HR 676 – Congress Proposal to open Medicare to Everyone
~James Dunn

Contact your Congressman (below) to voice your desire for Medicare to be available to EVERYONE; you pay for it, why shouldn’t you have it to use if you need it?

I’ve NOT seen anything in the newspapers, on TV, or heard anything on the radio. I found out about this through a physician that is lobbying for health care reform. Insurance companies will be lobbying against this, we the People must lobby our Representatives to make sure they understand our position on health care reform. Open Medicare for EVERYONE’s benefit.

Physicians for healthcare reform:…

The people not covered by Medicare are 18 to 65, the lowest health risk group that also pays for all of Medicare. In the last 30 years I’ve only seen a doctor once. Yet I pay for medicare continuously.

Given that BlueCross/BlueShield provides supplemental health to cover everything that Medicare doesn’t cover for about $100 a month, why wouldn’t we want Medicare as our National Healthcare?

Contact all your Representatives to support H.R. 676

To find & email your specific Congressmen and Senators:

Your State’s Congressmen

Your States’ Senators…

To email Congressman all across the United States:…

To talk directly with the staff of your representatives:

(202) 225-3121 for the House
(202) 224-3121 for the Senate

Email this content to everyone you know, or send them this link:

Call everyone on your cell phone contact list, and have them call everyone on their cell phone.

We MUST be heard, but we MUST speak to be heard !!!
Scam Alert: & 20 other Credit Card scams

~James Dunn

Content involuntarily deleted from Yahoo blog pages

Impressive Internet Speed – Mozilla Firefox (FREE)
~James Dunn
Looks like this was a temporary benefit. My access speeds are still faster than with IE, but they have dropped off some since I first installed Mozilla.

Recently, I loaded Mozilla Firefox (internet browser); much improved internet access speed!

I’ve been patient regarding Yahoo 360 and the extraordinary wait times. Guess what, they were non-existent in Mozilla. The problem with Y360 wait times had something to do with Internet Explorer.

This was a temporary benefit that I enjoyed; it was nice while it lasted.

Sending messages was still delayed (apparently a Yahoo problem), but browsing blogs was soooo much more enjoyable.

Mozilla Firefox flew through my Y360 blog pages with no apparent wait times!!!!!!

Mozilla operates pretty much the same as IE, there is some variation. Like when you do a Ctrl-F to find a keyword on a webpage; the search menu is at the bottom of the page, instead of an IE pop-up, and an add-on allows your links to follow you regardless of what computer you are using. But regardless of the small differences, I could browse through Y360 blogs 20+ times faster! Tabs are still present, and even my Google toolbar.

You can get Mozilla Firefox for FREE at:

Let me know if you had similar performance improvements. I don’t know what slowed Firefox down with time and use.

Using CNC to teach Project Management techniques
~James Dunn

One of the most difficult things we do is make a decision. I’ve previously mentioned the Result Managment tool I had developed. I’ve had the opportunity to develop general Project Management tools to meet the needs of students entering an Engineering program.

Computer Numerical Control machining, including laboratories – Part 1

Computer Numerical Control machining, including laboratories – Part 2

Within the links on the above pages is a section with the heading “Project Management”. You can download forms for tracking the development of almost any project, and more. The following is an excerpt.

Project Management

What is the Soul Conjecture? How does it apply to the Poincare Conjecture? (mathematics)
~James Dunn
Also what is the soul with regards to topology? And what is a codimension?

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

Inspired and asked by: Jeff A
I shouldn’t be here, my understanding of mathematics is very limited. Anything written hereafter is purely conjecture (pun intended) and is not based in any form on solid mathematic foundation.

From rudiment understanding of the two problem spaces they do not share the same overall characteristics and the Poincare Conjecture (finite space) must be confined to a subset of conditions present in the Soul Conjecture (infinite space).

Perhaps the relationship between the two conjectures is like describing a fourth dimension from three dimensional space. The Poincare Conjecture identifies the area of interest, while the Soul Conjecture identifies dimensional qualities around that area.

Or perhaps more usefully, the Soul Conjecture relates the confluence of diverse relationships in real space, while the Poincare Conjecture approximates those confluent relationships in a specific area of interest. The tightening loops extracting the conditions of the Soul Space into a space we can perceive.

Another way of looking at Unified Field Theory? Describe all that is, then relate properties locally to define confluent factors that may predict relationships with which we can interact.


I’m reaching way out of my understanding of mathematics, but intuitively this is what I perceive as a potential relationship at the very extents of my understanding; which makes my input virtually useless for anything more than potential inspiration.

I hope someone with more of an understanding of mathematics has something more useful to offer.

Craigs List for Cell Phones, with Cell Phone Features
~James Dunn

Craigs List is a free advertising service for the public. You can post whatever you want to sell and buy virtually anything you want. Even in your local neighborhood.

Cell phones can be utilized to provide young people with business opportunities. Craigs List style listings can be generated on cell phones with a search option based upon cell phone GPS location.

So people that want their car washed, grass cut, laundry done, babysitting, shovel snow, garden tended, … can list their needs on the cell phone program and young people can match up to them based upon how close they live to the GPS location. For example a search radius of one mile allows a young person to choose work to do up to one mile from their current GPS location.

Also, many other business opportuities for young people can be generated through cell phone enterprise. For instance developing parties, sporting events, study groups, … it might be nice to have a couple of boats available at a skiing party, but their current circle of friends only has one.

Creating transportation resources so young people can get around without a car:


Creating a Compass for Cell Phones
~James Dunn

Inspired by eFontana


[Google Android is an open architecture software that allows home grown software developers to create applications for cell phones. Anyone (you, me, anyone) can create applications to do whatever your imagination allows.

A software developer asked about having a digital compass chip included in cell phones for developers to use in their applications. The following was my input to provide them with a workable solution that doesn’t require cooperation with manufacturers to achieve his goals.]


A MEMS chip can be a collection of sensors (temperature, accelerometer (x,y,z), atmospheric pressure, Hall effect sensor (compass), …) all built into the same chip. In mass production the chip could be relatively inexpensive.….

However, an Android shortcut would be to use the GPS sensor and your relative direction of travel to produce a compass bearing over 100 feet of uniform travel. For each model of cell phone the antenna sensitivity changes as you rotate the cell phone about a point. This could potentially be tied in with relative position movement to estimate a compass bearing about a point.

But as I said, the lookup table would be different for each model of cell phone (i.e. the user would have to complete a calibration mode and then spin themselves 360 degrees around where they are standing; this would need to be done for each location to load the data sensativity into a lookup table).

This type of engineering where you take two sensors with low resolution to combine their results to provide greater resolution is called “Sensor Fusion”.

Basically a cell phone antenna signal does NOT have the same signal profile when you rotate left versus rotate right. This can be capitalized upon to determine the relative bearing of which the compass is facing. Coupled with the cell phone GPS the relative bearing can be referenced to the true bearing. A lookup table can provide a correction factor and thereby produce Magnetic Bearing; vis vi Compass.


By using the variable signal profile, it is useful for when a dedicated compass sensor is not available in the cell phone. The variability due to a persons body, phone orientation, obstructions, transponder location relative to cell phone, … all have to be taken into consideration to make a useful product.

One potentially useful scenario might be:

Instructions for using compass.

“Walk in a straight line in the direction the top of the cell phone is pointing; choose a target to walk toward and hold the cell phone flat like you would any mechanical compass. The cell phone will beep when you arrive at the calibration position.”

“After hearing the beep, rotate about your position smoothly and slowly (4 seconds, 1 second and 1 beep for each 90 degrees), until you return to face your starting position. The display will automatically display the compass bearing around this position.”

“If you move more than 15 feet from this position, the compass bearing will be removed from the display until Calibration is done for a new position. This prevents the user from using old data.”

This would be done every time a person wanted a compass bearing.

