Call Back instead of On-Hold

November 27, 2008

Call Back instead of On-Hold
~James Dunn

Whether it is a cell phone, a land line, or voice over IP (internet phone), being put on hold is a major waste of time for all involved.

All telephone companies can easily provide a service to allow the called party to return your telephone call, without having to reveal their phone number (for those that want privacy), after coming back online from an On-Hold status.

How it would work:

  • You call someone and for some reason information needs to be looked up
  • The calling party puts you On-Hold
  • You press *2w8 and the phone system hangs up your phone
  • The calling party phone is still active
  • When the phone company computer hears the calling party pick up the phone
    • then the phone company calls you
    • and the calling party is told to “wait one moment please”
  • When you answer your phone you continue your conversation.

No more having to wait for long periods of time in a phone quque.

No more burning up needless cell phone minutes.


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