Yahoo 360 – Future Features I would like to have

November 27, 2008

Yahoo 360 – Future Features I would like to have
~James Dunn

Yahoo 360 Features I would like to have:

* A one-button Backup Tool that would save ALL of the users preferences, profile data, and blog pages, to the users home computer or to a CD/DVD
o Ideally this should be in a format that conforms to a industry standard
o The utility should capture and properly associate all guest comments
o The utility should capture and properly associate all user code
+ uTube, music, cursor generators, css, frame modifications, …
* Active blog web space (including comment areas) where HTML/Server Tools/Javascript controls work
o this would allow linked partitioned graphics to work like maps
o this would allow controls like counters to work
o provides interactive access to tools like Excel
* A 360 Tools link where advanced features and formatting can be obtained
* Access to server tools
o Server tools for specific applications in blogs
+ interactive updating of an Excel spreadsheet
+ Access database interactive update
+ polls that automatically enter responses in an Excel spreadsheet with the results posted back to the blog entry
# the spreadsheet would automatically capture the username and prevent them from voting twice
+ interactive Word creation where the composed document can be sent to:
# This would be use for writing form letters and allowing the user to modify the content.
* the user’s printer
* an email address
o this feature would only allow 2 or 3 emails with the same content to prevent it being used for spamming
* saved to a local file
* A more robust WYSIWYG editing tool to include
o a better implemented manual spacing control
+ both letter spacing and line spacing
o tables
o an Excel interface that updates from my computer when I log in
+ a feed tool that automatically fetches information from another website like the Wall Street Journal based on keywords found in the web page
o counters (with option to make visible only to owner)
+ for individual blog articles
+ for individual links that have been clicked
o a file storage area where Excel, PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Access dB, and text files can be stored and then pointed to within the blog
+ file space can be limited as with email
+ file permissions based upon Friend category
o a text box where “Friends” can interactively modify content
+ For instance a short story can evolve where everyone contributes to the story line
+ Which Friends would have access would be controlled by the “Category” that they are placed in under the “My Friends” control
o a toggle control on the main blog entry would show or hide a rich text box where the sub-page would describe the artwork, poem, concept, related links in detail
+ this allows readers to scan quickly through journal entries, artwork, poems, … and then click on the namable Concept link to toggle a verbose explaination by the writer/artist
+ this same tool could be used to:
# compose tests and then toggle the answers
# create flash cards and toggle the appropriate response
# create recipes and toggle the procedure details

an option in the blog setup would ask what type of blog entries you intend to make

chronological journal entries

the current display and features would be implemented
o topic based entries
+ a “Table of Contents” would be created
# a permanent link over the picture to the left would allow anyone at anytime to access the Table of Contents
* in parenthesis after Table of Contents the Index link would be found
o Table of Contents (Index)
# after creating a blog entry, the system would prompt you to select a heading under which you would put the current blog entry link
* the heading of the blog entry would be used and the URL embedded in that heading
+ the current Calendar would be deleted
+ the Tag Cloud would be deleted
+ an Index link would open a separate window with the Index information
# the Index page would have a much broader space where words that have any letter capitalized are headings and words in lower case are links to the related blog pages
# the current tag words text box would be used to enter Index keywords
# lower case words following any word with a capitalized letter in it, would be associated with that word/heading
* multiple headings and associated index word sets can be listed for the same blog entry in the provided Index text box
# Clicking on a link in the Index pulls up a “list” of all pages with the related headings and index words
o art based entries
+ a free-form blog list where the artist can randomly move the order in which artwork is seen
+ an icon list like the “Friends” icon list would contain iconized artwork of the artist
# clicking on the “See All Artwork” link would display a list of icons associated with all the artwork entered by the artist
* The username be used everywhere instead of the computer created URL name provided at present.
o Instead of
o Use instead
* A method of linking to a particular places in blog entry
* Access to a header file to allow such entries as:
o play music file when opened
o refresh to URL address a number of seconds after page loading done
o keywords for robot search of URL
o name the page
o describe the page
* Provide a search text box on blog page to allow readers to search just that blog for related information
* Provide a means for readers to enter related links associated with a blog entry
o An optional “related links” page would appear that would allow the readers to enter links and a short description to allow a growing body of knowledge
o Allow for active links in comments section of blog entry
* Provide an easy means for the owner to change the sequential order of blog entries
o a drag and drop text listing
o “Move UP” / “Move Down” buttons
o a drag and drop icon listing
* Provide a means to search the Yahoo 360 blog space for graphics pointed at by an upload object
o simple 10 point comparison based upon percentage of hieght and width
* Provide a means of including “active feeds” on individual blog entries. This would be useful for:
o discussing stock market trends
o current events related to certain individuals
o monitoring specific world events


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