WCS provides Solar Power to power the world

November 25, 2008

WCS provides Solar Power to power the world
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Did you know that for the United States to meet its present energy demands using alternative fuel, we would have to purchase an additional land mass equal to 150% of the size of the United States? We would have to use 100% of the combined land mass to raise soy beans so that biodiesel and other fuel products could be produced. Not practical is it!

WCS mirrors while passing various collection points on the Earth could increase the Sun’s intensity by many factors to produce electrical power, even at night! The solar collection system might harvest the Sun’s energy using many conversion technologies all colocated using the same Earth surface area.

A modification of the WCS mirror would allow converting the Sun’s energy directly into microwave energy. Microwave energy can efficiently be converted from electromagnetic energy into electricity to put out on the power grid. A MASER would beam the Sun’s energy into a collection array.

Carbon nanotube cables could connect ground based power to/from space based systems.

The surface collection array could harvest the increased solar energy (heat source) provided by the WCS mirrors which are focused upon a small area (ten square miles). Within this area an array of mirrors would further focus the energy upon a thermal conversion unit (steam generator for example). The Sun’s energy would be converted into heat to create steam and drive turbine generators to pump electrical energy out into the existing power grid. Example: A hotel in Mexico has a solar collector to produce steam on it’s roof and provides all of the hotels electrical needs; and it sells power back to the power company. Other mirrors would shield an adjacent area to provide the cooling necessary to condense the steam exiting the turbine generators (heat sink).

The increased Solar energy in and near the collection array would cause a thermal heating of the atmosphere locally. The rising column of air would draw in cooler air from the surrounding area. By creating other thermal events in strategic locations a series of non-moving small permanent gale force winds could be positioned to disipate the effects of the rising thermal columns of air and generate significant electrical power.

Four times the land area adjacent to the land area with the increased solar energy, would be shaded permanently by mirrors. Remote and uninhabiatable areas provide suitable environments for power stations.

Some of the surrounding areas would have permanent sunshine and no clouds would form; allowing thermal energy to radiate out into space continuously. Other areas would have permanent rainfall, providing a source of water. To the maximum extent engineerable, all solar energy would be absorbed by the power station. Thus, confining the effects from power production to a local phenomena. Windmills and other wind conversion technologies would then be colocated to provide electrical power to pump into the electrical power grid. The number of mirrors illuminating the power collection station would in part control how much power is produced.

The same mirrors used to control the weather, also provide the power needed by everyone; and the funding needed to maintain the Weather Control System, as well as funding private enterprise in space based endeavors, is provided by the selling of electrical power.

This self-funding power generation system actively reverses Global Warming; and makes it possible to control naturally occuring destructive weather phenomena due to volcano eruptions.

All of the benefits follow the building of the first power station. Once money is generated by the sale of power, the next power station can be built. What do we do with the money from the sale of power after we have enough power stations?

As with any advanced technologies, the Global Energy System would require ethical management and oversight.


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