The need to monitor and control Private Research
~James Dunn

Inspired by: Little Hawk

Currently, no one monitors individuals doing extraordinarily dangerous research; not even the NSA. Even though the NSA is supposed to provide for our National Security, their hands are tied in various ways by Corporations (corruption). Corporations are allowed to create hybrid corns and implement them without adequate safeguards (corn crops are now susceptable to blights that could wipe out world production of corn), as an example.

On a more devastating note, scientists are attempting to create a microscopic “Black Hole” in the laboratory. Microscopic black hole experiments should be done off-world. I do think the experiments are worth doing, it can potentially provide us with the fuel needed for transiting space and living almost anywhere in the Universe.

The Sun is a Great place to get our fuel for the next million years or so; here on Earth. But we can not take the Sun with us when we travel from solar system to solar system.

Self-Funding Method to Reverse Global Warming & Provide Abundant Clean Energy

The NSA should have its function expanded while being monitored and controlled by State elected doctors of science who demonstrate an ability to analyze ethically.

Ethically Eliminate ALL Corruption & Monitor ALL Potentially Destructive Research

A Black Hole will theoretically dissapate quickly because of Hawkings Radiation. Basically a small amount of energy released will eventually “evaporate” the Black Hole. So for a microscopic sized black hole this would only take a few seconds; suposedly. A Fast-Nuclear Fission takes around one microsecond; so this black hole would hang around several million times longer than a fission. Could adjacent atoms fission and fuel the microscopic black hole?

Keep in mind that Hawkings Radiation is theoretical. When a star is mated with a black hole an enormous amount of energy is converted. Notice I didn’t say matter. What we understand to be subatomic particles (not particles of matter, but particles of information about energy interactions) are reformed into other than observable and non-observable structures.

According to the big bang theory, the entire Universe and 125 billion galaxies presently detectable, and the potential trillions upon trillions of galaxies (perhaps infinite) all were created in a moment in time out of a volume smaller than a hydrogen atom; confluence. Again, theory. A singular position supposedly spawned all that we know. However, we know very little.

But nothing hardcore has refuted this theory as yet.

So take a current theory about black holes that says it has no mass. If it has no mass, does it have enertia? So when a star orbits a black hole (which was observed by a telescope) and the black hole doesn’t appear to have moved at all, then a graviton node has been proposed as being the reason why the black hole imparts gravity but is not affected by gravity. But do black holes move in relation to one another. According to the expanding Universe theory, they do. Black holes are at the center of many, perhaps all, galaxies. So as the Universe expands, supposedly the black holes are moving apart from one another. This of course assumes that light is not significantly influenced by gravity as it propagates through space; which we know it is influenced, but we don’t know what the effects are in what we percieve. The Hubble telescope shows this bending of light throughout the perceived Universe.

So, the theory that the microscopic Black Hole will evaporate because of its small size is a theory. If the Universe can form out of a singularity smaller than an atom, what is to say that the attempt to create a microsopic black hole does not create something else?

As for the black hole needing a mass equivalent to Mount Everest to sustain itself. A current theory is that black holes have no mass. So what does cause a black hole to have its size and position? Are what we call subatomic particles able to be converted to promote graviton creation? The matter that enters a black hole is torn apart into its subatomic constituants. What occurs in that soup of confluence?

If black holes move in relation to references other than local positional references; once created the microscopic black hole may move at fractions of the speed of light, or as with entangled pairs, possibly faster than the speed of light, until it finds the mass it needs to sustain itself. Plenty enough time to get into the mantle of the Earth.

The point here is that destruction of the Earth is feasible by doing such experimentation. I personally would rather see this experimentation be done out in space. So if a microscopic black hole needs a mountain size piece of matter to sustain itself and it can only exist a few seconds without that mass, then make sure the experiment is at least a few light-seconds from any matter larger than a mountain size piece of matter.

But when doing nuclear research, we are dealing with theories. Because in the end, we don’t really understand completely the results we achieved.

I wonder if there is a distribution of black holes in space that correspond with the liklihood of intelligent species capable of doing such experimentation? Can we look up into the heavens and ascertain whether or not intelligent species all end in the same way. Destroying themselves because of a natural consequence of nuclear physics experimentation.


Wingman development proposed to Dave Mallot – American Inventor contestant
~James Dunn

The Wingman development is significant because it provides the world with a means of meeting strangers and promoting friendships.

Entry for June 28, 2007 0756 MST


Since you only have $50k for total development, the stand-alone Wingman device could simply be developed on a bluetooth enabled PDA like the Dell Axim. Hire a professional programmer to fully develop the software. $50k probably won’t be enough to both develop the hardware and software. Hardware development is very expensive. The PDA provides a touch screen and back lit color display to provide easy user interface.

