HR 676 – Congress Proposal to open Medicare to Everyone
~James Dunn

Contact your Congressman (below) to voice your desire for Medicare to be available to EVERYONE; you pay for it, why shouldn’t you have it to use if you need it?

I’ve NOT seen anything in the newspapers, on TV, or heard anything on the radio. I found out about this through a physician that is lobbying for health care reform. Insurance companies will be lobbying against this, we the People must lobby our Representatives to make sure they understand our position on health care reform. Open Medicare for EVERYONE’s benefit.

Physicians for healthcare reform:…

The people not covered by Medicare are 18 to 65, the lowest health risk group that also pays for all of Medicare. In the last 30 years I’ve only seen a doctor once. Yet I pay for medicare continuously.

Given that BlueCross/BlueShield provides supplemental health to cover everything that Medicare doesn’t cover for about $100 a month, why wouldn’t we want Medicare as our National Healthcare?

Contact all your Representatives to support H.R. 676

To find & email your specific Congressmen and Senators:

Your State’s Congressmen

Your States’ Senators…

To email Congressman all across the United States:…

To talk directly with the staff of your representatives:

(202) 225-3121 for the House
(202) 224-3121 for the Senate

Email this content to everyone you know, or send them this link:

Call everyone on your cell phone contact list, and have them call everyone on their cell phone.

We MUST be heard, but we MUST speak to be heard !!!
Scam Alert: & 20 other Credit Card scams

~James Dunn

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Promote correcting Our political structure, not merely the symptoms of Corruption
~James Dunn

Please forward the following commentary as you feel is appropriate.

Focus on the problem, not the symptoms of corruption.


Regarding Political Corruption:

The problem isn’t a person, or even a group of politicians. The problem is the corrupt practices that are rewarded by special interest groups. Pandering should be illegal for politicians to participate in. Yet lobby groups and backdoor negotiations are sanctioned within our Political Structure.

Condolessa Rice has an Oil Tanker named after her. That is only a symptom. The problem is that our political system structurally encourages politicians to indirectly accept bribes and not be accountable for their actions.

We need to Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption!


Our Political Structure can easily be changed to provide ethical oversight of our politicians.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is solely controlled by the Presidential Office. The NSA needs to be controlled by US State elected doctors of science that have no significant involvement with special interests; which would include periodic lie detection testing. Their job would be to ethically and systematically monitor everything for corruption, criminal activity, and dangerous research/processes that could endanger national security, at every level including city government, and promote the physicial well-being of its citizens.

The NSA would have NO DIRECT means of acting upon the information collected and analyzed; thereby requiring cooperation between law enforcement, the Senate, Congress, and the Executive branches; a self-regulating control measure.

Offending politicians and the people who attempt to corrupt them with corrupt activities would at first be quietly notified and allowed to correct their deficiencies.

Failing to adequately respond to the warnings of the NSA, the NSA reports the activities to the Next higher political office with recommendations for corrective actions and notification to public media as to the need for full investigation. In addition to the proof provided by the NSA, other corruption may surface during the investigation.

A current corrupt practice without the NSA:

A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. These are Backdoor negotiations hidden from public view, but money does not directly change hands. The Counsilman champions rezoning a commercial area to residential, which lowers property values by half. The developer purchases the desired lands and then rezones it for commercial use; saving many millions of dollars for the developer. The developer purchases burial plots in the name of the City Councilman. At a later date, the burial plots are sold by the counsilman who is now Governor of that State. No one has any proof that anything corrupt took place.

The proposed scenario with the backing of the NSA:

Scenario 1) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, with the Councilman and Developer heeding the warning and they return to business as usual. So long as this does not repeat, the careers of both are unhindered.

Scenario 2) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning. The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential. The City Manager/Mayor is informed. The City Manager/Mayor blocks actions made by the Councilman and arranges for a full investigation, followed by impeachment hearings. The Developer is investigated and may lose permits and licensing for any business venture they are involved in within that city, all who were involved with corrupt intent share in all the costs associated with managing corruption (wages for all people involved, costs for materials, and anyone harmed by the corrupt activity), and they may face criminal charges as well.

