Immuno-sterilization: Potential path for multi-specie extinction (revived)

November 27, 2008

Immuno-sterilization: Potential path for multi-specie extinction (revived)
~James Dunn

The following was a concern about oral sterilization products being researched and their pathways for potential extinction events. The concern is still real and applicable.

I realized that once an antibody attacks the eggs in the ovaries, that the animal will continue to nourish the eggs and the immune system may have the markers necessary to promote antibody production. A small amount of antibody that reaches the eggs may damage an egg covering and more antibodies may be produced in cascade to remove the damaged cells from the body.

In this scenario, the antibodies introduced through ingestion, or through bleeding gums of preditors, might act like a catalyst and promote sterilization of the animal.

After doing a search, I found an article Dr. Delve authored about related research. I sent the following letter to Dr. Delve:

At 15:10 02/09/2007, you wrote:

Regarding: Changes in the reproductive system of male mice immunized with a GnRH-analogue

My concern is that vaccinated animals eaten by other animals may digest the antibodies and spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species. The effect being to reduce the total specie population potential to procreate under any environmental conditions.

The critical population currently needed by certain animals to maintain a viable population would have to increase, and the species in-general becomes extinct.

Worsen this consequence by having the scavenger animals eating the living tissues of downed prey that are contaminated with the sterilization antibodies. Cross species contamination becomes a possibility.

People eat deer meat and other animals including beef that may digest these antibodies.

Has anyone done any investigative work related to the potential extinction mechanism presented by this sterilization medication?

James Dunn


Dr. Delves response regarding antibody propagation:


Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 10:13:36 +0100
To: “James Dunn”
From: “Peter Delves”
Subject: Re: Concern for contamination of cross-specie gene pools and obstructing specie reproduction potential
Dear James,

Thank you for your email, and you are right to voice your concerns. However, the problem you propose almost certainly could not occur. I will explain why. Antibodies are molecules (not cells, like [for example] bacteria) and are unable to reproduce themselves. You mention ‘spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species’. They only proteins that are known to be capable of reproducing themselves are prions, associated with scrapie of sheep, ‘mad cow’ disease, and human nvCJD. All available evidence (and there are huge amounts of evidence gathered throughout the world) suggest that antibodies are unable to reproduce themselves in this way. Therefore someone eating deer meat would ingest the amount of antibody in that meat and the amount of ingested antibody could not increase further (in contrast to ingested bacteria [for example] which could rapidly expand up in number, as is seen in ‘food poisoning’). Antibodies are broken down in the body, and those that are produced in the body itself have a ‘half-life’ of approximately 3 weeks in the circulation (i.e. if a certain amount of antibody is produced only a half of it is still present after 3 weeks, a quarter after 6 weeks, etc). However, in the gastrointestinal tract the ingested antibodies would be broken down within hours by the enzymes which digest food. The same rapid breaking down of antibodies occurs with antibodies ingested from breast milk by infants, they are replaced by new antibodies the next time the infant feeds. These antibodies, before they are broken down, remain in the gut and do not enter the circulation. Therefore, even if they were not broken down (which they are), they are unable to access GnRH (which is present in the circulation, but not in the gut) and to neutralise its activity.

I hope this explanation is reassuring to you.

Best wishes

Pete Delves

Dr Peter J Delves, PhD
Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology
University College London
After doing a little research, I found that Mad Cow disease will propagate destructive antibodies from host to recipient via ingestion. I also found that even a small amount of foreign antibody, of a very rare variety, can cause damage to cells in recipients and the recipients own immune system may produce antibodies that will cause further damaged cells. A cascade effect can occur to incapacitate some part of a recipients system.
For instance, if you damage a ligament and it atrophy’s, the human body will dissolve the ligament and remove it from the system.
Each animal is different and has differing immune systems.
In this concern, the reproductive system of the recipient becomes sterile. The egg covering once attacked by the foreign antibody, provides the markers for the immune system to provide continued production of the particular antibodies. Therefore the antibodies maintain their strength and effectiveness until all of the egg coverings are removed from the system.
Since all of the eggs that a female mammal will ever possess originate at birth, once damaged, the female will be sterile.


I am pro-individual rights. But there is research being done that can lead to multiple species becoming extinct; including humans.

In an attempt to provide easy access to sterility for pets, scientists are developing an immuno-sterilization drug. The concept is that the shells of mammalian eggs are harvested from various species and then injected into the blood stream.

The intent is that the anti-bodies of the host will attack the foreign materials to protect the body. Thus also developing anti-bodies that adhere to the hosts eggs. This is intended to help permanently prevent fertilization of the host eggs and therefore control a mammal population.

The focus is on feral cats, dogs, coyote, deer, … and any other animal with out-of-control populations.

However, this method does not ensure that pregnancy does not occur! So one out of 100 attempts at mating may produce offspring. The offspring will share the anti-bodies but may have a tolerance. So the offspring will mate with various other partners over their lifetime spreading the anti-body amongst the entire population through multiple generations of reduced potency offspring.

Many populations of mammals depend upon a critical number of animals within a specific region to maintain mating populations. By significantly reducing the ability of an entire species to procreate, those species may be doomed to extinction.

However, since the anti-body exists throughout the bloodstream and all the tissues of the host. When a contaminated animal is eaten by predators, or an animal dies and the scavenger animals devour the tainted animal, they expose themselves to the anti-bodies. As such, those species may incur the same fate of extinction.

Imagine the impact on livestock industries if a radical of an antibody is introduced into breeding stocks.

One intended application is to bait feral animals with food tainted with these antibodies. So it is clear that tainted meat can propagate the antibodies through ingestion.

Deer hunters often eat the meat of their kill. Introducing the anti-bodies into the human population. We mate at random and have medical intervention, so likely this will not be a significant problem in the human population. However, it is possible that over many generations of procreation, the residual effects of the anti-bodies could make it progressively more difficult to conceive healthy children.

Considerable, non-corrupt and broad testing needs to be done to ensure our already frail ecologic system is not permanently harmed by persons wanting to make money off of a poorly tested medication.

The FDA does not regulate animal medications.

Agricultural Bulletin email: Canada

Science in the Service of Animal Welfare: UK

Animal People – Online: US


My continued concern is that a pathway may exist to promote an extinction event resulting from different forms of this technology.
Update: 19Dec2007

“Ricin is a cyto-toxin. To the best of my knowledege it is a locomotive RTB and a wagon RTA connected by a double sulfur RTB-S-S-RTA.

RTA dismantles 1000 ribosomes per minute. The DNA produces ribosomes which produce proteins. Protein production stops and the cell dies. RTB is a master key that can be replaced for example such that it will penetrate only ovaries and not every cell.

Kind Regards,

Eytan Suchard”


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