A Self-Funding method to “Reverse” Global Warming

November 27, 2008

A Self-Funding method to “Reverse” Global Warming
~James Dunn

A Self-Funding method for Weather Control,
while providing Abundant Clean Energy to replace ALL fossil fuels


Without a clean interactive “tool” for control of global temperatures, we are relying upon the unstable nature of our environment to continue to mend itself, regardless of our abusive actions. In addition to our own actions, history has shown that nature often has global extinction events. There are many natural generators of greenhouse gases.
If the methane permafrost melts, billions of people may die from reduced global agricultural harvests, aggravated by unstable plant pathogens caused from reduced plant and animal diversity. Currently over 6 million people die of starvation annually; this number will only increase. Those people in positions of influence who do not act now to save those peoples’ lives, are directly responsible for their deaths.
Oil Company Revenues – A necessary transition
Oil is a fixed commodity. The revenue generated by oil can be extended from a 100 year supply to a 1,000 year (or more) supply; if it is used to make products instead of fuel. Of course with reduced production, the price per barrel would increase, but delivery costs are reduced because supertanker ships need not be built. So the cost of plastics, antifreeze, and lubricants would increase due to the restricted supply. Cost per barrel of oil being a balance between shipping cost savings and supply/demand of the products produced using fossil fuel. Regardless, this seems an attractive trade-off for a green economy. Especially when the cost of electric utilities plummet and the cost of hydrogen correspondingly plummets.
As for comparative costs:

* How much does it cost to build AND maintain a supertanker?
* How much does it cost to continually develop new oil resources?
* How much does bad press cost?

Additionally, by having the Oil Companies fund a Global Energy System, the free and multimillion year supply of solar energy provides incomes that can not be generated by fossil fuels. For instance, even with oil at $50 a barrel, it was not economically feasible to develop the Northern parts of Canada, the Sahara, or event the US Southwest. The low energy density of oil coupled with shipping costs has made living in remote locations impractical.
Because of the broadly distributed nature of space-based solar collectors, the cost of fuel anyplace in the world is virtually the same. New technology based populations can be developed in the most remote places on Earth. The Earth can easily support 100 billion people if there is sufficient energy resources. So Oil Companies would be selling power to 100 billion people, instead of the current 6.7 billion people. There are other significant sources of related revenue as well.
That’s an estimated increase of 15 times the current energy usage; 17 times the current net revenues (more energy users, higher cost per barrel of oil, lower oil infrastructure costs, …).
Ecologically Sound Solution

The problems with most solutions proposed for controlling Global Warming are:

* the expense and the requirement for on-going funding
* high risk of damage to the environment
* ineffective nature of proposal
* narrow focus of proposal, not allowing for collateral and beneficial enterprise to develop
* foreseeable health hazards
* inability to attain multilateral support of all nations

We must initiate a comprehensive process that not only addresses the symptoms of Global Warming, but also addresses the core causes; including those causes that are “naturally” produced.
Space-based Solar Concentration Facilities

Establish a space based solar energy collection and conversion system to generate an excess of abundant clean energy for the world. Real Estate is free in space and is unencumbered by political boundaries. This system would minimize (if not eliminate) the need for fossil fuels by using solar energy to generate cheap hydrogen to power fuel cells and engines. Petroleum would be produced for plastics and other products, extending petroleum industry survival for several hundred years. Providing cheap electrical energy to the world allows for hydrogen and water to be extracted locally anywhere on the planet:
A current self-contained system in use to produce electricity from the Sun:

Increasing outputs through solar concentrators:

Building a Weather Control System:


Method for controlling mirror rotation:


Collateral Business Developments
Use the sale of power to fund the Space Elevator, thus reducing the cost of shipping and transportation to/from orbit to 10% of current costs; thus making access to space available to virtually anyone. A side benefit will be the many start-up industries that capitalize on the mass production of carbon nanotubes.