Scenario 3) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning. The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential. The City Manager/Mayor is informed. The City Manager/Mayor either corruptly or negligently fails to take appropriate actions to eliminate the corrupt practices of the Councilman and Developer. The Governor of the State is notified, as well as the FBI. Pending the outcome of the formal investigation, either the Mayor appropriately runs impeachment hearings for the Councilman and removes business priveledges from the Developer, or every News agency is informed of the corrupt and negligent practices of every related politician and business person. Prior to elections, a summary is published in all the news agencies to educate the public during elections. The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce must publish the corrupt practices of the offending Developer and their business associates. A mark would accompany the printed name of each person running for office that the NSA had found involved in unresolved or repeated corrupt practices.

Scenario 3) The Governor and FBI fail to respond responsibly. The next level of controls would come into play; all linking back to keeping the public informed of which politicians and public servants are corruptly involved, as well as all of the people, factions, groups, corporations, … with which they corruptly interact. The people would vote out corrupt politicians and boycott businesses that support them.

The intent is to remove the secrecy that politicians enjoy for doing corrupt enterprise.

The NSA currently is only controlled by the Presidents Office. As such, they arbitrarily collect confidential information for any purpose desired by the President, and are instructed to ignore any information that is contrary to the President’s interests. How else do you think it was possible for the President to lose over $12 Billion in Iraq reconstruction money and still not be accountable for those funds?

Putting the NSA under State control by doctors of science certified in ethical conduct, significantly improves the ethical relationships between the American People, Politicians, and Special Interest Groups/Individuals/Corporations.

Please support and advocate the following proposal for modifying our political structure to include a Branch of Ethics, along with our Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches of Government.

Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption:

The need to monitor and control Private Research
~James Dunn

Inspired by: Little Hawk

Currently, no one monitors individuals doing extraordinarily dangerous research; not even the NSA. Even though the NSA is supposed to provide for our National Security, their hands are tied in various ways by Corporations (corruption). Corporations are allowed to create hybrid corns and implement them without adequate safeguards (corn crops are now susceptable to blights that could wipe out world production of corn), as an example.

On a more devastating note, scientists are attempting to create a microscopic “Black Hole” in the laboratory. Microscopic black hole experiments should be done off-world. I do think the experiments are worth doing, it can potentially provide us with the fuel needed for transiting space and living almost anywhere in the Universe.

The Sun is a Great place to get our fuel for the next million years or so; here on Earth. But we can not take the Sun with us when we travel from solar system to solar system.

Self-Funding Method to Reverse Global Warming & Provide Abundant Clean Energy

The NSA should have its function expanded while being monitored and controlled by State elected doctors of science who demonstrate an ability to analyze ethically.

Ethically Eliminate ALL Corruption & Monitor ALL Potentially Destructive Research

A Black Hole will theoretically dissapate quickly because of Hawkings Radiation. Basically a small amount of energy released will eventually “evaporate” the Black Hole. So for a microscopic sized black hole this would only take a few seconds; suposedly. A Fast-Nuclear Fission takes around one microsecond; so this black hole would hang around several million times longer than a fission. Could adjacent atoms fission and fuel the microscopic black hole?

Keep in mind that Hawkings Radiation is theoretical. When a star is mated with a black hole an enormous amount of energy is converted. Notice I didn’t say matter. What we understand to be subatomic particles (not particles of matter, but particles of information about energy interactions) are reformed into other than observable and non-observable structures.

According to the big bang theory, the entire Universe and 125 billion galaxies presently detectable, and the potential trillions upon trillions of galaxies (perhaps infinite) all were created in a moment in time out of a volume smaller than a hydrogen atom; confluence. Again, theory. A singular position supposedly spawned all that we know. However, we know very little.

But nothing hardcore has refuted this theory as yet.