At this one position, they could rotate back and forth and get compass bearing information. When the GPS sensed any new position, the Compass would replace the compass readout with “Perform Calibration”.

They would have to repeat calibration every time they wanted a compass bearing unless higher level algorithms are running in the background while the user is walking. Updating lookup table(s) with information to derive similar data from moment to moment.

Again, this scenario is only useful if a compass sensor is not available in the cell phone. Which is almost all cell phones made today.

But I agree, if a compound MEMS chip (with Mag sensor) were incorporated in cell phones then this sensor fusion option would be unnecessary.

Free Productivity Software – Similar to MicroSoft Office
~James Dunn

I came across an initiative by some very talented software programmers where they created their own version of Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, and Publisher programs; and they are giving them away for FREE.

They appear to be MicroSoft Office document compatible, in addition to being compatible with many other companies that produce these types of software.

Additionally, it caught on to where other software programmers are continuously adding new features to those packages.

I’ve got MicroSoft productivity software, so I haven’t a personal need for such software. But I thought a number of you might have an unmet need like:

  • School environment needs productivity software
    • teachers can give students software to take home for Free.
  • Productivity software for your kids computers.
  • Productivity software for old computers that are collecting dust.
  • Downloading productivity software while traveling after your computer crashes.
  • Quoting a competitive bid related to some project you are bidding on.
  • Never used such software, and you want to play with it for your own interests.
  • An inexpensive gift for someone you know that has a need.
Cyclic Global Extinction – misnamed – Global Warming
~James Dunn
325 magnify

Contrary to popular belief, Global Warming isn’t a condition that will cause the world to heat up, in some areas like England and the West coast of Europe there will be extreme cold temperatures.

Global Warming was mis-named because the warming trends were the first indication of a developing unstable condition that affects world weather. Global Warming represents a delicate unstable nature of the Earth in which global extinction events have occured in the past, and they are happening again. We are simply in a part of the cycle where our polutive contributions are accelerating the process.

The Earth naturally destroys most life on Earth in cycles. Having millions of species die, including humans, is a natural consequence of living on Earth. However, if we use our technological edge, we can freeze the cycle and prevent the coming global extinction events.

Yes, “events” is plural; we have quite a few global extinction events to control if we want to ensure our great grand children will live in a world where they can survive in comfort, music, art, sports, personal development, prosperity, food and medicine plentiful, and blissfully diverse; instead of living in a post apocalyptic world where survival is the only thought for every day. We haven’t even started to control one of these global extinction systems!

I propose we nudge our weather conditions by mostly depriving the Earth of solar energy (reflecting energy before it hits our atmosphere over specific locations; glaciers, hurricanes, …). Only contributing to heating of the Earth in select locations and times to prevent extreme conditions that would have destructive consequences (tornados, monsoons, emergency relief, …).

The following is a compelling argument that makes siting around and doing nothing, unthinkable:

YouTube – “Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See
(General Logical Argument that Makes Passivly Waiting to see what happens Unthinkable)

Naturally occuring greenhouse gas production will occur regardless of human actions; like volcano emissions, peet methane release, methane permafrost melting, ….

However, we can control the temperature distributions over the Earth by shading various percentages of the Earth; which allows us to actively control the weather.

Self-Funding method to “Reverse” Global Warming, Control the Weather, and provide Abundant Clean Energy

Also, by providing abundant clean energy to power our interests, we can help to control the volume of greenhouse gases that is due to human activities.

What I’m proposing is that we actively control the environment, regardless of natural and human emissions; to STOP the natural CYCLIC GLOBAL EXTINCTION. But to do so in such a way that provides a stable environment so that if any portion of the system fails (meteor shower), that the Earth won’t fall off into an unstable condition like we have today; and it provides us enough time to rebuild.

FREE Services for Protecting your Computer
~James Dunn

I like MicroSoft OneCare for a commercial product that takes care of virtually everything associated with the security of your computer; you get 3 licenses for about $50 a year (about $17 a computer). I use it myself on 3 of my computers and have had zero issues on those 3 computers.

I like it mostly for two of its features: it keeps the registry clean so my computer doesn’t slow down, and the Backup program allows each computer to automatically back itself up on one of the other computers; so if one computer dies, the backup is always up to date on one of the other computers.

But on my 4th computer I didn’t want to purchase another license so I optioned to use free security protection software offered on the Internet. These are well established programs that have had a good history of working well.

As always, backup your system and data before you attempt to do anything which might arbitrarily affect computer operation.

Windows XP “System Restore”

This built-in XP program will return your computer to a known condition. If you get into something unexpected, you can potentially use System Restore to get rid of a new glitch or other problem. Basically, it returns your system to what existed on a particular date.


<All Programs>


<System Tools>

<System Restore>

Check <Create a Restore Point> This will save your current system before you do anything else.

Come back here if you want to Restore your computer to a previous known condition.

Check <Restore my Computer to an Earlier Time> To a date Before a problem existed.

If you go back far enough, you will breeze past where you may have installed a program and unload it. System Restore in-general does not affect data storage.

System Restore uses a fixed amount of memory, so eventually the oldest saved system settings will be overwritten by new settings during the creation of the current Restore Point. So you can not arbitrarily go back to the settings of two years ago. So watch carefully for glitches and get rid of the glitches as soon as possible (like a pop-up disables your firewall).

Reboot your computer manually after using System Restore. This helps to stabilize your computer.

After using System Restore, remember to get the Updates from Microsoft so your computer has the current security patches.

Again, reboot your computer manually after installing the security patches.


Scanning Your Computer for Problems Before Loading Security Software

You can run a free security check software from Microsoft before you attempt to download security programs. This will help ensure a hacker hasn’t put something on your computer to keep security software from loading properly.

Make sure you backup and save any volitile programs and all your data before running this program. As you should do before running any new program!



Yahoo Default Email client and Pop-up Protection

If you do Not want Yahoo Messenger, but you still want pop-up protection and Yahoo Mail to open automatically.

You can just download the Yahoo Toolbar here:

The Yahoo Toolbar provides free Pop-up protection, and provides the utility to allow IE to open the Yahoo email Compose page with the email link you clicked on in a web page.

Be sure to browse the available buttons for the Yahoo Toolbar, many of them are quite useful.

  • Restart your computer
  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser
  • Select “Tools” from the menu bar
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Select “Programs” tab
  • Drop down “Email:” list and select “Yahoo! Mail”
  • Select “OK”.If you would rather use Yahoo Messenger to automatically open your Yahoo email Compose window when you click on an email link:
    • Download the most current version of Yahoo Messenger and include ALL of the options
    • Restart your computer
    • Open your Internet Explorer web browser
    • Select “Tools” from the menu bar
    • Select “Internet Options”
    • Select “Programs” tab
    • Drop down “Email:” list and select “Yahoo! Mail”
    • Select “OK”

    This also provides you with a large number of useful tools on your desktop, including messaging, streaming music, Finance tools, your Yahoo Calender and Address book, news, games…

    Now whenever you click on an email link your Yahoo email program will start automatically.


    Registry Cleanup

    My laptop started running really slow.

    You can use a free registry cleaner from Microsoft for your PC, this helped immensely:

    MicroSoft OneCare Registry Cleaner

    Read the terms of use. There might be something specific to your machine.


    Anti-Virus for your computer and email:

    This is a free antivirus program that my father has been running for years, without any issues. It does not check for spyware, just viruses.

    Anti-Virus Group (AVG)


    Anti-Spyware Protection:

    This program protects your computer from hackers who place small programs in your computer to capture your account numbers, passwords, usernames, ….

    Nothing is hack-proof, but this program found over 60 occurrences of spyware on my computer the first time I used it; then it cleaned it off.