Vehicle strengths can increase hundreds of times over present vehicles while weighing significantly less. Vehicles can potentially impact at up to 20 mph without any significant damage. Mountain climbing ropes can be reduced in size to the size of a string and be stronger than present ropes; allowing for lighter pack loads and longer ropes. A 1200 pound Harley Davidson motorcycle could be made to weigh less than 200 pounds; while being considerably stronger and more powerful. Commercial airliners could have ballistic parachutes which automatically deploy to save the lives of passengers. Buildings can be produced which can withstand the strongest of earthquakes. Skyscrapers a thousand stories tall. Diamond cable saws capable of cutting up asteroids for mining. Earth boring machine cutting heads that are much stronger, more efficient, lighter, and more versatile. Allowing for subterranean habitat development; here on Earth, the Moon, Mars, large asteroids, and other planets and their moons. A woven sheet of nanotubes and bonding agent would line the caverns to provide air tight living spaces. Orbiting and transiting space habitat structures large enough to hold thousands of inhabitants including their systems for being self-sufficient. Computer and cell phone cases that are virtually indestructible; yet lighter than anything we currently have:


Develop space-based industry to further technological developments and provide greater employment through economic growth:


Create a low-cost fuel free orbiting service vehicle to provide for orbiting commercial laboratories, service vehicles for orbiting instrumentation and equipment, habitats, tow vehicles, Earth to Moon transports, repair platforms, …


Systematically cleanup orbiting space debris and force nations to be accountable for contributing to space debris:


Building a global Weather Control System
Establish a global Weather Control System (WCS) to Reverse and provide active control over Global Warming and rebuild the glaciers, ensure the methane permafrost remains intact, control the ash laden winds in the vicinity of erupting volcanoes, manage predictable rainfall for agriculture, control wind direction and rainfall for forest fires, eliminate severe weather and the resulting damage, promote responsible ecological controls, …

The world revenue spent and lost outside of intent because of weather phenomena approaches 1 Trillion dollars annually. The total weather control system is a fraction of this cost and can be funded through the sale of power and fractional royalties from space based industry developments.


Looking to the Future
Through a series of technological processes we can quickly transition from a species dependent upon our natural environment, to a species that becomes a responsible part of our environment, and this system provides the means to support the ever growing human populations. While taking an active part in preserving our ecology and ensuring our grandchildren will experience the richly diverse life we presently enjoy; and perhaps a world with greater diversity and wonders not yet imagined.

In 1776 there were less than 700 million people worldwide. The second of two people living to be 100 years old would have seen 1976 and a population of over 3,000 million (3 billion) people; a growth of 4.3 times as many people in 2 peoples lifetimes. Presently, there are over 6.7 billion people; the world population has doubled in less than 30 years. We can fully expect there to be at least 35 billion people by 2076. Medicine and food supply technologies improve, people naturally live longer, what will life be like unless we provide a habitat, interesting employment, and business opportunities?

Currently, China uses people with shovels and rakes to process their sewage, because labor is so cheap. What will our grandchild’s life be like if we do not push our horizons above that of the Earth?

Within just 50 years, it is expected that between 1/3 and 1/2 of all known species of plants and animals will verge upon extinction due to salt water encroachment of coastal wetlands. How do we plan to help maintain our ecological diversity to provide natural food chain stability? Already, corn and potato crops are documented to be at risk worldwide.
Over 6 million people currently starve annually; it can be shown that almost 30 million people will starve annually by 2076 unless we act diligently in the present.

We must have a comprehensive system that provides for the needs of our small world. Allowing us to have more, not less. Allowing our population to grow; responsibly.

Initiate a comprehensive self-funded system to actively “Reverse” Global Warming, provide for a diverse ecology, provide for economic growth, provide abundant clean power, control extreme weather, and provide for our ever growing world population.
To find & email your specific Congressmen and Senators:

* Your State’s Congressmen
* Your States’ Senators

To email Congressman all across the United States:


To talk directly with the staff of your representatives:

(202) 225-3121 for the House
(202) 224-3121 for the Senate

Global Warming can be controlled by promoting small temperature changes
and Abundant Clean Energy can be harvested at the same time…
A practical system to “Reverse” Global Warming needs your support:

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Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption:

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