So take a current theory about black holes that says it has no mass. If it has no mass, does it have enertia? So when a star orbits a black hole (which was observed by a telescope) and the black hole doesn’t appear to have moved at all, then a graviton node has been proposed as being the reason why the black hole imparts gravity but is not affected by gravity. But do black holes move in relation to one another. According to the expanding Universe theory, they do. Black holes are at the center of many, perhaps all, galaxies. So as the Universe expands, supposedly the black holes are moving apart from one another. This of course assumes that light is not significantly influenced by gravity as it propagates through space; which we know it is influenced, but we don’t know what the effects are in what we percieve. The Hubble telescope shows this bending of light throughout the perceived Universe.

So, the theory that the microscopic Black Hole will evaporate because of its small size is a theory. If the Universe can form out of a singularity smaller than an atom, what is to say that the attempt to create a microsopic black hole does not create something else?

As for the black hole needing a mass equivalent to Mount Everest to sustain itself. A current theory is that black holes have no mass. So what does cause a black hole to have its size and position? Are what we call subatomic particles able to be converted to promote graviton creation? The matter that enters a black hole is torn apart into its subatomic constituants. What occurs in that soup of confluence?

If black holes move in relation to references other than local positional references; once created the microscopic black hole may move at fractions of the speed of light, or as with entangled pairs, possibly faster than the speed of light, until it finds the mass it needs to sustain itself. Plenty enough time to get into the mantle of the Earth.

The point here is that destruction of the Earth is feasible by doing such experimentation. I personally would rather see this experimentation be done out in space. So if a microscopic black hole needs a mountain size piece of matter to sustain itself and it can only exist a few seconds without that mass, then make sure the experiment is at least a few light-seconds from any matter larger than a mountain size piece of matter.

But when doing nuclear research, we are dealing with theories. Because in the end, we don’t really understand completely the results we achieved.

I wonder if there is a distribution of black holes in space that correspond with the liklihood of intelligent species capable of doing such experimentation? Can we look up into the heavens and ascertain whether or not intelligent species all end in the same way. Destroying themselves because of a natural consequence of nuclear physics experimentation.

Immuno-sterilization: Potential path for multi-specie extinction (revived)
~James Dunn

The following was a concern about oral sterilization products being researched and their pathways for potential extinction events. The concern is still real and applicable.

I realized that once an antibody attacks the eggs in the ovaries, that the animal will continue to nourish the eggs and the immune system may have the markers necessary to promote antibody production. A small amount of antibody that reaches the eggs may damage an egg covering and more antibodies may be produced in cascade to remove the damaged cells from the body.

In this scenario, the antibodies introduced through ingestion, or through bleeding gums of preditors, might act like a catalyst and promote sterilization of the animal.

After doing a search, I found an article Dr. Delve authored about related research. I sent the following letter to Dr. Delve:

At 15:10 02/09/2007, you wrote:

Regarding: Changes in the reproductive system of male mice immunized with a GnRH-analogue

My concern is that vaccinated animals eaten by other animals may digest the antibodies and spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species. The effect being to reduce the total specie population potential to procreate under any environmental conditions.

The critical population currently needed by certain animals to maintain a viable population would have to increase, and the species in-general becomes extinct.

Worsen this consequence by having the scavenger animals eating the living tissues of downed prey that are contaminated with the sterilization antibodies. Cross species contamination becomes a possibility.

People eat deer meat and other animals including beef that may digest these antibodies.

Has anyone done any investigative work related to the potential extinction mechanism presented by this sterilization medication?