    Spybot Search & Destroy


    Firewall Protection:

    A Firewall creates a lockable door between you and the Internet/network. Programs must have a key to be able to interact with your computer. This is the most important tool to protect the security of your computer. Be careful who you give a key to.

    The best firewall I know of, is the Hardware Firewall provided by Routers. Many of us have wireless routers so that we have a Wi-Fi network in our home. This has saved my computer on a large number of occassions. Even if they get past my Windows Firewall (software), they are stopped by my hardware firewall.

    To enable your Windows Firewall

    • Click <Start>
    • Click <Control Panel>
    • Click <Windows Firewall>
    • Check <On (Recommended)>

    To Obtain a Free Software Firewall

    POP-UP Windows and their ability to Get Around Your Firewall

    The pop-up windows that ask you a question are attempting to get a “key” from you to gain access to your computer. All you have to do is click on one of their control buttons (yes or no for example) which tells your computer to give them access. Often the displayed pop-up has nothing to do with what the buttons are intended to do.

    Some of those pop-up applications are designed to permanently turn off your firewall and notify the hacker that your firewall is shut down. Allowing the hacker access to everything in your computer. Unless you have a hardware firewall, like in your wireless router.

    Unless I’m on a reputable website where I am intentionally trying to use one of their services, I won’t ever click on a pop-up control! Ever! Every time one of those controls is clicked, I’m taking a risk that its a hacker trying to mess with my machine.

    Usually it is benign stuff and companies want to look at your usage statistics that IE collects. However, sometimes it is hackers trying to get information or just to mess up your computer.

    No matter which button you push on a pop-up, whether it says yes or no, any button starts an “Active-X” control that loads a program through your firewall. You just gave them a key by pressing one of the buttons.

    Instead of clicking any of the buttons inside the pop-up Window, click on the little “x” in the top right corner of the system window frame. This usually will get rid of the pop-up without having to use any of their controls.

  • If the pop-up doesn’t have a frame, where they are trying to force you to use their controls.

    • Press together the buttons Ctrl, Alt, Delete
      • this will open your Task Manager
    • Select “Task Manager” if it is given as an option.
    • Click on the “Applications” tab.
    • Click on any program that doesn’t look like it belongs
      • usually an Internet Explorer icon with some wording that describes the pop-up will be visible
    • If nothing unusual is visible, then close down Internet Explorer and restart the Internet Explorer application and navigate back to where you were before the pop-up.

    Remember, any pop-up you click on is a risk. I only click on pop-ups when I’m on reputable sites and I’m specifically trying to do something that requires the pop-up.

    Low-cost Web Hosting

  • Neutralizing Ambient Noise & Stimulating Emotions
    ~James Dunn
    250 magnify

    We are always looking for a more immersed experience. People attend concerts where the volume is so loud that it damages their hearing; but they can feel the music. I attended a Yes/Donovan concert many years ago and the paper cup of Coke I was holding was forming droplets from its center. I’ve only attended one such concert and I won’t attend another because I want to hear the subtle nuances of music and I need good hearing to enjoy Shakira, classical, and jazz.

    However, I would like the more immersive experience without the health hazards. Maybe even enjoy other feelings based experiences bordering upon communicating emotions.

    Imagine having the sub-sonic percussion similar to the ones you feel at a concert, but no one around you feels or hears hardly anything at all.

    Imagine being on a bus trying to watch and listen to your iPod, mp3 player, or cell phone; with a baby wailing a couple of seats from you and kids playing and giggling behind you. Distracting? Just a bit. Other places you might want an immersive experience is at the spa, gym, home, an uninteresting event, virtual gaming, at the office working on a project that has a short deadline and it has got to get finished, …

    An almost totally immersive experience is possible using currently available technologies.

    In the 1970’s, a company produced a bone conduction speaker system called the Bone Phone. You could plug your ears and clearly hear an FM Radio, while everyone around you could only hear a low volume version. It’s original version was a long rectangular and flexible package that you laid around your neck and over your shoulders. For a while it was popular amongst skiers. Sub-sonics could be felt.

    The product has morphed into a small ear mounted piece that positions itself in front of your ear, not on or in your ear. I do not know as yet if the new version is capable of sub-sonics and at what amplitudes.

    You can purchase Head Mounted Displays from different manufactures like i-Glass; with products like i-theater.

    The head position sensors are built into many units, providing a virtual experience where as you turn your head the computer presents a changing view, as is done in real life. In-expensive sensors can be purchased to augment other features like hand and finger movements.

    Prices range widely across the industry, from as little as $25 for a black and white monocle with 325×240 resolution, to over $32,000 for a military version with precision head movement sensors and optional see-through capability.

    But a modest unit suitable for an iPod runs between $200 and $1,000 and thus provides the equivalent of a 60″ high resolution full color flat panel display, which includes in-ear stereo speakers; Nice. Imagine the quality improvement of an airplane Flight Simulator. Allowing you to look around in your environment without having to use toggle switches.

    Now bring into view the old Bone Phone. The Bone Phone conducts sound physically through your bones. You can feel the low frequencies; the sub-sonics. While home theaters sometimes use transducers to provide a physical connection with the movie.

    Where they use the LFE channel or sub-woofer port to drive the transducer.


    The low frequency effects/enhancement (LFE) channel has been introduced [in home stereo systems] together with the current digital multichannel consumer distribution formats. A primary motivation for it is headroom. The LFE channel is meant to carry only very low frequency contents, below about 120 Hz. Due to the properties of hearing the sound pressure levels needed at these low frequencies in order to achieve a certain perceived loudness can be quite high. And explosions, earthquakes etc. are supposed to be loud. So instead of increasing the headroom of the five main channels in order to make room for these loud low frequency effects a separate channel was introduced. The nominal playback gain of the LFE channel is about 10 dB higher than for the main channels, so this enables a higher sound pressure level for the LFE channel given the same dynamic range of the transmission channel or storage media. At playback the LFE signal will typically be fed to a sub-woofer, possibly together with some low frequency content from the five main channels.

    In cinema practice, however, a sixth channel also exists, but with the purpose of feeding the sub-woofer directly. Also this channel has its dynamics range shifted upwards by 10 dB.”

    For a portable system this is not available. So the bone phone with a 10db pre-amp and a sub-woofer style filter, would allow the user to feel the sub-woofer effects of any media they are viewing/hearing; without disturbing anyone else.

    Now couple this immersive experience with sound cancellation technologies. Like that used in small aircraft communication head gear. Or that used by some audiophiles.

    The noise cancellation coupled with sound insulation significantly reduces the ambient sounds of babies crying, kids playing, engines running, … With the bone phone over-riding ambient vibrations felt by the user, and vision all but completely obscured by the i-Glass head gear; the user is close to being isolated from their distractive environment.

    However, for truly loud ambient noise levels, a White-noise generator on the exterior of the headset would soften the truly loud noises. Allowing the noise cancellation electronics to neutralize the ambient sounds further. This is well-understood and easily produced.

    This immersive system is not difficult to put together, all of the pieces already exist.

    Include a library of subsonic sounds to promote various emotional responses. Sounds as you see in movies, provides a great deal of control over our emotions. By including a library of subsonic sounds for programming in with software media, a new level of interactive media evolves.

    Now include The Data Egg and you have a virtual environement that you can take on the run, literally. The Data Egg is a single hand keyboard that allows the user to do data entry, literally while running. It was first introduced back in the 1980’s.

    Various parts of this system could be put together to meet the needs of various users.

    For example:

    Game Designers could add feelings to their play strategies. A player could feel like someone is watching them. Or they could feel impending danger, and which direction it’s coming from. Players could feel social interactions.

    Military Equipment Manufacturers could provide soldiers with extra-sensory perceptions. The soldiers could feel when entering a dangerous area where previous interactions took place. A soldier could feel when a person is not telling the truth. A soldier could feel when a person is behind them and in which direction. A soldier could feel when a person is carrying a concealed weapon. These things would just be existing detectors being coupled into a subsonic transducer and using bone conduction.

