Data for labs done would be collected by a hired staff using grant monies. When patients return for post-op visits their condition and missed appointments would be recorded, along with their overall recovery rate. The data would be cross-correlated automatically as data is entered.

To be compliant with HIPAA, each patient would be given a random number for identification, which would be entered into their medical records. Thus allowing for outside consultation with perhaps a statistician or other professional.

If successful, the importance of patient mental awareness could change the way medicine is practiced in many ways, including: allowing physicians to quickly assess patient compliance risks related to each type of surgery, providing a system allowing physicians to track recovery rates for their patients, establish metrics for physicians to use when evaluating patient on-going health changes, training physicians to detect patients needing psychiatric assistance so as to maintain their quality of life, …