WCS Mirror used as Low-Cost Orbiting Service Vehicle

November 27, 2008

WCS Mirror used as Low-Cost Orbiting Service Vehicle
~James Dunn

The Weather Control System (WCS) mirrors have the strong potential of sailing controllable orbiting trajectories around the Earth. This makes them useful as low cost robotic service vehicles.

Many satellite orbits degrade over time. Slipping outward into space, falling back to Earth, losing their geosynchronous position, … By using the controllable sailing feature of the WCS mirrors, satellites can be vectored back into their desired orbiting trajectory and therefore extend their useful lifetime.

For a square mirror 3,000 feet on a side, the solar wind would impart about 7.8 Newtons of force, or about 1.7 pounds of force. Doesn’t seem like much does it. But let’s look a little closer. Assume the mirror has a mass of 500 kilograms (1102 pounds), after 24 hours of continuous exposure to the light from the Sun, that is a difference in speed of over 3,000 miles per hour.

This is similar to standing on a dock next to a large boat. The boat might weigh 50 tons. But by applying a continuous force with your hands, you can move the boat around.

So on each trip around the Earth, if the mirror turns sideways to slip through the solar wind when traveling towards the Sun, and the mirror fully catches the solar wind when traveling away from the Sun, the mirror can continue to accelerate to greater and greater speeds. Or conversely, to slower and slower speeds. Tiping the sail related to the direction of the solar wind would cause side forces that would allow the mirror to change the direction it is traveling.

When constructed, the mirror will be in a stationary orbit; most likely in geosynchronous orbit if built in the vacinity of a Space Elevator.

The sailing feature of the WCS mirror has the potential of providing tow services for other mirrors in need of repair, deploying satellites from an orbiting work platform, and becoming a part of a manned platform that also happens to help control Earths weather.

However, any additional mass added to a mirror structure (laboratory) will reduce the acceleration available for the same size of mirror.

The sailing feature would allow a space-based laboratory at it’s center to circumnavigate the Earth along a desired trajectory, harvest the solar energy needed for its work, and thus providing the laboratory with long term fuel-less propulsion.

These orbiting laboratories could provide:

* on-going repair support for the WCS mirrors
* long term space-based factory platforms
* the ability to cost effectively harvest materials from asteroids and comets
* each platform could have emergency supplies to help reduce risk factors in a community of enterprise based platforms
* space colonies become practical
o many provide supply and transport services
o a couple of space factories produce solar cells
o a couple refine raw materials
o a couple provide equipment to recycle oxygen
o many produce food
o some produce medical supplies
o some provide medical services
o …

In 1776 the total world population was less than 700 million people. In two consecutive 100 year lifetimes the population has increased to over 3 Billion people. The population has grown by about 4.3 times. At this rate of growth, your baby being born today will be part of a world population of over 10 Billion people near the end of its life of 100 years. Global Warming will have changed everything we understand as being a natural resource.

We must act diligently in the present to ensure the survival of our children in the future.

We will have spent much more money on the War in Iraq ($1 Trillion dollars projected) as it would have cost to build the entire Weather Control System and Global Energy System. Only a fraction of this money is needed to build the Space Elevator and the first phase of the weather control and global energy systems; at which point the WCS and GES become self funding by selling power back to the World Community. A fraction of the money spent on the war with Iraq could have saved the world from Global Warming, and saved $500 Billion dollars a year in weather related destruction and lost revenue.

What jobs are your children going to have as part of a 10 billion person population? In China, people are using rakes and shovels to process sewage, because labor is so cheap.


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