James Dunn


Dr. Delves response regarding antibody propagation:


Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 10:13:36 +0100
To: “James Dunn”
From: “Peter Delves”
Subject: Re: Concern for contamination of cross-specie gene pools and obstructing specie reproduction potential
Dear James,

Thank you for your email, and you are right to voice your concerns. However, the problem you propose almost certainly could not occur. I will explain why. Antibodies are molecules (not cells, like [for example] bacteria) and are unable to reproduce themselves. You mention ‘spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species’. They only proteins that are known to be capable of reproducing themselves are prions, associated with scrapie of sheep, ‘mad cow’ disease, and human nvCJD. All available evidence (and there are huge amounts of evidence gathered throughout the world) suggest that antibodies are unable to reproduce themselves in this way. Therefore someone eating deer meat would ingest the amount of antibody in that meat and the amount of ingested antibody could not increase further (in contrast to ingested bacteria [for example] which could rapidly expand up in number, as is seen in ‘food poisoning’). Antibodies are broken down in the body, and those that are produced in the body itself have a ‘half-life’ of approximately 3 weeks in the circulation (i.e. if a certain amount of antibody is produced only a half of it is still present after 3 weeks, a quarter after 6 weeks, etc). However, in the gastrointestinal tract the ingested antibodies would be broken down within hours by the enzymes which digest food. The same rapid breaking down of antibodies occurs with antibodies ingested from breast milk by infants, they are replaced by new antibodies the next time the infant feeds. These antibodies, before they are broken down, remain in the gut and do not enter the circulation. Therefore, even if they were not broken down (which they are), they are unable to access GnRH (which is present in the circulation, but not in the gut) and to neutralise its activity.

I hope this explanation is reassuring to you.

Best wishes

Pete Delves

Dr Peter J Delves, PhD
Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology
University College London
After doing a little research, I found that Mad Cow disease will propagate destructive antibodies from host to recipient via ingestion. I also found that even a small amount of foreign antibody, of a very rare variety, can cause damage to cells in recipients and the recipients own immune system may produce antibodies that will cause further damaged cells. A cascade effect can occur to incapacitate some part of a recipients system.
For instance, if you damage a ligament and it atrophy’s, the human body will dissolve the ligament and remove it from the system.
Each animal is different and has differing immune systems.
In this concern, the reproductive system of the recipient becomes sterile. The egg covering once attacked by the foreign antibody, provides the markers for the immune system to provide continued production of the particular antibodies. Therefore the antibodies maintain their strength and effectiveness until all of the egg coverings are removed from the system.
Since all of the eggs that a female mammal will ever possess originate at birth, once damaged, the female will be sterile.


I am pro-individual rights. But there is research being done that can lead to multiple species becoming extinct; including humans.

In an attempt to provide easy access to sterility for pets, scientists are developing an immuno-sterilization drug. The concept is that the shells of mammalian eggs are harvested from various species and then injected into the blood stream.

The intent is that the anti-bodies of the host will attack the foreign materials to protect the body. Thus also developing anti-bodies that adhere to the hosts eggs. This is intended to help permanently prevent fertilization of the host eggs and therefore control a mammal population.

The focus is on feral cats, dogs, coyote, deer, … and any other animal with out-of-control populations.

However, this method does not ensure that pregnancy does not occur! So one out of 100 attempts at mating may produce offspring. The offspring will share the anti-bodies but may have a tolerance. So the offspring will mate with various other partners over their lifetime spreading the anti-body amongst the entire population through multiple generations of reduced potency offspring.

Many populations of mammals depend upon a critical number of animals within a specific region to maintain mating populations. By significantly reducing the ability of an entire species to procreate, those species may be doomed to extinction.

However, since the anti-body exists throughout the bloodstream and all the tissues of the host. When a contaminated animal is eaten by predators, or an animal dies and the scavenger animals devour the tainted animal, they expose themselves to the anti-bodies. As such, those species may incur the same fate of extinction.

Imagine the impact on livestock industries if a radical of an antibody is introduced into breeding stocks.

One intended application is to bait feral animals with food tainted with these antibodies. So it is clear that tainted meat can propagate the antibodies through ingestion.

Deer hunters often eat the meat of their kill. Introducing the anti-bodies into the human population. We mate at random and have medical intervention, so likely this will not be a significant problem in the human population. However, it is possible that over many generations of procreation, the residual effects of the anti-bodies could make it progressively more difficult to conceive healthy children.

Considerable, non-corrupt and broad testing needs to be done to ensure our already frail ecologic system is not permanently harmed by persons wanting to make money off of a poorly tested medication.

