Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim

November 27, 2008

Alcoholic, or ADHD Victim
~James Dunn

One of the things that kids have to deal with are the varying degrees of ADHD they have acquired because of their parents drug and alcohol habits. This is not fact, but I’ve been seeing a lot of young adults and their parents, and there seems to be a strong relationship.

The cycle goes something like this. Alcohol is taken by someone during their pregnancy. The offspring acquire ADHD. ADHD causes the mind to float around unfocused. Alcohol is a depressant. The offspring unconsciously discovers during their teenage years that if they drink alcohol their minds are more focused. They unintentionally self-medicate with alcohol to function in society. They become alcoholic. They themselves drink while they are pregnant. Their offspring acquire ADHD. Their offspring marries to someone that does not have ADHD. Their offspring acquire ADHD. This is how ADHD spreads throughout our society.

People with ADHD have trouble focusing, or their emotional state fluctuates wildly. As a result many of them have a very short fuse. They end up drinking and doing drugs because it calms their minds.

I dated a woman for a short time that was a recovering alcoholic. She had been drinking since she was 13. She managed to put herself through college with a C grade point average (GPA). All the while she continued to drink. She would always have a drink before she would drive. Just before graduating, one of her friends in Education told her she thought she had a learning disability. She went to a specialist and they put her on Ridlin; unusual for an adult.

Within 2 or 3 weeks she stopped drinking. She didn’t try to stop, she just didn’t have a desire to drink anymore. Her GPA shot up to A’s in all of her classes. What they found out in her case is that she was doing something called self-medication. She had ADHD and her mind would wander incessantly. Alcohol is a depressant and it would help her to focus. If she didn’t have a drink before she drove, her mind would wander and she would play with the radio, look around, chat with her passengers, fuss with her makeup, …. instead of focusing on driving. She later told me that they were finding similar relationships related to the homeless and alcoholics.

So what? Something has to be done about school violence.

* We might provide all kids with more constructive things to do, that are in their future best interest, like giving them productive and profitable work.
o Provide children with profitable work
* We might implement tools that would eventually filter out undesirable genetic traits.
o Genetic Dating
* The other side is to identify ALL kids with ADHD and get them medical treatment.

It’s not the kids fault that their parents screwed up their neural structure so that their bodies don’t produce the hormones and other chemicals that are normal for the rest of us. But then, my father and mother smoked, what affect did that have on my neural structures?

Beyond those people who have moderate symptoms of ADHD, I have known some people that are naturally very destructive, to others and to themselves. But I can tell that they are wickedly unbalanced; a very disturbed feature about their personality.

Parents do not want to make themselves responsible for the abuse they inflicted upon their unborn children. Their children must suffer through life with chemical deficiencies that make them emotionally unbalanced and/or mentally disturbed/unfocused. Furthermore, the personalities of people with ADHD, when they are sober, is at times so annoying or destructive that people and parents just don’t want to deal with them.

Hopefully, future parents will have more information and better options.

Such is my non-expert opinion.


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