    Health Professionals could be given tools for counseling. Providing married couples with a tool to sense one anothers’ various feelings while they discuss issues. Allowing a physician to sense when a person actually has pain, versus someone who is simply seeking drugs to get high.

    Technicians and Engineers needing a virtual environment to quickly troubleshoot factory systems. Like the steel industry where losses of $30,000 per minute mean real savings for each minute saved in getting the system back online. All the schematics for the factory can be digitally held in the head mounted unit, with Wi-Fi providing current updates on the status of sensors, switches, and controls all over the facility.

    Promote correcting Our political structure, not merely the symptoms of Corruption
    ~James Dunn

    Please forward the following commentary as you feel is appropriate.

    Focus on the problem, not the symptoms of corruption.


    Regarding Political Corruption:

    The problem isn’t a person, or even a group of politicians. The problem is the corrupt practices that are rewarded by special interest groups. Pandering should be illegal for politicians to participate in. Yet lobby groups and backdoor negotiations are sanctioned within our Political Structure.

    Condolessa Rice has an Oil Tanker named after her. That is only a symptom. The problem is that our political system structurally encourages politicians to indirectly accept bribes and not be accountable for their actions.

    We need to Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption!


    Our Political Structure can easily be changed to provide ethical oversight of our politicians.

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is solely controlled by the Presidential Office. The NSA needs to be controlled by US State elected doctors of science that have no significant involvement with special interests; which would include periodic lie detection testing. Their job would be to ethically and systematically monitor everything for corruption, criminal activity, and dangerous research/processes that could endanger national security, at every level including city government, and promote the physicial well-being of its citizens.

    The NSA would have NO DIRECT means of acting upon the information collected and analyzed; thereby requiring cooperation between law enforcement, the Senate, Congress, and the Executive branches; a self-regulating control measure.

    Offending politicians and the people who attempt to corrupt them with corrupt activities would at first be quietly notified and allowed to correct their deficiencies.

    Failing to adequately respond to the warnings of the NSA, the NSA reports the activities to the Next higher political office with recommendations for corrective actions and notification to public media as to the need for full investigation. In addition to the proof provided by the NSA, other corruption may surface during the investigation.

    A current corrupt practice without the NSA:

    A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. These are Backdoor negotiations hidden from public view, but money does not directly change hands. The Counsilman champions rezoning a commercial area to residential, which lowers property values by half. The developer purchases the desired lands and then rezones it for commercial use; saving many millions of dollars for the developer. The developer purchases burial plots in the name of the City Councilman. At a later date, the burial plots are sold by the counsilman who is now Governor of that State. No one has any proof that anything corrupt took place.

    The proposed scenario with the backing of the NSA:

    Scenario 1) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, with the Councilman and Developer heeding the warning and they return to business as usual. So long as this does not repeat, the careers of both are unhindered.

    Scenario 2) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning. The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential. The City Manager/Mayor is informed. The City Manager/Mayor blocks actions made by the Councilman and arranges for a full investigation, followed by impeachment hearings. The Developer is investigated and may lose permits and licensing for any business venture they are involved in within that city, all who were involved with corrupt intent share in all the costs associated with managing corruption (wages for all people involved, costs for materials, and anyone harmed by the corrupt activity), and they may face criminal charges as well.

    Scenario 3) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer. The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning. The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential. The City Manager/Mayor is informed. The City Manager/Mayor either corruptly or negligently fails to take appropriate actions to eliminate the corrupt practices of the Councilman and Developer. The Governor of the State is notified, as well as the FBI. Pending the outcome of the formal investigation, either the Mayor appropriately runs impeachment hearings for the Councilman and removes business priveledges from the Developer, or every News agency is informed of the corrupt and negligent practices of every related politician and business person. Prior to elections, a summary is published in all the news agencies to educate the public during elections. The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce must publish the corrupt practices of the offending Developer and their business associates. A mark would accompany the printed name of each person running for office that the NSA had found involved in unresolved or repeated corrupt practices.

    Scenario 3) The Governor and FBI fail to respond responsibly. The next level of controls would come into play; all linking back to keeping the public informed of which politicians and public servants are corruptly involved, as well as all of the people, factions, groups, corporations, … with which they corruptly interact. The people would vote out corrupt politicians and boycott businesses that support them.

    The intent is to remove the secrecy that politicians enjoy for doing corrupt enterprise.

    The NSA currently is only controlled by the Presidents Office. As such, they arbitrarily collect confidential information for any purpose desired by the President, and are instructed to ignore any information that is contrary to the President’s interests. How else do you think it was possible for the President to lose over $12 Billion in Iraq reconstruction money and still not be accountable for those funds?

    Putting the NSA under State control by doctors of science certified in ethical conduct, significantly improves the ethical relationships between the American People, Politicians, and Special Interest Groups/Individuals/Corporations.

    Please support and advocate the following proposal for modifying our political structure to include a Branch of Ethics, along with our Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches of Government.

    Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption:

    Table of Contents – a method of conserving bandwidth usage
    ~James Dunn

    Multiply support has been responsive to issues members have brought up. Yahoo has been unresponsive, so I will again request a simple tool for users to organize their blog pages; but this time from Multiply.

    Please include a “Table of Contents” module with a link labeled “Table of Contents” located at the top of every blog page.

    Member inspiration occurs randomly with time. Therefore blog entries are random both in content and type. The random nature of reading blog pages is annoying, and requires a great deal of Multiply available bandwidth.

    A simple blog tool that would automatically grab the blog page title and associate that pages’ URL

    [a href=”″%5DTable of Contents[/a]

    and open the Table of Contents to let the member drop that linked text under a member configurable heading is desparately needed. See

    for an example.

    The member would be allowed to copy and paste any linked text to more than one location; such as Activities and Location.
    Table of Contents

    Family Stuff

    * Whatever

    Things to Do

    * City
    o Phoenix
    + Activities (a title composed by Member)
    # Celebrations (a title composed by Member)
    * New Years (a link to Member blog page)
    * Fourth of July (a link to Member blog page)
    # Nightclubs
    # Restaurants
    o Tulsa
    + Activities (a title composed by Member)
    # Celebrations (a title composed by Member)
    * New Years (a link to a Member blog page)
    * Fourth of July (a link to a Member blog page)
    # Nightclubs
    # Restaurants

    Another natural feature is that the linked text is de-highlighted when guests click on that particular linked text (cookie associated with links). So each guest will independently know what pages they have already reviewed (conserving available Multiply bandwidth).

    This is easily scripted and provides a much needed tool in the blogging community. Web designers can use any number of methods to implement this tool. The best implementation being a module that allows drag and drop utility.

    This is so simple, I can’t believe it isn’t commonly available. But a Table of Contents tool is desparately needed in the blogging community.

    Obviously “Table of Contents” features can always be added (ask me and I’ll provide lots of options), but having a simple tool to begin with is vital for any Journal, especially one that is is informational, and 300 or more pages. Imagine having to cruise through blog pages looking for interesting content from a dial-up connection! Scanning links is much more efficient and uses far less bandwidth.

    A “Table of Contents” allows Multiply to conserve its’ overall bandwidth usage, and provides Members with an industry unique tool.

    James Dunn


    The above was sent to Nov 5, 2007 at 4:45 am, however, I had sent Yahoo a request for a Table of Contents tool earlier this year (on file) and it was documented in my 360 Tips and Tricks blog page.

    Insulated Metal Roofing – Helping Reduce Global Warming
    copyright © 2007
    by James Dunn

    All information is to be considered partial and experimental.

    The roofs of most homes are usually a dark color that during the Summer, absorbs enough solar energy that it makes the attics quite hot; this reduces the temperature of the exposed roofing materials. A blanket of insulation between the attic and living spaces provides somewhat reduced costs for heating and air conditioning. The greater the insulating “R” factor, the greater the utility cost savings.

