Breeding Intelligence out of Humans

November 27, 2008

Breeding Intelligence out of Humans
~James Dunn

Inspired by: Ali–?cq=1

Are you at all familiar with genetics and breeding?

Intelligence is hereditary, but it is not just about memory. Largely it is about the capacity to relate.

A person who does not use their mind to discover new relationships has wrinkles in their brain that are less complex and more shallow. Their offspring will have a similar smoothness to their brains and will tend to struggle and do poorly in school, and in personal relationships as well.

A person who has an active mind regarding diverse relationships develops deep and complex physical wrinkles in their brain, and if both the mother and father have active brains involving diverse relationships, their offspring will have more complex wrinkles in their brains when they are born. Unless another factor like pollutants, malnutrition, alcohol, smoking, drugs, or some similar physical phenomena distorts the childs development during or after conception. This may help to account for why the ability to play musical instruments, mathematics, and physicians tend to run in a family.

Not all of the time, just more often. The capacity for intelligence can be bred into humans. Or bred out of humans. Similar to how a golden retriever was bred to have a natural desire to chase after things and has an intense desire to please its master. Untrained, it is natural for them.

I think that Khomeini and other Religious people actively attempt to breed intelligence out of their followers. He took the teenagers from intelligent families and marched them over mine fields. Creating a system where only one way of thinking is allowed, and violation equates to death. Reducing the IQ of the nation, actively helping to breed out intelligence; making the people more compliant in future generations. Ensuring future control over the people.

Young people who feel they are not as smart as they should be, may have people like Khomeini to thank.

Imagine parents who constantly berate their children with “Just do what I say”, and use televisions as babysitters. The children do not have an opportunity to exercise their minds unless they learn to do so on their own or are encouraged by their peers. So they manage to eventually find a mate, and most likely the mate will be mentally compatible. The offspring from this combination has a high probability of being handicapped.

But the offspring, through social factors, have an opportunity to reverse this trend. Even though the child may not have the benefit of inquisitive parents, their peers may prompt a desire to be respected. In a particular situation, the child may begin relating complex issues and forming their own complex brain structure. They themselves upon choosing a mate will most likely pass on much of their reasoning potential to their offspring. Making life easier to cope with for their own children.

Conversely, two separate couples, all of which are physicians, can have children that they spoil, while they are all too busy to work with their own children. So the brains of the children relax and the wrinkles naturally become less complex. A boy and girl from each family mate, and their children have less potential for understanding complex relationships; even though their grandparents were all highly intelligent people. Not to say the complex wrinkles are completely gone, each generation has the capacity to contribute; or retard development.

A person wanting to carry on their lineage with children who are respected by society, should actively exercise their brains with regard to diverse content, long before and during the conceiving of children; for themselves and their spouse.

Developing intelligence in the human species is an on-going system of social interactions promoting an inquisitive nature, and genetics reinforcing whatever qualities the parents possessed.


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