Computer Protection and making Yahoo your default email client

November 27, 2008

Computer Protection and making Yahoo your default email client
James Dunn

You can download and use several FREE programs that seem to work well for protecting your computer.

Spybot Search & Destroy: protects against spyware, worms, trojans, adware, …

AVG Antivirus: protects against viruses

Zonealarm Firewall: protects against anyone trying to hack into your computer

Again, these are all free and I’ve had zero problems since using them for the past 3 years.

One caveat, if a window pops up and you press a button to get rid of it, the button might say “Close” but its’ function may be to begin download of a trojan or virus. Windows requires a button push to authorize downloading a program through a firewall, but Microsoft does not restrict how the button looks or is labeled.

Close popup windows you don’t want by clicking on the window ‘X’ in the window frame.

If the ‘X’ looks funny, like someone tried to duplicate the way it looks, or if the window does not have a frame:

1) press Ctrl-Alt-Del
2) select Task Manager (if it isn’t already open)
3) select the “Applications” window
4) click on the Internet Explorer applications and delete them (this just stops the program and resets Internet Explorer)

This way, the hostile program that is trying to trick you into letting it get into your computer, won’t have so easy an access.

FREE Services for Protecting your Computer


Yahoo Default Email client and Pop-up Protection

When you open a web page and you click on a link to email that person, do you want Yahoo email to open automatically in the Compose window?

  • Download the most current version of Yahoo Messenger and include all of the options
  • Restart your computer
  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser
  • Select “Tools” from the menu bar
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Select “Programs” tab
  • Drop down “Email:” list and select “Yahoo! Mail”
  • Select “OK”

Now whenever you click on an email link your Yahoo email program will start automatically.


Registry Cleanup

My laptop started running really slow.

You can use a free registry cleaner from Microsoft for your PC, this helped emmensely:

Read the terms of use. There might be something specific to your machine.


Anti-Virus for your computer and email:

This is a free antivirus program that my father has been running for years, without any issues. It does not check for spyware, just viruses.


Anti-Spyware Protection:

This program protects your computer from hackers who place small programs in your computer to capture your account numbers, passwords, usernames, ….

Nothing is hack-proof, but this program found over 60 occurences of spyware on my computer the first time I used it; then it cleaned it off.

A pay version that simplifies everything

Windows Live OneCare

Easy automated care for your computer related to viruses, adware, spyware, firewall, Windows updates, registry cleaning, and automated backups.

This information does NOT apply to Macintosh, Apple, Linux, or other operating systems. This information most specifically applies to Windows XP, but may be applicable to other versions as well.

If you select the 90 day free trial software, you will have to completely reload the subscription version after that 90 day trial expires. It’s not just entering a subscription code.

One subscription allows for protecting three (3) computers simultaneously. So you and two other friends can share the $50 annual subscription cost.

I’ve not had any problems with my computer being corrupted since installing OneCare 2 years ago.

Technical Info:

  • Backup any and all data, settings, Favorite Links, and downloaded programs before attempting to load or update any software of any kind.
  • Setup Windows Live Update to automatically update your Windows OS. You must initially install ALL of the current Windows Updates before you attempt to use OneCare, or OneCare won’t synchronize the automatic updates.
    • Initially, you will have to go through a series of software security updates from MicroSoft to help keep hackers out of your computer.
      • This is supposed to be done by the user, but if someone doesn’t know, their system might have missed 20 updates and it could take a bit of time to download the updates; it is mostly automated. But be patient, some of the activities take some time.
        • If you have a dial-up connection, you can do it incrementally, start the next update before you go to work, and before you go to sleep.
      • After manually installing all of the updates, “Restart” your computer twice before doing anything else. This sets up some registry variables that help to make your system more stable.
    • OneCare will automatically update your operating system after you do it manually the first time.
    • Set the time for updates to occur when you are at work or are sleeping.
  • If you have a hacked computer, your operating system may be severely corrupted and the updates may cause your computer to crash. This is because the hacker corrupted the OS so much that things are not where they are supposed to be. You will need to clean off your hard drive and reload the operating system. This is no more of a risk with OneCare than with any anti-hack program. If the damage is done, it needs to be fixed.
  • To add an additional computer, go to the above website and use the identical login information.
  • If for any reason you need to reload OneCare, like changing computers, it will not update immediately. Let it have about 12 hours before you attempt to try to repair it.
  • Make sure your MicroSoft Firewall is ALWAYS turned on and don’t grant any program access to/from the internet unless you know what it is and you trust it.

I’ve been very happy with OneCare and as of 18Aug07, I’ve not had one single problem related to hacks, adware, registry problems, viruses, or spyware and have been using OneCare for over one year.

Before installing OneCare I used to use Norton Anti-virus, and other individual anti-hacker packages. Still, about 3 times a year I would have to reload my computer, which took about 8 hours each time. The $50 a year subscription is worth 24 hours of my time, plus I actually save money as compared to buying these products separately.


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