Create a Wi-Fi Designer Appliance

November 27, 2008

Create a Wi-Fi Designer Appliance
~James Dunn

Create an aesthetically appealing Designer Appliance that has a Wi-fi connection so it can be setup and controlled by your local computer.

The general purpose appliance would have a real-time clock, radio, cable ready, bluetooth, camera, speakers, audio video input/output jacks, TV tuner, and USB connection built into it as modules.

The real-time clock would be updated by the computer and it would be a configurable module. An online calendar on your computer could be set to update the alarms and displays of the Designer Appliance.

Digital inputs and outputs would be available on the Designer Appliance for general purpose connections like lights, sirens, door switches, …

A configurable display could be used to display anything from a remote camera, radio settings, TV, …

The touch screen of the display would provide all of the controls needed by the Display Appliance. So the Display Appliance could be just about any shape and size.

This general purpose Designer Appliance would take the place of clock radios, small stereos, a variety of alarm systems, ….

By modular, I mean in the way of software. The home desktop for example could create a LabView ( style graphic based program to interconnect systems to accomplish different tasks.

Like making a clock radio where the stock prices stream across the display. Or a reciever for shortwave enthusiasts that allows them to “key” morse code right from their bed directly to their remote shortwave set (shortwave and huge antenna up on a hill out on the farm, while keying from the wife’s downtown apartment). Or allowing the baby crib camera and microphone to be accessed from any room in the house.

So many custom applications become readily and attractively possible by having the tools dressed up in a nice package. Each of the circuits are cheap-cheap-cheap. They just need to be hooked into a common programmable system, using like an FPGA for the glue logic.

In conjunction with the JAUS remote control standards, this device could operate virtually any remotely controlled device. This provides for many applications in the military.


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