    The cost savings of blanket or blown-in insulation in the attic is somewhat reduced by “insulation bypass”; these are conductive and convective thermal channels that get around and through insulating barriers: concrete supports, wood structures, metal reinforcements and brackets, wiring, columns of air-flow in the walls, condensation, …

    However, from a Global Warming point of view, most rooftops are designed to amplify the effect of global warming.

    * Solar energy is converted into low frequency infrared energy, re-radiated out into the local environment, and transmitted into convective heat in the attics; which is pumped out of the vents of attics into the surrounding environment; either through passive air-flow or by forced ventilation.
    o These low infrared energy levels are not as easily re-radiated out into space, less so than the higher energy levels of infrared from the primary heated surfaces of the roof, had the roofing material not been allowed to cool as much.
    o The primary surfaces have reduced temperatures from the heat conducting into the attic and therefore re-transmits infrared energy at a lower wavelength; providing greater heating of the local environment.

    Sheet metal roofing has become a popular and robust method of roofing modern homes. As such, sheet metal roofing coupled with an insulating board, also provides a means of helping to suppress global warming in four ways:

    1. Re-radiating all solar energy wavelengths back out into space, including infrared; especially if white.
    2. Providing improved thermal insulation in rooftops.
    3. Coupled with thermally controlled attic vents, optimizing beneficial thermal gradients.
    4. Reducing the energy consumed via utility companies (reducing global warming trends).

    When replacing your present roof, remove the shingles down to your plywood roof sheeting. Lay and secure a low-compressive insulating barrier sheeting onto the roof (extruded polystyrene is about R-9 per inch). Secure the metal roofing materials to this insulating barrier sheeting. An intermediate paneling or 1/4″ plywood sheeting may be necessary for some applications either for bonding adhesive compatibilities, or for controlling thermal gradients. If possible, use an adhesive system instead of screws or nails to prevent the heat from being transmitted into the attic through the metal of screws and nails.

    Care should be taken in considering thermal expansion of the metal materials and providing the movement necessary to prevent buckling of the roofing materials. The raised ridges often provide the needed expansion space and spacing in the lateral dimension, but the vertical dimension is often neglected and crackling noises can be heard during times of expansion/contraction extremes. Slip joints are an often used construction technique. The adhesive must provide both flexibility and adhesion at higher than normal temperatures.

    Make sure the metal roofing manufacturer approves of your method of providing an insulating barrier between the roof and their metal sheeting; so you don’t violate a warranty, and you do not have a premature roofing failure. The materials and construction techniques should be simple, but they should also be engineered and not just flippantly tried on ones own incentive.

    This will maximize the metal temperatures of the roofing material, while helping to minimize the energy transmitted into the home. The volume of heat needing to be removed from the attic is significantly reduced. The much higher roofing metal temperature more readily re-transmits solar energy back out into space, and therefore helps to reduce global warming. Lighter colors reflect more energy, but even if you choose darker colors for aesthetic reasons, the energy re-transmitted back into space will be much higher than if not using the insulation barrier, or if using other roofing materials like tile, shingles, or tar/gravel.

    Roofing materials are commonly aluminum and have very low heat capacity and will NOT store energy for any appreciable time. In only a few minutes under cloud cover, the metal will be at ambient temperatures.

    Installing attic forced ventilation and shutters coupled with a differential thermostat can significantly contribute to utility savings.

    If you use a Swamp Cooler (used in low humidity climates instead of refrigerated air conditioning; lower cost to run), you can vent your outlet air partly through your attic, as well as out partially opened windows, to significantly improve the cooling efficiency of your swamp cooler. Hot air rises, so more of the interior hot air will exhaust through the attic. While the attic is significantly warmer than any of the air inside the living spaces. Thus both cooling the interior more, and cooling the attic as well. Swamp Coolers run continuously at a small fraction of the cost as refrigerated air conditioning. Use a ceiling vent that has an automatic damper (cheap) so that you don’t lose heat through the vent in the winter months.

    The differential thermostat is made by comparing the outside ambient temperature with the temperature of the attic. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can be purchased with thermocouple inputs for less than $200. Additionally, the PLC can be used for a hundred other uses like controlling your Solar Collector system, building security, exterior lighting controls, sprinkler system control, … A fan with shutters is at one end of the house, with motorized shutters at the other end of the house. The forced air circulating fan and shutters are controlled by these temperature sensors:

    Outside Temp

    Attic Temp greater than Outside Temp

    Interior Temp greater than Attic Temp

    Fan & Motorized Shutter

    > 10° F

    Low Speed

    >75° F

    > 5° F

    Low Speed

    >75° F

    > 10° F

    High Speed

    * The attic fan runs whenever the attic is significantly (> 10° F) cooler than the interior of the house. Humidity of the house will collect (dew point) in the attic whenever the temperature of the attic is significantly less than that of the house interior. This can reduce the insulating properties of the insulation and actual water can collect to damage building materials (ever notice water spots on people’s ceilings?).
    * Whenever the Outside air Temperature is greater than 75° F “AND” the Attic Temperature is greater than the Outside air Temperature by 5° F, the shutters will open and the Attic Fan will run at low speed. This reduces the temperature gradient between the attic space and the living spaces, so as to conserve the need for air conditioning.
    * Whenever the Outside air Temperature is greater than 75° F “AND” the Attic Temperature is greater than the Outside air Temperature by 10° F, the shutters will open and the Attic Fan will run at high speed. The cost of running a ventillation fan is far lower than running refrigerated air conditioning.

    A simple air-flow switch-type sensor can be used to indicate when the system is operating as expected.

    * I can provide the diagnostic electrical/electronic information if you are interested in automating diagnostics and trouble-shooting messages.

    By minimizing the temperature difference between the attic and the inside living spaces during the Summer, the “insulation bypass” is minimized. The cooling load is minimized and utility usage similarly minimized.

    If you have the resources, you can provide a number of upgrades to reduce heat transfer through your windows:

    * extend the overhang of the roof so that the windows of the house reside in the roof overhang shadow for most of the day
    * angle windows to prevent sunlight from entering directly, except during Winter months
    * apply window glazings to reflect light at lower critical angles
    * install infrared blocking windows
    * install shutters that can be closed from inside the building
    * grow small-limb shade trees to help shade the house
    * install insulated draperies
    * install infrared blocking polycarbonate windows
    * install multi-layer window assemblies (thermo-pane windows)

    The outlined method above can be expected to pay for itself in reduced utility costs; while helping to reduce Global Warming, which is priceless.

    EMERGENCY Recovery of your Yahoo Account
    ~James Dunn

    Yahoo has a condition known as Syncing that allows it’s multiple services to talk to one another. I’ve had two Friends that have lost access to their email accounts and to any other account related information due to account corruption. Through no fault of their own! Even though they know their current username and password, Yahoo representatives will NOT re-sync the account unless the customer can provide the account:

    1. Username
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Postal code

    Your password apparently does not matter. Their software requires you to know the Date of Birth and Postal Code you used in your account. Did you use a ficticious Birth Date when you created your account?

    I just found out that Yahoo does not let the customer see their own date of birth! The postal code is published in the profile section of your account.

    Knowing the Date of Birth and Postal Code is EXTREMELY important to help protect access to your email, contact information, blog access, financial services, and all other Yahoo services associated with your account.

    Link to online Yahoo Help form:

    If you have lost access to your account, you can call Yahoo services at:

    press 2 for password and access help .