The FDA does not regulate animal medications.

Agricultural Bulletin email: Canada

Science in the Service of Animal Welfare: UK

Animal People – Online: US


My continued concern is that a pathway may exist to promote an extinction event resulting from different forms of this technology.
Update: 19Dec2007

“Ricin is a cyto-toxin. To the best of my knowledege it is a locomotive RTB and a wagon RTA connected by a double sulfur RTB-S-S-RTA.

RTA dismantles 1000 ribosomes per minute. The DNA produces ribosomes which produce proteins. Protein production stops and the cell dies. RTB is a master key that can be replaced for example such that it will penetrate only ovaries and not every cell.

Kind Regards,

Eytan Suchard”

Political Action & Corrupt Practices Website
~James Dunn

Inspired by comments by yates.jack

The Problem

A major problem with our political system is the great deal of corruption that exists behind closed doors. Making the public aware of the people and relationships could help bring control of our government back to the people.

Also, the interactions regarding any Bill or other political action proposed or taken can be so vast that the results are hard to understand, especially when it involves subjects we personally know little about.

Corporations and lobby groups have no soul or ethical outlook. They exist to promote thier agenda at any cost to the public, minimizing their own expense, and maximizing their own benefit; without any concern for the public. The soul of a corporation is created by it’s incorporating By-Laws. I’ve never seen a corporate by-law that requires ethical business practices.

The Solution

The United States (and every country) needs a website that tracks the major influencing bodies that influence each political representative, regarding each and every political action; identify every person, corporation, lobby group, …. and provide their contact information. Since these persons have greater influence over our elected representatives than the general public, the general public should be allowed to contact these persons, corporations, and lobby groups directly. Including all levels of influence within those bodies of influence.

We need a website that allows the public to better understand every political action proposed and taken; and to provide a means for the public to intelligently interact with each political action.

If it were known that a particular company was influencing a politician, to act against public interests, then the public could boycott that company and the companies that do business with them. If a company would lose millions of dollars because of a public boycott, then that company might be influenced to reconsider being involved with any corrupt practices.

This is not an overwhelming task. Many websites provide most of the pieces to this larger concept already.

Desired interactive web tools:

The Bill.

Explanations associated with each Bill.

All political representatives who sponsor each Bill, including silent representatives where possible.

Historical trends of each Representative.

An editorial section associated with each Bill entry, with an automated confidence rating.

Who initiated the Bill and why, and the far reaching ethical implications. To include lobby groups, corporations, and any other special interest groups.

Contact information for each lobby group, corporation, and other special interest group associated with each Bill.

Provide web-based interactive flow charts that map out every political action so that the public can more fully understand the actions taken by our politicians and how those actions affect everything. This is easily implementable. Hyperlinks would allow linking major influencing bodies with the costs, benefits, and corruption resulting from each political action proposed or taken. The who, what, when, where, why, and how regarding every political action.

Hyperlinks would also allow each action to be linked to related previous political actions taken. This provides a mechanism for the public to understand the incremental changes taken in politics to achieve a goal, contrary to public interests.

An interactive tool for users to cite practical, ethical, and corrupt relationships, with a confidence factor assigned based upon username demonstrated reliability, public polled confidence, and web editor assigned expert ratings of usernames.

An interactive flow chart for each Bill that shows the relationships with other Bills to show trends and possible corrupt practices.

An email notification system where the user can enter multiple sets of keywords and perhaps other conditions where an email is automatically generated to the user to notify them of high interest Bills or other political actions. “BILL, global warming, oil” OR “SPEACH, civil rights, terrorism, -media” OR “ALL, Baltimore, Maryland” OR ” …

A Forum tool similar to the one used in the above Table of Contents of this blog site, to allow users to discuss each political action independently; with a tool button to show or hide the forum display to avoid website clutter.

Hyperlinks to organizations that support each political action.

Hyperlinks to organizations that oppose each political action.

