Craigs List for Cell Phones, with Cell Phone Features

November 27, 2008

Craigs List for Cell Phones, with Cell Phone Features
~James Dunn

Craigs List is a free advertising service for the public. You can post whatever you want to sell and buy virtually anything you want. Even in your local neighborhood.

Cell phones can be utilized to provide young people with business opportunities. Craigs List style listings can be generated on cell phones with a search option based upon cell phone GPS location.

So people that want their car washed, grass cut, laundry done, babysitting, shovel snow, garden tended, … can list their needs on the cell phone program and young people can match up to them based upon how close they live to the GPS location. For example a search radius of one mile allows a young person to choose work to do up to one mile from their current GPS location.

Also, many other business opportuities for young people can be generated through cell phone enterprise. For instance developing parties, sporting events, study groups, … it might be nice to have a couple of boats available at a skiing party, but their current circle of friends only has one.

Creating transportation resources so young people can get around without a car:



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