If you make the program universal, it can be made to work with any bluetooth enabled PDA or bluetooth enabled cell phone; increasing market reach.

You are selling a service. The user can purchase hardware from you, but the service is the main source of revenue.

Optionally, your concept can be completely developed on an internet ready cell phone.

The internal GPS of the cell phone can place you in the vacinity ( +/- 25 feet) before entering the bar so the website server software knows who to couple up (GPS commonly loses signal in Urban environments).

Also, bluetooth enabled software can be used identically as your proposed stand-alone Wingman hardware device.

The additional advantage of using a cell phone over the Wingman stand-alone is that everyone already has a cell phone, they just need to pay the service fees. That puts your service immediately into the hands of millions of users instantly. By mentioning the website on American Inventor, you win whether or not you win the million dollars. You may choose to withdraw from the competition to CEO your own development.

Internet ready cell phones already have access to the internet. So a user would need to do no more than access your website using their cell phone. The monthly internet service fees may be more than they want to pay (quite expensive on some cell phones).

Optionally, the user could call a phone number (long distance calls are free on many cell phone plans) and a small program in the cell phone would be updated with the information regarding the people who are planning to attend a proposed social activity (bar, wedding, church, beach, concert, …) during the users proposed time span. This might be done by text messaging.

Using Text Messaging, you would type in the address of the event and the time span you intend to be there, for each event on your schedule. A text message would return with a list of possible matches. Providing the user with the knowledge of how fruitful attending the event might be.

Upon arriving, the cell phone uses bluetooth to find other users of the service.

Your website would grab the user’s GPS location, and any other bluetooth enabled users in the area and attempt to coordinate a match. A small program running on the users cell phone would look for other users with a similar program scanning for bluetooth. When all of the available bluetooth users have been polled, the cell phone automatically calls the website server to coordinate matches. Upon the matches being made, the user cell phone is updated with everyones matches and the matches are broadcast via bluetooth to all participating users. This helps to reduce the number of cell phone calls made to the server.

As people walk around, new bluetooth connections are made, and information is shared.

The small program in the cell phone then notifies the user when a match has been made.

The users use text messages sent to the server to enter their precise chosen location to meet others at the event. The user may optionally use the internet interface to browse more detailed match statistics (pictures, essays about themselves and what they are looking for, …) and choose whom they want to meet.

A text message would otherwise be sent to each cell phone with shorthand information about each potential match.

The user selects all the people they want to match with (ID numbers) and sends a text message to the server. A list of quick notes is generated by the small program which are the match ID numbers.

* Anyone mutually picking each other has priority.
* The next match is based upon proximity.
* The next match is based upon a person openly making themselves available.
* Persons may option to only be contacted if there is a mutual match.
* Persons may option not to be contacted at all (changed their mind after arriving).

A text message is sent to each person of a match and the location provided by the female is used as a meeting place.

Either user can decline the meeting at any time.

Each user can provide feedback as to the quality of the match up. If a person lied about themselves, then multiple similar comments from different users at different times would flag the questionable profile attributes. Repeated updates by the user and having similar discrepancies would automatically lower the reliablility rating of that user.

Persons leaving desparaging remarks about other users and having no other user at different times leaving similar remarks, lowers the persons reliability rating who made the remarks.

This provides a mechanism to encourage people to act responsibly.


James Dunn

Some of my own inventive ideas



Of course there are other issues related to making the software functional and user friendly.

The GPS feature of cell phones could be exploited to provide course and direction from user to user.

The website could provide users with the ability to meet before an event (wedding, party, …) so that they can attend together if they hit it off.

The website could provide a means to coordinate a public event (canoe trip, ethnic feastival, …)

Local bands can effortlessly keep in contact with their fans, allowing them to find their band whenever they are playing

At 5 cents per text message, 10 single people per event, 4 text messages per person, and over 1 million entertainment businesses in the United States, that would be a weekly revenue of about $2 million, or $104 million dollars a year.

Breeding Intelligence out of Humans
~James Dunn

Inspired by: Ali–?cq=1

Are you at all familiar with genetics and breeding?

Intelligence is hereditary, but it is not just about memory. Largely it is about the capacity to relate.

A person who does not use their mind to discover new relationships has wrinkles in their brain that are less complex and more shallow. Their offspring will have a similar smoothness to their brains and will tend to struggle and do poorly in school, and in personal relationships as well.

A person who has an active mind regarding diverse relationships develops deep and complex physical wrinkles in their brain, and if both the mother and father have active brains involving diverse relationships, their offspring will have more complex wrinkles in their brains when they are born. Unless another factor like pollutants, malnutrition, alcohol, smoking, drugs, or some similar physical phenomena distorts the childs development during or after conception. This may help to account for why the ability to play musical instruments, mathematics, and physicians tend to run in a family.

