Vehicle Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

November 27, 2008

Vehicle Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
~James Dunn

All vehicles should have a Bluetooth connection hooked into ALL of their vehicles electronics. The benefits:

* laptops could access the engine diagnostics
* cell phone users could use the built-in speakers and microphone
* audio & video player compatibility
* updating the on-board nav system
* providing user ringtone type utilities like: ringtones for opening doors, patterns for cycling turn signals, ambieance control of interior lighting, updating the vehicle performance chip, governing maximum speed based upon user, providing route restrictions for certain drivers, automatic sync with the home computer, automatic sync with trucking industry bills of lading, …

All of the vehicle sensor data could be sent to a laptop. This would allow:
vehicle maintenance to be tracked precisely

useage profiles generated for each driver

utilities for providing drivers with cues related to fuel savings

automated vehicle useage information for tax purposes

automatically tracking vehicle costs related to individual customers

Allowing drivers to download extensive and selectable playlists into their vehicles audio system.

Providing manufacturers with the avenue for new products like: designer external lighting, flexible data displays (advertising in the back or on doors), free form decorative LCD panels for hoods and trunk lids, adjustable intensity tinting for windows, directable cameras, headlights that track steering movements, security systems which include the towed trailer, security system for strapped on bicycles and adjacent motorcycles, child monitoring systems, vehicle to vehicle communications, sharing info between vehicles, collision avoidance systems, garage door openers, automatically setting home security, documenting vehicle parameters for improper police stops, providing a local wi-fi-like connection for all the passengers, allowing for a large hard drive to be accessed in the car (nav data, music, downloaded websites, peer to peer data), …

This allows for the cell phone with bluetooth to distribute the internet connection to all of the passengers. A Bluetooth to Wi-Fi adapter could distribute the connection even further. Multiple Bluetooth headphones could each be tuned to different music archives. Passengers could email or text message collaboratively.

Cell phones that are bluetooth compatible download functions for monitoring and controlling everthing related to your vehicle. In addition it provides on-board systems with access to the internet. Online mechanics could be contacted to diagnose problems with your vehicle.

Security would obviously need to be addressed. Hardwired 128 bit encryption is an obvious way of securing the systems.

There are many obvious applications that would be useful for military applications. Soldiers could have situational awareness of their surroundings improved greatly by vehicle mounted instrumentation. Soldiers could aim and fire vehicle mounted weapons and/or maneuver the vehicle while behind the vehicle or in a ditch.


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