Regulation of a Weather Control System & Global Energy System

November 27, 2008

Regulation of a Weather Control System & Global Energy System
~James Dunn

If your grandparents lived to be 100 years old and they died today, they would have seen the majority of all pollution created, the human population increase by 2 billion people, more animal and plant extinctions than in the previous 2 million years, most of what technology has had to offer, and experienced life before technology as we know it.

Unless something is done, and done in the next few years, within your grandchildren’s lifetime, humanity may become largely extinct.

Think this is an exageration? There is an abundant amount of information to support this potential. As diversity diminishes, so does the stabilizing effects. Imagine corn, wheat, and potatos getting a plant virus or genetic disease that wipes out those crops, what will you do to feed 3 billion peoples? Corn and potatos are already at risk!

Think into the future; where active control of the weather is a reality.

If there is a practical method of controlling the weather so that Global Warming can be reversed, is it a crime for any governing body on Earth to abstain from helping to establish a Weather Control System (WCS)? Would they be liable for any damages, injuries, and deaths incurred because of negligently failing to provide remedy?

Weather Control System (WCS)

Additionally, the WCS can provide abundant clean power, more than what the world currently consumes; eliminating the majority of all human produced greenhouse gases.

WCS provides Solar Power to power the World

How would we regulate the power distribution and cost of power since it would be virtually a monopoly?

Obviously, we need to be careful about abusing such a system. But it is a viable tool for helping to ensure our survival; especially if nothing else works. One third to one half of all known land base species of plants and animals are expected to tend toward extinction within the next 50 years! You don’t have much time to make a difference!

What laws would have to be put into place to ensure the ethical use of a Weather Control System, and a Global Energy System?


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