Free Productivity Software – Similar to MicroSoft Office

November 27, 2008

Free Productivity Software – Similar to MicroSoft Office
~James Dunn

I came across an initiative by some very talented software programmers where they created their own version of Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, and Publisher programs; and they are giving them away for FREE.

They appear to be MicroSoft Office document compatible, in addition to being compatible with many other companies that produce these types of software.

Additionally, it caught on to where other software programmers are continuously adding new features to those packages.

I’ve got MicroSoft productivity software, so I haven’t a personal need for such software. But I thought a number of you might have an unmet need like:

  • School environment needs productivity software
    • teachers can give students software to take home for Free.
  • Productivity software for your kids computers.
  • Productivity software for old computers that are collecting dust.
  • Downloading productivity software while traveling after your computer crashes.
  • Quoting a competitive bid related to some project you are bidding on.
  • Never used such software, and you want to play with it for your own interests.
  • An inexpensive gift for someone you know that has a need.

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