Mirror Propulsion via Solar Winds

November 25, 2008

Mirror Propulsion via Solar Winds

Mirror Propulsion via Solar Winds
~James Dunn

Regarding “Weather Control System (WCS)”:

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Upon further reflection (pun), the Ion Engine would not be necessary. Mirrors a kilometer in diameter are influenced by the suns radiation and solar winds like a sail of a sailboat in the wind. Though the influence is much smaller.

For a square mirror 3,000 feet on a side, the solar wind would impart about 7.8 Newtons of force, or about 1.7 pounds of force. Doesn’t seem like much does it. But let’s look a little closer. Assume the mirror has a mass of 500 kilograms (1102 pounds), after 24 hours of continuous exposure to the light from the Sun, that is a difference in speed of over 3,000 miles per hour.

By creating layers of elevation where mirrors in orbit would transition, a computer system could continuously track the mirrors and guide them through eliptical orbits. This will position the mirrors along continuously changing coarses to dynamically meet the weather control positioning requirements around the Earth.

Many thousands of mirrors in continuously changing tracks would allow many mirrors to converge upon an area as scientists determine is needed to perhaps prevent the melting of a glacier, to lessen the intensity of a hurricane, to breakup the cloud formations of a monsoon, to illuminate an area to help rescue workers following an earthquake, to change the direction of the winds to help extinguish a forest fire…

Through computer management of the flight paths of the mirrors, areas of space could be designated as “Mirror No-Fly Zones” to allow space travel and avoid conflicts with orbiting satellites.


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