Restaurant Carb Deficient Menus

November 25, 2008

Restaurant Carb Deficient Menus
~James Dunn

Mandate that all restaurants, especially Fast Food restaurants, provide a Fat/Protein deficient menu and a separate Carb deficient menu.

Carbs and Fat act as a kind of catalyst with each other in our bodies. Very little carbs are needed in the presence of fat for our bodies to absorb much of the fat. If you just ate Fat without any Carbs, you lose weight. If you just ate Carbs without any Fat, you lose weight. Basically how most diets work.

Restaurants should offer extremely Carb limited foods, and extremely Fat limited foods. So for lunch I would have nothing but Fats and Protein, and for dinner I could eat nothing but Carbs.

I would still have a balanced diet, but my body would process the foods at different times. So I would lose weight.

For people needing to gain weight, they could eat any combination of foods they wanted.

A program running on a cell phone could notify the cell phone user of restaurants that are serving specific nutritional requirements. For instance, the basic ingredients for each menu item is listed by each restaurant. The ingredients are cross-referenced by the cell phone program for nutriti0nal content. Based upon the cell phone users previous meals, the cell phone program recommends certain restaurants and their menu items so as to attain a balanced diet. Or more importantly, to avoid menu items that the cell phone user has an allergy, or violent interaction like sugar and carbs for diebetics.


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