Cyclic Global Extinction – misnamed – Global Warming

November 27, 2008

Cyclic Global Extinction – misnamed – Global Warming
~James Dunn
325 magnify

Contrary to popular belief, Global Warming isn’t a condition that will cause the world to heat up, in some areas like England and the West coast of Europe there will be extreme cold temperatures.

Global Warming was mis-named because the warming trends were the first indication of a developing unstable condition that affects world weather. Global Warming represents a delicate unstable nature of the Earth in which global extinction events have occured in the past, and they are happening again. We are simply in a part of the cycle where our polutive contributions are accelerating the process.

The Earth naturally destroys most life on Earth in cycles. Having millions of species die, including humans, is a natural consequence of living on Earth. However, if we use our technological edge, we can freeze the cycle and prevent the coming global extinction events.

Yes, “events” is plural; we have quite a few global extinction events to control if we want to ensure our great grand children will live in a world where they can survive in comfort, music, art, sports, personal development, prosperity, food and medicine plentiful, and blissfully diverse; instead of living in a post apocalyptic world where survival is the only thought for every day. We haven’t even started to control one of these global extinction systems!

I propose we nudge our weather conditions by mostly depriving the Earth of solar energy (reflecting energy before it hits our atmosphere over specific locations; glaciers, hurricanes, …). Only contributing to heating of the Earth in select locations and times to prevent extreme conditions that would have destructive consequences (tornados, monsoons, emergency relief, …).

The following is a compelling argument that makes siting around and doing nothing, unthinkable:

YouTube – “Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See
(General Logical Argument that Makes Passivly Waiting to see what happens Unthinkable)

Naturally occuring greenhouse gas production will occur regardless of human actions; like volcano emissions, peet methane release, methane permafrost melting, ….

However, we can control the temperature distributions over the Earth by shading various percentages of the Earth; which allows us to actively control the weather.

Self-Funding method to “Reverse” Global Warming, Control the Weather, and provide Abundant Clean Energy

Also, by providing abundant clean energy to power our interests, we can help to control the volume of greenhouse gases that is due to human activities.

What I’m proposing is that we actively control the environment, regardless of natural and human emissions; to STOP the natural CYCLIC GLOBAL EXTINCTION. But to do so in such a way that provides a stable environment so that if any portion of the system fails (meteor shower), that the Earth won’t fall off into an unstable condition like we have today; and it provides us enough time to rebuild.


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