    How to get Yahoo to Protect your Data:

    Contact Yahoo corporate and request that they change their Customer Service software to allow the username and current password to be used to re-sync your account and update your date of birth. Also have Yahoo provide a means of backing up your data on your computer.

    email them at:

    Copy and Paste the following, to the above email link:

    Yahoo has a security problem; users are losing vast amounts of data. I am requesting that Yahoo-Inc provide the following:

    A user wants to have their account services resynced. They should not have to provide ANY security identification. Yahoo should be required to maintain the sync on all accounts without user interaction. The user that contacts customer service with “just” their username should have sufficient authority to resync an account. No information is requested by the user. They just want their account services to be repaired.

    An automated script can be created by Yahoo to run a diagnostic sequentially on a list of Yahoo usernames. Customer Service would only have to pop the requested username into the username list and the script would automatically run a diagnostic and resync account services. If the user still has a problem, it’s not related to service syncing and a password or birthdate is required for further assistance.
    In the sign-up webpage, where entering the Birthdate is requested. Indicate the extreme importance of entering the birthdate “correctly”. “Incorrect entry may make it impossible for Users to recover access to their account.”
    In addition to the Birthdate and Postal Code, provide access to Customer Service and the user account through use of their Password (since this should provide access to the user account anyway). Presently the current password can NOT be used by Customer Service to gain entry to the user account.
    Create an automated script that allows users to securely BACKUP ALL of their Yahoo account settings and data to a CD/DVD. Also create a reverse application to allow the user to take the CD/DVD and upload that information into a new account or the present account. That way if the user account becomes corrupted, the user can upload their saved data and settings.

    To discourage abuse, a code sent along with the download to the CD would prevent the user from uploading the user data to more than two (2) accounts (husband and wife / significant other accounts). Also, through intent, the procedure would take 30 minutes to complete (download or upload), locking out any access to Yahoo services from that IP Address during that time; even though the total data transfer may take only 10 seconds or less.

    Yahoo presently has a similar and simplified tool for saving the user address book. However, a comprehensive cross-service backup is desired to include ALL settings and formatting: the blog pages (including friends, comments, messages, … from 360 and mash), financial information from Yahoo Finance, all information and settings associated with email (contact lists, messages, folders, …), and similarly with ALL Yahoo services linked by the user account name.

    If a third account is created and the data on the CD/DVD is attempted to be uploaded, warn the user that the original account which originated that CD/DVD will be made inactive, and then deleted. The account that originated the CD/DVD would be deleted after 1 month following the creation of the third new account; reception of email is still allowed during that month, sending email is disabled after 24 hours. Appropriate messages would be sent by Yahoo to both the Old and the New Account as appropriate. Email would NOT automatically forward to the new account so that SPAM is deterred. All other related Yahoo Services would recieve similar messages.

    The importance here is that all accounts are completely independent, so that any potential server problem does not propagate to the new accounts. This provides the user with a means to protect their Yahoo related data.

    The reasoning for these requests:

    The email account for two different Yahoo users located on different continents were corrupted, to the point that the users can not provide any information that would allow them to recover access to their account, or the data in those accounts. Based on probability and that I know only a few hundred Yahoo members, that would mean many thousands of Yahoo members have had similar problems.

    One used a ficticious birthdate to protect themselves from identity theft; they did not know the importance of the birthdate entry. While the other new the birthdate and postal code, but still could not gain entry into their account.

    How does the Birthdate protect user security? Without the user knowing the importance initially, Yahoo ensures that their account will eventually be corrupted.

    Yahoo has provided significant means by which people can interact with the internet. But as such, the time, effort, and trust users have entrusted Yahoo makes Yahoo “ethically” responsible for ensuring reasonable access to Yahoo user created information.

    Presently, Yahoo negligently destroys a large piece of user developed life. One of these people lost access to a blog she had been developing for 5 years; providing detailed information about life in Thailand as a public service. Additionally, she lost her contact list where she had made friends throughout the world.

    Destructive Hackers:
    Does Yahoo have a security problem where a hacker is intentionally corrupting Yahoo user accounts?

    Yahoo Customer Service: 866-562-7219

    * press 2 for Yahoo password and access help

    The need to monitor and control Private Research
    ~James Dunn

    Inspired by: Little Hawk

    Currently, no one monitors individuals doing extraordinarily dangerous research; not even the NSA. Even though the NSA is supposed to provide for our National Security, their hands are tied in various ways by Corporations (corruption). Corporations are allowed to create hybrid corns and implement them without adequate safeguards (corn crops are now susceptable to blights that could wipe out world production of corn), as an example.

    On a more devastating note, scientists are attempting to create a microscopic “Black Hole” in the laboratory. Microscopic black hole experiments should be done off-world. I do think the experiments are worth doing, it can potentially provide us with the fuel needed for transiting space and living almost anywhere in the Universe.

    The Sun is a Great place to get our fuel for the next million years or so; here on Earth. But we can not take the Sun with us when we travel from solar system to solar system.

    Self-Funding Method to Reverse Global Warming & Provide Abundant Clean Energy

    The NSA should have its function expanded while being monitored and controlled by State elected doctors of science who demonstrate an ability to analyze ethically.

    Ethically Eliminate ALL Corruption & Monitor ALL Potentially Destructive Research

    A Black Hole will theoretically dissapate quickly because of Hawkings Radiation. Basically a small amount of energy released will eventually “evaporate” the Black Hole. So for a microscopic sized black hole this would only take a few seconds; suposedly. A Fast-Nuclear Fission takes around one microsecond; so this black hole would hang around several million times longer than a fission. Could adjacent atoms fission and fuel the microscopic black hole?

    Keep in mind that Hawkings Radiation is theoretical. When a star is mated with a black hole an enormous amount of energy is converted. Notice I didn’t say matter. What we understand to be subatomic particles (not particles of matter, but particles of information about energy interactions) are reformed into other than observable and non-observable structures.

    According to the big bang theory, the entire Universe and 125 billion galaxies presently detectable, and the potential trillions upon trillions of galaxies (perhaps infinite) all were created in a moment in time out of a volume smaller than a hydrogen atom; confluence. Again, theory. A singular position supposedly spawned all that we know. However, we know very little.

    But nothing hardcore has refuted this theory as yet.

    So take a current theory about black holes that says it has no mass. If it has no mass, does it have enertia? So when a star orbits a black hole (which was observed by a telescope) and the black hole doesn’t appear to have moved at all, then a graviton node has been proposed as being the reason why the black hole imparts gravity but is not affected by gravity. But do black holes move in relation to one another. According to the expanding Universe theory, they do. Black holes are at the center of many, perhaps all, galaxies. So as the Universe expands, supposedly the black holes are moving apart from one another. This of course assumes that light is not significantly influenced by gravity as it propagates through space; which we know it is influenced, but we don’t know what the effects are in what we percieve. The Hubble telescope shows this bending of light throughout the perceived Universe.

    So, the theory that the microscopic Black Hole will evaporate because of its small size is a theory. If the Universe can form out of a singularity smaller than an atom, what is to say that the attempt to create a microsopic black hole does not create something else?

    As for the black hole needing a mass equivalent to Mount Everest to sustain itself. A current theory is that black holes have no mass. So what does cause a black hole to have its size and position? Are what we call subatomic particles able to be converted to promote graviton creation? The matter that enters a black hole is torn apart into its subatomic constituants. What occurs in that soup of confluence?

    If black holes move in relation to references other than local positional references; once created the microscopic black hole may move at fractions of the speed of light, or as with entangled pairs, possibly faster than the speed of light, until it finds the mass it needs to sustain itself. Plenty enough time to get into the mantle of the Earth.

    The point here is that destruction of the Earth is feasible by doing such experimentation. I personally would rather see this experimentation be done out in space. So if a microscopic black hole needs a mountain size piece of matter to sustain itself and it can only exist a few seconds without that mass, then make sure the experiment is at least a few light-seconds from any matter larger than a mountain size piece of matter.

    But when doing nuclear research, we are dealing with theories. Because in the end, we don’t really understand completely the results we achieved.

