Employment Opportunities related to WCS

November 25, 2008

Employment Opportunities related to WCS
~James Dunn

Creating a global Weather Control System (WCS)

Need an interesting job? Ever dream of working in space? Let’s list just a few of the new employment opportunities that could spin off of WCS.

New companies that spring up to take advantage of the mass produced Carbon Nanotubes will need an abundance of employees; especially if we start building space habitats (custom self-sufficient housing). The habitats would transit four people up to several thousand people to the moon, other planets, asteroids, comets, and possibly one or more space based resorts. Many hundreds of thousands of employees would be needed; which is no problem because 1 Billion people are now being born each year.

Meteorologists specializing in updating the Weather Simulation software with metrics from regions from all over the world. The meteorologist would attempt to divide out the weather phenomena caused from industry so that influences from the WCS could be more precisely anticipated.

Even though the present fossil fuel industry will still be needed to provide for the carbon to make Carbon Nanotubes (sea floor vein mining). The need for fossil fuels continues to produce plasitics, polymers, antifreeze and other products, eliminating fossil fuels as fuel considerably extends the lifetime of that resource. Lateral jobs for present fossil fuel industries:

  • Existing electrical power grid personnel
  • Oil field personnel would collect environmental data
  • Oil field personnel would continue to extract petroleum products for anti-freeze, plastics, pavement, and other non-fuel commodities
  • Geologists would focus more on finding a broad spectrum of resources, not just on Earth

Meteorologists and Environmentalists specializing in tourism. Companies would hire them to allow for greater tourism opportunities without damaging the environment.

WCS Space Technicians would maintain the equipment for building and maintaining the mirrors.

Insurance Company actuary specialist related to WCS would relate current losses of the insurance companies and determine areas where WCS could significantly help to reduce related damages and losses of revenue.

Agricultural Specialists and Environmentalists take advantage of WCS by knowing the rainfall and solar conditions prior to a growing season. The specialist would prepare farmlands years in advance to take advantage of programmed seasonal changes. Some crops do much better with different solar conditions and rainfall. Erosion of farmlands can be minimized.

Software Engineers specializing in Weather Control System Simulations.

Chemical Engineers specializing in improving the materials used in space.

Entrepreneurs who develop new industries in space.

Power converting engineers who continue to increase the efficiencies related to converting solar energy into power to be used here on Earth.

Extinction Specialists that work to prevent Global Extinction events from occuring (asteroids, solar flares, comets, loss of Earth’s magnetic field, …).

What other employment opportunities can you imagine will develop as a result of a Weather Control System being implemented?


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