Not all of the time, just more often. The capacity for intelligence can be bred into humans. Or bred out of humans. Similar to how a golden retriever was bred to have a natural desire to chase after things and has an intense desire to please its master. Untrained, it is natural for them.

I think that Khomeini and other Religious people actively attempt to breed intelligence out of their followers. He took the teenagers from intelligent families and marched them over mine fields. Creating a system where only one way of thinking is allowed, and violation equates to death. Reducing the IQ of the nation, actively helping to breed out intelligence; making the people more compliant in future generations. Ensuring future control over the people.

Young people who feel they are not as smart as they should be, may have people like Khomeini to thank.

Imagine parents who constantly berate their children with “Just do what I say”, and use televisions as babysitters. The children do not have an opportunity to exercise their minds unless they learn to do so on their own or are encouraged by their peers. So they manage to eventually find a mate, and most likely the mate will be mentally compatible. The offspring from this combination has a high probability of being handicapped.

But the offspring, through social factors, have an opportunity to reverse this trend. Even though the child may not have the benefit of inquisitive parents, their peers may prompt a desire to be respected. In a particular situation, the child may begin relating complex issues and forming their own complex brain structure. They themselves upon choosing a mate will most likely pass on much of their reasoning potential to their offspring. Making life easier to cope with for their own children.

Conversely, two separate couples, all of which are physicians, can have children that they spoil, while they are all too busy to work with their own children. So the brains of the children relax and the wrinkles naturally become less complex. A boy and girl from each family mate, and their children have less potential for understanding complex relationships; even though their grandparents were all highly intelligent people. Not to say the complex wrinkles are completely gone, each generation has the capacity to contribute; or retard development.

A person wanting to carry on their lineage with children who are respected by society, should actively exercise their brains with regard to diverse content, long before and during the conceiving of children; for themselves and their spouse.

Developing intelligence in the human species is an on-going system of social interactions promoting an inquisitive nature, and genetics reinforcing whatever qualities the parents possessed.

Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim

November 27, 2008

Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim
~James Dunn

One of the things that kids have to deal with are the varying degrees of ADHD they have acquired because of their parents drug and alcohol habits. This is not fact, but I’ve been seeing a lot of young adults and their parents, and there seems to be a strong relationship.

The cycle goes something like this. Alcohol is taken by someone during their pregnancy. The offspring acquire ADHD. ADHD causes the mind to float around unfocused. Alcohol is a depressant. The offspring unconsciously discovers during their teenage years that if they drink alcohol their minds are more focused. They unintentionally self-medicate with alcohol to function in society. They become alcoholic. They themselves drink while they are pregnant. Their offspring acquire ADHD. Their offspring marries to someone that does not have ADHD. Their offspring acquire ADHD. This is how ADHD spreads throughout our society.

People with ADHD have trouble focusing, or their emotional state fluctuates wildly. As a result many of them have a very short fuse. They end up drinking and doing drugs because it calms their minds.

I dated a woman for a short time that was a recovering alcoholic. She had been drinking since she was 13. She managed to put herself through college with a C grade point average (GPA). All the while she continued to drink. She would always have a drink before she would drive. Just before graduating, one of her friends in Education told her she thought she had a learning disability. She went to a specialist and they put her on Ridlin; unusual for an adult.

Within 2 or 3 weeks she stopped drinking. She didn’t try to stop, she just didn’t have a desire to drink anymore. Her GPA shot up to A’s in all of her classes. What they found out in her case is that she was doing something called self-medication. She had ADHD and her mind would wander incessantly. Alcohol is a depressant and it would help her to focus. If she didn’t have a drink before she drove, her mind would wander and she would play with the radio, look around, chat with her passengers, fuss with her makeup, …. instead of focusing on driving. She later told me that they were finding similar relationships related to the homeless and alcoholics.

So what? Something has to be done about school violence.

* We might provide all kids with more constructive things to do, that are in their future best interest, like giving them productive and profitable work.
o Provide children with profitable work
* We might implement tools that would eventually filter out undesirable genetic traits.
o Genetic Dating
* The other side is to identify ALL kids with ADHD and get them medical treatment.

It’s not the kids fault that their parents screwed up their neural structure so that their bodies don’t produce the hormones and other chemicals that are normal for the rest of us. But then, my father and mother smoked, what affect did that have on my neural structures?

Beyond those people who have moderate symptoms of ADHD, I have known some people that are naturally very destructive, to others and to themselves. But I can tell that they are wickedly unbalanced; a very disturbed feature about their personality.