    I wonder if there is a distribution of black holes in space that correspond with the liklihood of intelligent species capable of doing such experimentation? Can we look up into the heavens and ascertain whether or not intelligent species all end in the same way. Destroying themselves because of a natural consequence of nuclear physics experimentation.

    Immuno-sterilization: Potential path for multi-specie extinction (revived)
    ~James Dunn

    The following was a concern about oral sterilization products being researched and their pathways for potential extinction events. The concern is still real and applicable.

    I realized that once an antibody attacks the eggs in the ovaries, that the animal will continue to nourish the eggs and the immune system may have the markers necessary to promote antibody production. A small amount of antibody that reaches the eggs may damage an egg covering and more antibodies may be produced in cascade to remove the damaged cells from the body.

    In this scenario, the antibodies introduced through ingestion, or through bleeding gums of preditors, might act like a catalyst and promote sterilization of the animal.

    After doing a search, I found an article Dr. Delve authored about related research. I sent the following letter to Dr. Delve:

    At 15:10 02/09/2007, you wrote:

    Regarding: Changes in the reproductive system of male mice immunized with a GnRH-analogue

    My concern is that vaccinated animals eaten by other animals may digest the antibodies and spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species. The effect being to reduce the total specie population potential to procreate under any environmental conditions.

    The critical population currently needed by certain animals to maintain a viable population would have to increase, and the species in-general becomes extinct.

    Worsen this consequence by having the scavenger animals eating the living tissues of downed prey that are contaminated with the sterilization antibodies. Cross species contamination becomes a possibility.

    People eat deer meat and other animals including beef that may digest these antibodies.

    Has anyone done any investigative work related to the potential extinction mechanism presented by this sterilization medication?

    James Dunn


    Dr. Delves response regarding antibody propagation:


    Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 10:13:36 +0100
    To: “James Dunn”
    From: “Peter Delves”
    Subject: Re: Concern for contamination of cross-specie gene pools and obstructing specie reproduction potential
    Dear James,

    Thank you for your email, and you are right to voice your concerns. However, the problem you propose almost certainly could not occur. I will explain why. Antibodies are molecules (not cells, like [for example] bacteria) and are unable to reproduce themselves. You mention ‘spread the antibodies throughout an entire population of a species’. They only proteins that are known to be capable of reproducing themselves are prions, associated with scrapie of sheep, ‘mad cow’ disease, and human nvCJD. All available evidence (and there are huge amounts of evidence gathered throughout the world) suggest that antibodies are unable to reproduce themselves in this way. Therefore someone eating deer meat would ingest the amount of antibody in that meat and the amount of ingested antibody could not increase further (in contrast to ingested bacteria [for example] which could rapidly expand up in number, as is seen in ‘food poisoning’). Antibodies are broken down in the body, and those that are produced in the body itself have a ‘half-life’ of approximately 3 weeks in the circulation (i.e. if a certain amount of antibody is produced only a half of it is still present after 3 weeks, a quarter after 6 weeks, etc). However, in the gastrointestinal tract the ingested antibodies would be broken down within hours by the enzymes which digest food. The same rapid breaking down of antibodies occurs with antibodies ingested from breast milk by infants, they are replaced by new antibodies the next time the infant feeds. These antibodies, before they are broken down, remain in the gut and do not enter the circulation. Therefore, even if they were not broken down (which they are), they are unable to access GnRH (which is present in the circulation, but not in the gut) and to neutralise its activity.

    I hope this explanation is reassuring to you.

    Best wishes

    Pete Delves

    Dr Peter J Delves, PhD
    Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology
    University College London
    After doing a little research, I found that Mad Cow disease will propagate destructive antibodies from host to recipient via ingestion. I also found that even a small amount of foreign antibody, of a very rare variety, can cause damage to cells in recipients and the recipients own immune system may produce antibodies that will cause further damaged cells. A cascade effect can occur to incapacitate some part of a recipients system.
    For instance, if you damage a ligament and it atrophy’s, the human body will dissolve the ligament and remove it from the system.
    Each animal is different and has differing immune systems.
    In this concern, the reproductive system of the recipient becomes sterile. The egg covering once attacked by the foreign antibody, provides the markers for the immune system to provide continued production of the particular antibodies. Therefore the antibodies maintain their strength and effectiveness until all of the egg coverings are removed from the system.
    Since all of the eggs that a female mammal will ever possess originate at birth, once damaged, the female will be sterile.


    I am pro-individual rights. But there is research being done that can lead to multiple species becoming extinct; including humans.

    In an attempt to provide easy access to sterility for pets, scientists are developing an immuno-sterilization drug. The concept is that the shells of mammalian eggs are harvested from various species and then injected into the blood stream.

    The intent is that the anti-bodies of the host will attack the foreign materials to protect the body. Thus also developing anti-bodies that adhere to the hosts eggs. This is intended to help permanently prevent fertilization of the host eggs and therefore control a mammal population.

    The focus is on feral cats, dogs, coyote, deer, … and any other animal with out-of-control populations.

    However, this method does not ensure that pregnancy does not occur! So one out of 100 attempts at mating may produce offspring. The offspring will share the anti-bodies but may have a tolerance. So the offspring will mate with various other partners over their lifetime spreading the anti-body amongst the entire population through multiple generations of reduced potency offspring.

    Many populations of mammals depend upon a critical number of animals within a specific region to maintain mating populations. By significantly reducing the ability of an entire species to procreate, those species may be doomed to extinction.

    However, since the anti-body exists throughout the bloodstream and all the tissues of the host. When a contaminated animal is eaten by predators, or an animal dies and the scavenger animals devour the tainted animal, they expose themselves to the anti-bodies. As such, those species may incur the same fate of extinction.

    Imagine the impact on livestock industries if a radical of an antibody is introduced into breeding stocks.

    One intended application is to bait feral animals with food tainted with these antibodies. So it is clear that tainted meat can propagate the antibodies through ingestion.

    Deer hunters often eat the meat of their kill. Introducing the anti-bodies into the human population. We mate at random and have medical intervention, so likely this will not be a significant problem in the human population. However, it is possible that over many generations of procreation, the residual effects of the anti-bodies could make it progressively more difficult to conceive healthy children.

    Considerable, non-corrupt and broad testing needs to be done to ensure our already frail ecologic system is not permanently harmed by persons wanting to make money off of a poorly tested medication.

    The FDA does not regulate animal medications.

    Agricultural Bulletin email: Canada

    Science in the Service of Animal Welfare: UK

    Animal People – Online: US


    My continued concern is that a pathway may exist to promote an extinction event resulting from different forms of this technology.
    Update: 19Dec2007

    “Ricin is a cyto-toxin. To the best of my knowledege it is a locomotive RTB and a wagon RTA connected by a double sulfur RTB-S-S-RTA.

    RTA dismantles 1000 ribosomes per minute. The DNA produces ribosomes which produce proteins. Protein production stops and the cell dies. RTB is a master key that can be replaced for example such that it will penetrate only ovaries and not every cell.

    Kind Regards,

    Eytan Suchard”

    Chain Mail – Hacker Tool to Harvest email addresses for Spam
    ~James Dunn

    Apparently hackers use chain mail to harvest email addresses to sell to Spam companies.;

    Forward chain mail, incur more spam;

    for yourself, your friends, and family as well.

    Political Action & Corrupt Practices Website
    ~James Dunn

    Inspired by comments by yates.jack

    The Problem

    A major problem with our political system is the great deal of corruption that exists behind closed doors. Making the public aware of the people and relationships could help bring control of our government back to the people.

    Also, the interactions regarding any Bill or other political action proposed or taken can be so vast that the results are hard to understand, especially when it involves subjects we personally know little about.

