What is the Soul Conjecture? How does it apply to the Poincare Conjecture? (mathematics)

November 27, 2008

What is the Soul Conjecture? How does it apply to the Poincare Conjecture? (mathematics)
~James Dunn
Also what is the soul with regards to topology? And what is a codimension?

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Inspired and asked by: Jeff A
I shouldn’t be here, my understanding of mathematics is very limited. Anything written hereafter is purely conjecture (pun intended) and is not based in any form on solid mathematic foundation.

From rudiment understanding of the two problem spaces they do not share the same overall characteristics and the Poincare Conjecture (finite space) must be confined to a subset of conditions present in the Soul Conjecture (infinite space).

Perhaps the relationship between the two conjectures is like describing a fourth dimension from three dimensional space. The Poincare Conjecture identifies the area of interest, while the Soul Conjecture identifies dimensional qualities around that area.

Or perhaps more usefully, the Soul Conjecture relates the confluence of diverse relationships in real space, while the Poincare Conjecture approximates those confluent relationships in a specific area of interest. The tightening loops extracting the conditions of the Soul Space into a space we can perceive.

Another way of looking at Unified Field Theory? Describe all that is, then relate properties locally to define confluent factors that may predict relationships with which we can interact.


I’m reaching way out of my understanding of mathematics, but intuitively this is what I perceive as a potential relationship at the very extents of my understanding; which makes my input virtually useless for anything more than potential inspiration.

I hope someone with more of an understanding of mathematics has something more useful to offer.


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