Genetic Dating Services

November 27, 2008

Genetic Dating Services
~James Dunn

Create a database of all dominant human characteristics and map them to each person presently living. Create a genetic-based software that correlates each persons genetics with a potential mate. Deduce the desireable and undesireable qualities for having children with the proposed mate. Then include this information on internet dating services.

This will provide us with important information about how to choose a mate wisely. We already use internet dating services where we answer questions about our psychiatric makeup. We would also have genetic information provided to us that allowed us to chose mates where we would know certain things about our children not yet born; we could improve the quality of our children’s lives. For instance, there seems to be a strong relationship between people who have ADHD and their parents who drink or do drugs. Would you want your children to be prone to drinking or doing drugs?

Background: Information is passed down from individual to offspring through genetic encoding. We can download certain intelligence into our offspring before they are born. This information may then be modified and passed down into their offspring.

We know breeding has profound effects. Look at dogs, cats, birds, fish, and vegetable crops for quick reference. Dogs have the most profound differences in size of any species. We know that brown eyes, dark hair, and twins are passed through genetics.

So are destructive characteristics. Alcoholism certainly is; most alcoholics stop drinking when they get treated for mental chemical deficiencies. If we could treat families with alcoholism and ADD/ADHD (direct relationship to alcoholism) with gene therepy and remove/patch that gene series responsible, we could illiminate the majority of all alcoholism. Perhaps even in their subsequent offspring.

Similarly, the inability to remember details, to focus upon tasks at hand, rage, and a large variety of other destructive tendencies are passed down through genetic intelligence. We have currently identified a small number of genes responsible.

In addition to those genetic qualities that are undesireable, there are those that we admire, intellectual qualities for creativity, logical analysis, thinking outside the box, … that can be genetically encouraged to create a more productive and insightful human population.

We know this, and we know through our own experiences with breeding that we can breed genetic qualities in and out of animal and vegetable species. We also know we can speed up the process significantly through gene therapy.

Our “insticts” are genetic in nature. We should be able to be given certain qualities when we are born that gives us a jump start on acquiring and using information, and avoiding debilitating diseases.

People are not taught how to breath, eat, to get hungry, or to open their eyes, when they are born. Certain relational mental qualities should also be able to be encouraged to transfer genetically from parent to child.

Eventually, DNA sensors may become so common as to be incorporated into cell phones for security devices. At which time Genetic Dating would potentially become as common place as the cell phone.


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