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This Table of Contents ties all of my blogs together in one place, regardless of where the article resides. You will notice that each heading will de-highlight after you have read it, so you can keep track of what you have already visited.

Any article preceded by the symbol ۞ is based upon intuitive conjecture



Table of Contents – Based on Area of Interest

Social Networking – My Presence

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Title 37—Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Detailed Copyright information related to the Internet

keywords: future, ethics, nanotechnology, engineered, immortality, cryostasis, genetic engineering, politics, economics, social ramifications, religion, mind, singularity, space, colonization, explore, ethical, political, scientific, social, religious, ramifications, emergent, technologies, nanotechnology, engineer, genetic, engineering, technologies, present, past, network, people, interested, invent, invention, innovation, innovator, weather, control, system, nsa, security, government, robot, robotics, weapon, non lethal, defense, reasoning, stem cell, clone, cloning, ai, artificial intelligence, alien, astronomy, astrophysics, graviton, seti, anti gravity, sex, nude, nudity, gay, straight, hetero, heterosexual, sexual, tit, tits, breast, boob, boobs, chest, sensual, sensitive, seduction, seduce, lesbian, bdsm, bondage, dominance, latex, kama sutra, dildo, vibrator, inventor, appeal,political reform, corrupt practices,


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