A tool to allow each user to add their name to either support or oppose each political action, why, and link boxes to support reasoning; with options for annonymous versus user disclosed identification.

Websites that provide some of these relationships:

Common Cause – A website where legislative bills are posted for each state

ConservativeUSA – Provides Contact info for all Senators, Congressmen, Governors, …

* Your State’s Congressmen
* Your States’ Senators

Corporate Watch – A group that monitors corporate initiatives in our government

National Center for Policy Analysis – Editorials regarding setting public policies

Standpedia – Web-based Flow Chart Utility

Regulation of a Weather Control System & Global Energy System
~James Dunn

If your grandparents lived to be 100 years old and they died today, they would have seen the majority of all pollution created, the human population increase by 2 billion people, more animal and plant extinctions than in the previous 2 million years, most of what technology has had to offer, and experienced life before technology as we know it.

Unless something is done, and done in the next few years, within your grandchildren’s lifetime, humanity may become largely extinct.

Think this is an exageration? There is an abundant amount of information to support this potential. As diversity diminishes, so does the stabilizing effects. Imagine corn, wheat, and potatos getting a plant virus or genetic disease that wipes out those crops, what will you do to feed 3 billion peoples? Corn and potatos are already at risk!

Think into the future; where active control of the weather is a reality.

If there is a practical method of controlling the weather so that Global Warming can be reversed, is it a crime for any governing body on Earth to abstain from helping to establish a Weather Control System (WCS)? Would they be liable for any damages, injuries, and deaths incurred because of negligently failing to provide remedy?

Weather Control System (WCS)

Additionally, the WCS can provide abundant clean power, more than what the world currently consumes; eliminating the majority of all human produced greenhouse gases.

WCS provides Solar Power to power the World

How would we regulate the power distribution and cost of power since it would be virtually a monopoly?

Obviously, we need to be careful about abusing such a system. But it is a viable tool for helping to ensure our survival; especially if nothing else works. One third to one half of all known land base species of plants and animals are expected to tend toward extinction within the next 50 years! You don’t have much time to make a difference!

What laws would have to be put into place to ensure the ethical use of a Weather Control System, and a Global Energy System?

Ethics in Health Care to promote Profits and Patient Care
~James Dunn

The Lovelace Healthcare System in Albuquerque, New Mexico is in tremendous trouble. An entire hospital (Lovelace on Gibson) is closing its doors. This very large hospital is closing the doors and displacing many hundreds of medical practitioners.

There is something very wrong! The surrounding hospitals are filled to capacity, which includes Presbyterian Hospital, University of New Mexico Hospital, and their satellite Clinics.

The Operating Rooms (OR) are constantly full and there is constant complaints of under-staffing. Surgeons and their patients do their cases until midnight and on the weekends, whenever they can get staffing.

The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough room, or enough staff ! The problem is that physicians do not make good administrators, and administrators do not exercise “Due Diligence”. Politics has superseded ethical credibility.

If you were to walk into any Administrators office and ask to see how much they lost last year due to incorrectly coded billing? They could not answer you. How often were the instructions in patients’ charts not followed by the nursing staff? They would not be able to answer you. Ask them how they motivate their staff? They would not answer you!

The entire Health care system is troubled by a lack of ethics! Most people do not even understand that Administrative Ethics is a set of tools for extensively evaluating resources, liabilities, and desired outcomes; working with the Big Picture. A lack of ethics should allow any business to make even more money, right? Wrong! “Due Diligence” is one of the significant factors for motivation that can not be taught in an unethical environment.

Some physicians may perform highly questionable procedures, or incorrectly document work performed, in response to poor billing and collection practices.

OR staff may put off ordering critical instruments and consumables because “It’s not my job!”, “I’ll get to it next week.”, or playing dumb “Oh, wasn’t that ordered?”.

Patients suffer for the same reasons because nursing staff may make excuses like “The doctor doesn’t know what they are doing.”, ”I’m too busy as it is.”, “That’s not my job.”. Meanwhile, the same nurse is chatting on the phone and numerous doctors have previously complained to hospital administrators about the staff member, but nothing is done and the nursing staff continues to ignore the physicians orders.

