Method of controlling rotation of WCS mirror

November 27, 2008

Method of controlling rotation of WCS mirror
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

There is a need for the Weather Control System (WCS) mirror to control the rate of rotation.

Uses for rotating the mirror might include: increasing mirror rigidity, sliding collected space debris to the edge (dust), creating a flashing beacon to help non-instrumented maritime and sports navigation, …

During the manufacture of the mirror in an extruded process the outside diameter of the mirror may not have a uniform dimension. As the solar winds push against the mirror, there will be a difference in the forces produced across the mirror. If the mirror is rotating, the forces are averaged over time to have a uniform effect upon the mirror.

The mirror is dynamically focusable. So the control elements can cause the mirror surface to undulate similar to waves. By positioning the mirror at some angle from the Sun to allow one side of the mirror to recieve more solar wind than the other, the mirror will rotate.

Also, the control elements can dynamically manipulate surfaces to disproportionally make surfaces more perpendicular to the solar wind and cause rotation.

The warping of the mirror provides the differential forces necessary to position the sail area of the mirror for maneuvering in space.


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