Impressive Internet Speed – Mozilla Firefox (FREE)

November 27, 2008

Impressive Internet Speed – Mozilla Firefox (FREE)
~James Dunn
Looks like this was a temporary benefit. My access speeds are still faster than with IE, but they have dropped off some since I first installed Mozilla.

Recently, I loaded Mozilla Firefox (internet browser); much improved internet access speed!

I’ve been patient regarding Yahoo 360 and the extraordinary wait times. Guess what, they were non-existent in Mozilla. The problem with Y360 wait times had something to do with Internet Explorer.

This was a temporary benefit that I enjoyed; it was nice while it lasted.

Sending messages was still delayed (apparently a Yahoo problem), but browsing blogs was soooo much more enjoyable.

Mozilla Firefox flew through my Y360 blog pages with no apparent wait times!!!!!!

Mozilla operates pretty much the same as IE, there is some variation. Like when you do a Ctrl-F to find a keyword on a webpage; the search menu is at the bottom of the page, instead of an IE pop-up, and an add-on allows your links to follow you regardless of what computer you are using. But regardless of the small differences, I could browse through Y360 blogs 20+ times faster! Tabs are still present, and even my Google toolbar.

You can get Mozilla Firefox for FREE at:

Let me know if you had similar performance improvements. I don’t know what slowed Firefox down with time and use.


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