There is no incentive to do anything more than absolutely necessary to keep from being fired.

Administrators truly do not understand the complexities of the systems in which the work. Ask any administrator how to provide optimum health care for a patient based upon their insurance coverage so that they do not become liable for medical expenses they can not afford; they can not give you a reasonable answer! The hospital aborbs the losses in many cases.

Ask an Administrator how to get the nursing staff to consistently follow the doctors’ orders. You’ll get a blank stare! Nurses are relatively uneducated as compared to physicians, yet they independently make decisions about patient health care that directly contradicts the physicians’ orders, and the patient suffers. Weak and critically ill patients do not even get fed at times; and they may have died.

Outspoken persons of principal are weeded out by forcing them out. The unethical have more influence unless the system structure forces ethical practice. The present health care structure is innately unethical.

This is where a combination of well-trained Administrators, Performance Based Wages, an active Ethical Review Board structure, and a Continuous Improvement Process (ISO9001) provides the innate structure to continuously improve administrative processes and hospital procedures. Currently, complex relationships are governed by emotions, rather than by measurable metrics (data points).

Ethical Review Boards (Every employment and advocacy group should have one)

Hospital Administration Training

A few examples of deficient processes:

There is an inadequate number of Operating Rooms available to physicians. Physicians that consistently have cases to perform want “Block Time” so that they can schedule at least some of their surgeries around predictable times and days. Physicians often work more than 12 hours a day, so any savings in time is greatly appreciated. However, hospitals currently provide block time to certain physicians based upon the Good Ole’ Boys club mentality and prejudice. Not based upon ethical need. Rather than increasing the number of Operating Rooms, the OR staff could be trained to become much more efficient to provide for the needs of the physicians and their patients. Any wait time, is wasted time, and costs the hospital many thousands of dollars an hour.

Surgery provides the hospital with money. Insurance companies pay for surgeries at a reduced rate and pocket a large portion of the revenue from paid premiums. The health care system does not benefit from these revenues. Insurance companies do NOT build or maintain hospitals. Therefore, any hospital surviving on the edge can not improve its services.

The hospital has a Physician interface on its’ computer system to provide secure access to patient information. Each doctors’ interface can be customized based upon their user login. A simple tool for tracking staff performance would be to provide a page with all of the staff names in the hospital. If a physician has a good experience with a staff member, positive marks and notations can be made to improve a staff members’ performance rating; and negative marks and notations for deficient performance or neglect. This system can be directly tied into the employees Performance Based Wage. Similarly, every staff member, administrator, physician, and vendor can be rated and tracked in the hospital system. Physicians who are neglectful of their patients might lose their Block Time, obtain Block Time for helping to provide for uncompensated patient care, …

Create a State approved non-profit health insurance system. Disallow any for-profit health insurance from doing business in New Mexico. Use the excess revenue from paid premiums to build and maintain hospital support systems. Lovelace would not be competing with Presbyterian or UNM hospitals; they would ethically share resources and profits. Ethical as in reduced redundancy, competent health providers and staffing, efficient operations, and minimized opportunities for cases of liable.

Because of the increased revenue, all hospitals would make greater profits than at present.

Corporate management that deviates from ethical standards would be punished by fines and criminal prosecution. A defined structure for investor profits and rejuvenation of facilities would be a subject of on-going ethical debate. Ethical tools would be used to document the thought processes behind decisions.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama the county charges a small amount on annual property taxes to provide health care for the uninsured. They have some of the lowest property taxes in the nation. Yet, every person in Tuscaloosa County has health care! And the hospital (Druid City Hospital) has a windfall of excess money every year. Admittedly, their Emergency Room has a four hour wait, but everyone is seen that needs to be seen. Those with paid insurance premiums are routed to other hospitals for care.Health care can be profitable and manageable, so long as sufficient resources are consistently dedicated to ethical administration.