Finding Intelligent Aliens

November 27, 2008

Finding Intelligent Aliens
~James Dunn

I propose that survival is a very common aspect of intelligent beings. All stars eventually die out; or at least they should. If we maintain our technological course and manage to survive despite our self destructive tendencies, then when our Sun begins to dim we will devise methods to re-energize the Sun to maintain our own lives.

I do not think that we are unique and alone in the Universe. I also believe intelligent beings have lived many millions of years before ourselves. So it seems to me that the light now reaching us that began its journey millions of years ago might actually be from stars that should have died out; but did not.

The problem with listening for someone talking to us is that we an intelligent species have only lived but an instant in time. So for us to be listening and someone else to send us a message is such a long shot that we probably won’t get the message intended for us.

Whereas if we can observe a condition that an intelligent species has maintained for billions of years, then we have a much better chance of observing that condition.

I propose there should be a set of observable conditions that Astrophysicists can analyze to identify stars that are abnormal; stars that should be dead, but are not, or a star that is non-characteristic of a statistical norm.

For instance: A star that exists in space far from a birthing place for stars and where statistically there should be more matter to support a star of that set of characteristics; is brighter or has a different spectrum profile than anticipated.

I am uninformed as to the observable components of the Universe that are available for astrophysicists. But it seems to me that if a species wanted to survive and they had the technology, they might maintain the health of their Sun to support the diversity of life on their planet(s).

This is more of an effort to combine the talents of a nuclear physicist and an astrophysicist. I’m thinking that stars which naturally decay have certain observable amplitudes for different frequencies of emmitted light for a certain size and class of star. Perhaps the rotation rate of the EM field polar plane for a particular photon is predictable, and stars that deviate are noted as part of data collection. If a star has perhaps the components of an old decaying star, and is producing the light of a younger star, then maybe we can deduce what kinds of circumstances would produce the anomaly. Maybe there is some nuclear process that we already know about that can only be produced artificially, and that process has a unique observable set of properties. There is a lot of data already collected that might be simply processed. The databases generated by the VLA in Socorro, NM for instance. The EM spectrum of millions of stars has already been captured and put into a database. Unfortunately, I can imagine there are many qualities of photons that are not detected and cataloged due to cost.

A Chicago based research team has been investigating a third form of nuclear power for many years. The concept is dubbed “Total Anihilation”. The team is attempting to construct a complex waveform that would interfere with the nuclear bonds of atoms. The energy released is anticipated to be many trillions of times more energy than either a fission or fussion. Though the methodology is different, the energy released is akin to antimatter experiments in super-colliders.

An example given was as follows, quoted as best as I can remember from around 2000: “Take 1/2 ounce of any material, water, nuclear waste, the free floating hydrogen out in space. Apply Total Anihilation to the material and the energy released is enough to loft a large spacecraft from the Earth, put it in orbit, run all the systems and circle the Sun, and then land gently back on Earth.”

With this type of technology, wouldn’t it be possible to cause the fussion by-products of the Sun, or any star, to release enough energy to sustain it’s energy output? There would probably be some unusual qualities related to the energy output of that star since the energy released would not be due to fission or fussion entirely.

What is it, greater than 90% of the Universe is composed of dark matter? Since dark matter may represent the very old part of the Universe, perhaps many civilizations have done exactly what you propose and are self-contained. But given that we currently can not hope to detect a self-contained planet. Our only hope is that some civilizations chose a method that allows us to observe an artificially produced phenomena. I can only suspect that some civilization would have chosen to maintain their Star’s output, perhaps maintaining a particular environmental relationship needed by a specific species, not necessarily their own. We are the keepers of our wildlife (though we currently aren’t very good at it).


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