Parents do not want to make themselves responsible for the abuse they inflicted upon their unborn children. Their children must suffer through life with chemical deficiencies that make them emotionally unbalanced and/or mentally disturbed/unfocused. Furthermore, the personalities of people with ADHD, when they are sober, is at times so annoying or destructive that people and parents just don’t want to deal with them.

Hopefully, future parents will have more information and better options.

Such is my non-expert opinion.

Friendship Triangle – A social tool for sharing public seating
~James Dunn

One of the problems with our society is we have few tools for allowing strangers to meet in public situations. One of those situations is when we go into a bar or restaurant and there isn’t enough seating available. There might be one person sitting at a table for four people. They might not mind someone else sitting there, but there is no current method of letting other people know.

The Friendship Triangle and how it works:

When you are in a restaurant, bar, or any situation where you feel altruistic or even desire another person to use unoccupied seating at your table:

  • Take a napkin and fold it into a triangle and place it near the edge of your table. A signal to strangers (people we haven’t met yet) that it is okay to come introduce themselves.
    • A plain napkin triangle invites either gender, a couple, or a group
    • Place a fork on the napkin if you only want a woman to stop by
    • Place a spoon on the napkin if you only want a man to stop by

The custom is not to automatically sit down because the triangle is also used to allow blind dates (friend of a friend, internet, office, whatever) to find each other for the first time, or even for friends you know to be better able to find you.

  • So the person seeing the triangle would come over to the table and say “Hi, I’m Sara. I saw the Friendship Triangle.” Stop talking for a moment to let the person sitting respond.
    • The customary response is either:
      • “Please, have a seat.” or
      • “I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone.”

How easy is that!

Now whenever you are out and want to meet someone for the fun of it, go to a coffee shop or fast food place and place a napkin triangle near the edge of the table. Or if you want to share empty table space, same thing.

Another opportunity for sharing lunch with someone interesting, would be to incorporate the above into a cell phone program. So if you are in a common Cell phone GPS location, you can send an automated text message to others in the same immediate location. Your status could be set to “I’m over here”, and people looking for a seat, or a social opportunity, can go cruising for the napkin folded into a triangle. This way, a person can optionally choose to eat at one place versus another, because of a social opportunity.

Schools competing with the business of selling drugs:
~James Dunn

A child entering the ‘subculture’ of high school is typically between 14 and 16 years of age. Typically they are offered drugs and see other kids who use drugs frequently. This subculture in all high schools passes gossip about drugs. This is no different than advertising; frequency sells. Drugs are a teenage business enterprise.

A teenager desires to have many things, unless the family is well to do, they will do without; unless they find a way to make money for themselves. A teenager usually does not have reliable transportation. Very few opportunities exist for teenagers that would even pay for car insurance, if they can drive; so those who are industrious go into business for themselves doing the only profitable business available; the selling of drugs.

Coursework in High School fails to teach children business, and inadvertently instills a mental image of businessmen as unethical. The vast majority of the student body considers business clubs as socially unacceptable. If not taught in school, students feel the extra effort is wasted. Most students wonder why they are taught their curriculum because they won’t use one-tenth of what they are taught, why is that; it is true. So why isn’t business part of the basic curriculum? There are many existing resources for incorporating business into the school curriculum; even grants and small student loans.

Classes can easily incorporate business relationships: math for business problem solving, writing a business plan in English, business statistics, Business Economics instead of Home Economics, ballgame and vending concessions managed by the students… One hour of a seven class hour curriculum could be business management. The schools moto should be “Financial Opportunities through Education”.

Most schools are no longer part of an agrarian community, with the majority of schools in urban areas. Most teenagers skip college and find hourly jobs to get by; dependent upon others, welfare, and social security. College graduates often move from their city, and State, to find work in their field of study; breaking family and community bonds.

None of the things we cherish (family, friends, money, a stable life, respect) are addressed by our current school systems. The only widely known option available to the teenage entrepreneur is to sell drugs. From the teenage perspective, this will support all of the things they care for (family, friends, money, a stable life, respect); as teenagers, many do not have the experience to conceive of paths to desirable consequences.

Selling drugs currently represents the only major business enterprise available to teenagers. To significantly reduce drug dependence, school systems must compete with the business of selling drugs, by fostering other ‘major’ and profitable business opportunities for teenagers. I knew a teenager (14) that made over $400 a month in his eBay business; his father is a college professor and guided his business initiative.

Cell phones can be utilized to provide young people with business opportunities. Craigs List style listings can be generated on cell phones with a search option based upon cell phone GPS location. So people that want their car washed, grass cut, laundry done, babysitting, shovel snow, garden tended, … can list their needs on the cell phone program and young people can match up to them based upon how close they live to the GPS location. Also, many other business opportuities for young people can be generated through cell phone enterprise.