Political Action & Corrupt Practices Website

November 27, 2008

Political Action & Corrupt Practices Website
~James Dunn

Inspired by comments by yates.jack

The Problem

A major problem with our political system is the great deal of corruption that exists behind closed doors. Making the public aware of the people and relationships could help bring control of our government back to the people.

Also, the interactions regarding any Bill or other political action proposed or taken can be so vast that the results are hard to understand, especially when it involves subjects we personally know little about.

Corporations and lobby groups have no soul or ethical outlook. They exist to promote thier agenda at any cost to the public, minimizing their own expense, and maximizing their own benefit; without any concern for the public. The soul of a corporation is created by it’s incorporating By-Laws. I’ve never seen a corporate by-law that requires ethical business practices.

The Solution

The United States (and every country) needs a website that tracks the major influencing bodies that influence each political representative, regarding each and every political action; identify every person, corporation, lobby group, …. and provide their contact information. Since these persons have greater influence over our elected representatives than the general public, the general public should be allowed to contact these persons, corporations, and lobby groups directly. Including all levels of influence within those bodies of influence.

We need a website that allows the public to better understand every political action proposed and taken; and to provide a means for the public to intelligently interact with each political action.

If it were known that a particular company was influencing a politician, to act against public interests, then the public could boycott that company and the companies that do business with them. If a company would lose millions of dollars because of a public boycott, then that company might be influenced to reconsider being involved with any corrupt practices.

This is not an overwhelming task. Many websites provide most of the pieces to this larger concept already.

Desired interactive web tools:

The Bill.

Explanations associated with each Bill.

All political representatives who sponsor each Bill, including silent representatives where possible.

Historical trends of each Representative.

An editorial section associated with each Bill entry, with an automated confidence rating.

Who initiated the Bill and why, and the far reaching ethical implications. To include lobby groups, corporations, and any other special interest groups.

Contact information for each lobby group, corporation, and other special interest group associated with each Bill.

Provide web-based interactive flow charts that map out every political action so that the public can more fully understand the actions taken by our politicians and how those actions affect everything. This is easily implementable. Hyperlinks would allow linking major influencing bodies with the costs, benefits, and corruption resulting from each political action proposed or taken. The who, what, when, where, why, and how regarding every political action.

Hyperlinks would also allow each action to be linked to related previous political actions taken. This provides a mechanism for the public to understand the incremental changes taken in politics to achieve a goal, contrary to public interests.

An interactive tool for users to cite practical, ethical, and corrupt relationships, with a confidence factor assigned based upon username demonstrated reliability, public polled confidence, and web editor assigned expert ratings of usernames.

An interactive flow chart for each Bill that shows the relationships with other Bills to show trends and possible corrupt practices.

An email notification system where the user can enter multiple sets of keywords and perhaps other conditions where an email is automatically generated to the user to notify them of high interest Bills or other political actions. “BILL, global warming, oil” OR “SPEACH, civil rights, terrorism, -media” OR “ALL, Baltimore, Maryland” OR ” …

A Forum tool similar to the one used in the above Table of Contents of this blog site, to allow users to discuss each political action independently; with a tool button to show or hide the forum display to avoid website clutter.

Hyperlinks to organizations that support each political action.

Hyperlinks to organizations that oppose each political action.

A tool to allow each user to add their name to either support or oppose each political action, why, and link boxes to support reasoning; with options for annonymous versus user disclosed identification.

Websites that provide some of these relationships:

Common Cause – A website where legislative bills are posted for each state

ConservativeUSA – Provides Contact info for all Senators, Congressmen, Governors, …

* Your State’s Congressmen
* Your States’ Senators

Corporate Watch – A group that monitors corporate initiatives in our government

National Center for Policy Analysis – Editorials regarding setting public policies

Standpedia – Web-based Flow Chart Utility


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