    Corporations and lobby groups have no soul or ethical outlook. They exist to promote thier agenda at any cost to the public, minimizing their own expense, and maximizing their own benefit; without any concern for the public. The soul of a corporation is created by it’s incorporating By-Laws. I’ve never seen a corporate by-law that requires ethical business practices.

    The Solution

    The United States (and every country) needs a website that tracks the major influencing bodies that influence each political representative, regarding each and every political action; identify every person, corporation, lobby group, …. and provide their contact information. Since these persons have greater influence over our elected representatives than the general public, the general public should be allowed to contact these persons, corporations, and lobby groups directly. Including all levels of influence within those bodies of influence.

    We need a website that allows the public to better understand every political action proposed and taken; and to provide a means for the public to intelligently interact with each political action.

    If it were known that a particular company was influencing a politician, to act against public interests, then the public could boycott that company and the companies that do business with them. If a company would lose millions of dollars because of a public boycott, then that company might be influenced to reconsider being involved with any corrupt practices.

    This is not an overwhelming task. Many websites provide most of the pieces to this larger concept already.

    Desired interactive web tools:

    The Bill.

    Explanations associated with each Bill.

    All political representatives who sponsor each Bill, including silent representatives where possible.

    Historical trends of each Representative.

    An editorial section associated with each Bill entry, with an automated confidence rating.

    Who initiated the Bill and why, and the far reaching ethical implications. To include lobby groups, corporations, and any other special interest groups.

    Contact information for each lobby group, corporation, and other special interest group associated with each Bill.

    Provide web-based interactive flow charts that map out every political action so that the public can more fully understand the actions taken by our politicians and how those actions affect everything. This is easily implementable. Hyperlinks would allow linking major influencing bodies with the costs, benefits, and corruption resulting from each political action proposed or taken. The who, what, when, where, why, and how regarding every political action.

    Hyperlinks would also allow each action to be linked to related previous political actions taken. This provides a mechanism for the public to understand the incremental changes taken in politics to achieve a goal, contrary to public interests.

    An interactive tool for users to cite practical, ethical, and corrupt relationships, with a confidence factor assigned based upon username demonstrated reliability, public polled confidence, and web editor assigned expert ratings of usernames.

    An interactive flow chart for each Bill that shows the relationships with other Bills to show trends and possible corrupt practices.

    An email notification system where the user can enter multiple sets of keywords and perhaps other conditions where an email is automatically generated to the user to notify them of high interest Bills or other political actions. “BILL, global warming, oil” OR “SPEACH, civil rights, terrorism, -media” OR “ALL, Baltimore, Maryland” OR ” …

    A Forum tool similar to the one used in the above Table of Contents of this blog site, to allow users to discuss each political action independently; with a tool button to show or hide the forum display to avoid website clutter.

    Hyperlinks to organizations that support each political action.

    Hyperlinks to organizations that oppose each political action.

    A tool to allow each user to add their name to either support or oppose each political action, why, and link boxes to support reasoning; with options for annonymous versus user disclosed identification.

    Websites that provide some of these relationships:

    Common Cause – A website where legislative bills are posted for each state

    ConservativeUSA – Provides Contact info for all Senators, Congressmen, Governors, …

    * Your State’s Congressmen
    * Your States’ Senators

    Corporate Watch – A group that monitors corporate initiatives in our government

    National Center for Policy Analysis – Editorials regarding setting public policies

    Standpedia – Web-based Flow Chart Utility

    Wingman development proposed to Dave Mallot – American Inventor contestant
    ~James Dunn

    The Wingman development is significant because it provides the world with a means of meeting strangers and promoting friendships.

    Entry for June 28, 2007 0756 MST


    Since you only have $50k for total development, the stand-alone Wingman device could simply be developed on a bluetooth enabled PDA like the Dell Axim. Hire a professional programmer to fully develop the software. $50k probably won’t be enough to both develop the hardware and software. Hardware development is very expensive. The PDA provides a touch screen and back lit color display to provide easy user interface.

    If you make the program universal, it can be made to work with any bluetooth enabled PDA or bluetooth enabled cell phone; increasing market reach.

    You are selling a service. The user can purchase hardware from you, but the service is the main source of revenue.

    Optionally, your concept can be completely developed on an internet ready cell phone.

    The internal GPS of the cell phone can place you in the vacinity ( +/- 25 feet) before entering the bar so the website server software knows who to couple up (GPS commonly loses signal in Urban environments).

    Also, bluetooth enabled software can be used identically as your proposed stand-alone Wingman hardware device.

    The additional advantage of using a cell phone over the Wingman stand-alone is that everyone already has a cell phone, they just need to pay the service fees. That puts your service immediately into the hands of millions of users instantly. By mentioning the website on American Inventor, you win whether or not you win the million dollars. You may choose to withdraw from the competition to CEO your own development.

    Internet ready cell phones already have access to the internet. So a user would need to do no more than access your website using their cell phone. The monthly internet service fees may be more than they want to pay (quite expensive on some cell phones).

    Optionally, the user could call a phone number (long distance calls are free on many cell phone plans) and a small program in the cell phone would be updated with the information regarding the people who are planning to attend a proposed social activity (bar, wedding, church, beach, concert, …) during the users proposed time span. This might be done by text messaging.

    Using Text Messaging, you would type in the address of the event and the time span you intend to be there, for each event on your schedule. A text message would return with a list of possible matches. Providing the user with the knowledge of how fruitful attending the event might be.

    Upon arriving, the cell phone uses bluetooth to find other users of the service.

    Your website would grab the user’s GPS location, and any other bluetooth enabled users in the area and attempt to coordinate a match. A small program running on the users cell phone would look for other users with a similar program scanning for bluetooth. When all of the available bluetooth users have been polled, the cell phone automatically calls the website server to coordinate matches. Upon the matches being made, the user cell phone is updated with everyones matches and the matches are broadcast via bluetooth to all participating users. This helps to reduce the number of cell phone calls made to the server.

    As people walk around, new bluetooth connections are made, and information is shared.

    The small program in the cell phone then notifies the user when a match has been made.

    The users use text messages sent to the server to enter their precise chosen location to meet others at the event. The user may optionally use the internet interface to browse more detailed match statistics (pictures, essays about themselves and what they are looking for, …) and choose whom they want to meet.

    A text message would otherwise be sent to each cell phone with shorthand information about each potential match.

    The user selects all the people they want to match with (ID numbers) and sends a text message to the server. A list of quick notes is generated by the small program which are the match ID numbers.

    * Anyone mutually picking each other has priority.
    * The next match is based upon proximity.
    * The next match is based upon a person openly making themselves available.
    * Persons may option to only be contacted if there is a mutual match.
    * Persons may option not to be contacted at all (changed their mind after arriving).

    A text message is sent to each person of a match and the location provided by the female is used as a meeting place.

    Either user can decline the meeting at any time.

    Each user can provide feedback as to the quality of the match up. If a person lied about themselves, then multiple similar comments from different users at different times would flag the questionable profile attributes. Repeated updates by the user and having similar discrepancies would automatically lower the reliablility rating of that user.

    Persons leaving desparaging remarks about other users and having no other user at different times leaving similar remarks, lowers the persons reliability rating who made the remarks.

    This provides a mechanism to encourage people to act responsibly.


    James Dunn

    Some of my own inventive ideas



    Of course there are other issues related to making the software functional and user friendly.

    The GPS feature of cell phones could be exploited to provide course and direction from user to user.

    The website could provide users with the ability to meet before an event (wedding, party, …) so that they can attend together if they hit it off.

    The website could provide a means to coordinate a public event (canoe trip, ethnic feastival, …)

    Local bands can effortlessly keep in contact with their fans, allowing them to find their band whenever they are playing

    At 5 cents per text message, 10 single people per event, 4 text messages per person, and over 1 million entertainment businesses in the United States, that would be a weekly revenue of about $2 million, or $104 million dollars a year.